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The spooky ornament

Posted in coincidences, handfasting, Haunted items, pagan and wiccan, psychic finds on August 19, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Many many years ago on one of my charity shop hunts I Bought this ornament and had no idea why,when I got it home it freaked me out,I did not like the hooded figure so I put it away in a drawer thinking I would sell it at a bootsale,I forgot all about it.

When I became Pagan \Wiccan I remembered the ornament and realised that it was probably a handfasting (pagan wedding ceremony) gift,that the hooded figure symbolised the priestess who joins the couple together !

I looked in the drawer,it was gone,it drove me insane for about 8 months,I knew I would not have thrown it away and I did not remember giving it to anyone !

When my dad was dying in hospital my uncle had cleaned up the house for him and there on the sideboard was the ornament ! It really was not my dads sort of thing,I have a sort of idetic memory but had no memory of giving it to him, I could not question my dad as he was too unwell ,so I asked my brothers if I could take it home,

A week later my dad passed and not long after that I went to put something in that same drawer only to find a photo of my dad in his younger years staring up at me ! That photo had not been there before.

I suddenly realised the link with the mysterious ornament and it being found at my dads house….

I was obviously drawn to it because I was going to become Pagan in the future ! (At the time I was a Buddhist)

Due to family members who messed up my life I did not know who my real dad was until I was 27 ,he just missed being at my wedding 😦

We planned to have a pagan handfasting so that he could attend some kind of “wedding” but that did not happen in time before he died ,due to a few people letting me down on the robes 😦 knowing my dad he probably would of found a handfasting weird but he would of attended ,he used to call me “a ippy” (dropped his H’s as he was a cockney)

So in some small way,the ornament ending up at his house and picking up his energies means that when we do finally get our handfasting I can have the ornament there,his presence will be around that way.(he is always making himself known anyway, bless him)
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