Eye nebulas

I do not even know how I came across these . Nebulas in space that look like my eyes ! Its interesting because a few psychic people have eyes like that (usually ones that can remote view and are telepathic),here are mine I have blogged about them before (no I don’t have Wilson’s disease) I […]

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Health update :(

Ive been having headaches for 20 years which was assumed just to be part of one of my chronic illnesses. But the past year they have been getting worse,it was then assumed they were migraine. In the past two weeks I have been having constant excruciating pain in my right eye,it feels like a Viking […]

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Bowie eyes

Ok so I was going to save this for my big Bowie blog and all the strange coincidences regarding him that I have been having (I am a massive fan and was distraught when he died) Even our grandkids are fans,our grand daughter is 4 in Oct and she sings “starman” while playing her pink […]

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