Haunted dolls are big business and some people are playing on it !!

I just read this story and immediately knew what this woman was up to..  https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/4051037/terrified-mum-is-desperate-to-sell-haunted-doll-that-scratched-her-husband-and-sets-off-the-smoke-alarms/?utm_source=FBPAGE&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SprnklrSUNOrganic&UTMX=Editorial%3ATheSun%3AFBLink%3AQuote%3ALiving The reason she is “desperate to sell” tells me this is rubbish, she knows “haunted” dolls make big money on eBay, if its so terrifying dear ,take it to landfill,you wouldn’t be holding it in your house or shed til […]

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The haunted ark ?

I got this Noah’s ark in a charity shop for the grandkids and every time it comes out there are awful fights ,the like I have never seen before,it is quite disturbing,they are not like that over any other toy, we have far more exciting toys ! I am wondering if the ark itself is […]

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Haunted chair ?

My aunt has been having paranormal activity. She collects items from charity shops and skips like I do,before I even went in her house I said to her that I bet it was something she had acquired that was causing the problems. She has been seeing a shadow figure, feeling something sitting on her bed […]

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The face in the wardrobe

In my old house (not the one with the poltergeist but the one after that) it was VERY active ,the stories I could tell !! So I am going to add a few here and there, This had to be one of the freakiest things that happened because it was during the day ! My […]

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