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The Dyer coincidence

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, cromwell, dyer, hanging tree book, paranormal, witches on November 24, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Ive had a crush on Danny Dyer for years ,and wouldn’t you know it,a coincidence has appeared .

I was watching him on the genealogy programme “who do you think you are” and he was shocked to find he is related to Thomas Cromwell, and Edward 3rd.

Well,my hometown currently (I’m also from London like Dyer and my family were real “EastEnders”) is known as Cromwell county 

Although Thomas Cromwell was not directly related to Oliver there is a link

,my paranormal team were lucky enough to investigate a mansion linked to Oliver Cromwell and a pub where he used to address his troops from the top window,the pub has tunnels under it leading to the mansion,it was our first ever investigation of my group founded in 2000,we got some good evidence, such as really high emf readings in the window, where he used to stand, there were no electrical wires and it was at his exact height.

At the mansion we got so much evidence (we went there three times for overnights) including the face of Oliver Cromwell floating outside a THIRD FLOOR WINDOW !!! I would be here all day telling you about the other amazing evidence including me being pushed over at the top of a staircase, apparition’s of chefs seen and heard, the evp of a woman screaming ” murder ” and me photographing the bottom of her crinoline dress,(yes we found out a woman who was murdered was linked there) two creepy figures were seen in the grounds and when I viewed the video of me alone in the library they are staring at me through the window and wearing sort of plague masks,they were not real people messing about because im staring right at them yet dont see them til afterwards ,it was one of the creepiest locations we ever did !

Lady Cromwell was instrumental in getting the innocent witches from our village hung, I’ve mentioned before how we ended up living here without knowing why,then my son ended up living in two places with links to the witches.

The pub that my dad found out I was tracking him down when i was 27 and he didnt even know i existed was called “the Lord Protector” named after Oliver Cromwell who chose to be called the “lord protector” rather than King Cromwell because he was a puritan and very religious, all these strange links !!

Dyer had links to this town already if rumour be true,my husband worked with one of his cousins and my dads friend used to own a huge antiques place here that Dyer supposedly has shares in since my dads friend sold it,not sure how true that is but I have heard him mention his love of antiques.

I would love to meet him and show him the Cromwell sites and take him paranormal investigating,  he has already done a TV programme on UFOs

He has links to gentry in Suffolk,well that’s East Anglia area too and I passed through that very area only a couple of weeks back,he is related also to the Earl of Essex and he now lives in Essex,

I was actually born in Harlow Essex but was only there for a day as I was rushed to great ormond street children’s hospital in London.

I lived and worked in Essex ,Buckhurst Hill near Epping forest, Dyer lives quite near there.
See also my blog about the “hanging tree book” which was written about this area (you will find it in the index

Danny Dyer

Thomas Cromwell

I was very disappointed he didn’t come to Huntingdon for the programme but he chose to go down the Edward 3rd research route,

But if you are reading this Mr Dyer ,I am more than happy to meet you and show you the Cromwell sites and see how brave you are at paranormal investigating ūüėČ #iwish

Oh ,one other thing

I am related to Dick Turpins right hand man Thomas King, Epping forest was where they did most of their robberies ! And my hubby was a highwayman in a past life.

Some funny clips from “who do you think you are”

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Posted in coincidences, hanging tree book with tags , on March 16, 2013 by Psychic eevee

This has to be one of the best coincidences in a LONG time

I was in the local town at the Oxfam bookshop looking for paranormal books and my eye was drawn to the top shelf of the “local history” section, I do not normally look in that section and especially not at the top shelf, I am very short lol


I saw this book and even though I do not read fiction I thought it would be worth a read because it was based at the local woods and a mansion that my paranormal team investigated as a top secret case

the first coincidence is that when we investigated the woods and nearby “nuns bridge” I had stopped at a tree and said that I sensed it was a hanging tree and that was 9 years ago

within the first few  pages I started to notice some weird coincidences

on to the book :

some of these will just seem like silly petty coincidences to most people, but look how many there are when you add them up !!

costa coffee : where my son works

Morley Memorial junior school : my old junior school and in fact I recently re visted there to show my husband, and it was actually the place that at age NINE I started my very first paranormal group after seeing the spirit of an old head mistress in a house on the grounds, that means I have been investigating the paranormal for 32 years now

Huntingdon (where we live)

Emily ( one of my best local friends)

the mansion I mentioned

nuns bridge : as I said, we investigated that loads of times and I was one of the few people to see the infamous nun from hundreds of years ago with the spirit of a nurse from the 1960s, ( research afterwards showed that someone else had seen them both together before)

blue mini car : that is what my husband had when I first met him

ring road : where my son was living

one of the characters in the book was fostered : so was I

Addenbrookes hospital : I am always there for appointments and my mother worked there when I was little

