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Its strange how you can get drawn to something for years and not know why,

This is particularly weird because I am scared of statues (yes,even though I specialise in graveyard photography and lots of graveyards have statues)

My very first day at photography college I did a photo of a statue in the college grounds,it is a replica of the statue on the town hall roof

My college photo way back in 2000

The one on the town hall

I was not Pagan then and I was still terrified of birds ,so I was certainly not an owl fan !

When I became Pagan I learnt about Athena and her little owl

Then I discovered the owl is my power animal, this is a little owl,at the bird of prey sanctuary my husband volunteers at,their Latin name is Athena noctua

My grand daughter meeting a little owl with my hubby

My husband psychically found this in a charity shop

Very like the one I stumbled upon on Google

I psychically found this one

Typically found on Greek coins

A typical Greek tourist ornament.
So it seems I was meant to be Pagan,I was meant to have the owl as my power animal and maybe Athena should be my personal Goddess alongside Goddess Freya !
I do not approve that the Athena statue in town doesnt have an owl though !