Huntingdon Road.: a very long road that leads from Huntingdon to Cambridge, my Gran lived on a road off Huntingdon road and some of my happiest memories are from there, it is another place that I recently revisited and showed my husband

owl : well , we all know about me and owls !! and the fact that I volunteer with owls

carrot cake : my favourite, not many people like it

one character described as “a nature lover and the earth was her temple” that is how I describe myself

during daylight hours the character approaches Nuns bridge and thinks she sees a figure standing there : that is what I captured on video once when I was down there during the day

little torch on her key fob : I always have one of those in my bag

witch : I am Wiccan

hippy : another way I am described by other people and my nickname is hippy witch

Marcus : my cousins name

shamrock tattoo : I am part Irish and have been thinking of getting one of those

diazepam : one of the drugs that I am on

“if only she and her Mum were closer” I do not get on with my Mother

Ramsey : near where we live now

secret tunnel : something else we have investigated and has had links to two of our paranormal cases

black woollen cloak : as I was reading the book a black cloak arrived for me from ebay

Throckmorton : linked to the witches in our village who were hung, this is the name of their accusers and I have been investigating this, also my son lived in a flat above the remains of the very prison the witches were held in

“Grace had never found out anything about her absent Father, no matter how many times she had quizzed her Mother ” this is what happened to me until I was 27

“nether regions” an old fashioned term that is hardly ever used but I still use it because my Gran used to say it

Falcon Inn : I am assuming that is the Falcon Tavern which I have also investigated with my team

castle mound : also investigated by my paranormal team

large willow : my husbands Celtic birth tree and the day I found the book I had been photographing willow trees

Higgins : the surname of my husbands best friend

Estee lauder “youth dew” , my favourite perfume is Estee lauder “sunflowers”

Doctor Kings surgery : King is my sons surname, it was my Grans maiden name and around the time of me getting the book he changed his name by deed poll to King and that is the name on his baby daughters birth certificate

Nathan : my sons first name

a dog with bad legs : our dog has bad legs

the Perse school, rather a posh girls school in Cambridge that my mother went to

I could of fell off my chair when I saw a pic of the author, she is of my build, has dyed red hair the same shade I had mine, she is wearing the same black glasses as me and holding a grey burmese looking cat, I had a grey burmese called Polly a few years back

and what really made me shiver was that the author had dedicated her book to a teacher from Morley Memorial school called Mr Bowyer, he was my favourite teacher too !!! he encouraged the author to write and when I was his pupil he named a rose after me and my friend Sharon

when I read that I felt I just had to contact the author

she was very nice and we swapped a few emails


I realise that a lot of these things hundreds of local people can relate to but not ALL these things at once surely
there are many other smaller coincidences that I shall discount for now , but I felt the urge to tell you the main ones and ask if it is OK for me to mention this in my blog and book under the section ”¬†coincidences¬†synchronicity” ? I am a big believer in it and have been studying the subject for quite a while, I will of course link your website or to amazon or wherever your book is on sale¬†
Wow , hello Eevee what an amazing list. I am so happy you are enjoying my book. It took me a year to write phew..
Mr Bowyer, well he was the man who got me hooked on writing, he was an inspiration to me, I wonder what happened to him. You must have lived in the cherry Hinton road area of Cambridge then, maybe we met previously?
I am presently a full time carer for my Father, I need to re read the email you sent me, and reply to you in more length. I will look at the links you posted too, blessed be Linda
through the email conversations I also found out that :
the author went to Netherhall secondary school , the same as me
cherry hinton hall : I used to live behind it as a child, she used to take her brother there
her Dad had a friend who lived on the same road as us
so it is not much of a coincidence that she wrote about the area that I live in now, but how funny that we both lived in Cambridge as children

it was a really interesting book and I will actually look out for her next one , because this book has got me into fiction

you can get the book here


it is a good read

and I would like to thank the author for giving me permission to blog this: )



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5.0 out of 5 stars blew my socks off, 16 Mar 2013
This review is from: The Hanging Tree (Paperback)

I never read fiction but I was drawn to this book accidentally
it blew my socks off because of LOTS of coincidences in it that linked to me !! I wrote to the author about it and she very kindly gave me permission to blog about it on my psychic site, which was very nice of her, she contacted me very promptly too even though she is very busy.
It is about my local area and mentions lots of places that my paranormal team had investigated so I was immediately stuck in to reading it and not wanting to put it down
historically it is very accurate, I loved the plot because I believe in things like that ( I will not say anything about the plot as I do not want to give it away ) but this could almost come under the “paranormal ” category
for a fiction book to grab my attention it has to be good, and this one clearly was, I read it in a couple of days, I could picture myself as the main character and it was a lovely book to get lost into,
I am not normally into romance either but this was very readable and not ” slushy” as many romance books can be,
historical and romance together worked very well in this story
I found myself wishing that the book was longer ! and I will certainly be looking out for any future books from this author
If you live in the Huntingdon area you especially enjoy this book,so grab a copy : )

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