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Haunted dolls are big business and some people are playing on it !!

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I just read this story and immediately knew what this woman was up to..

The reason she is “desperate to sell” tells me this is rubbish, she knows “haunted” dolls make big money on eBay, if its so terrifying dear ,take it to landfill,you wouldn’t be holding it in your house or shed til a seller comes along with the highest price…. oh and “if it doesn’t sell” she will give it back to the charity shop,that’s nice ,so IF its haunted she will pass it on to someone else to deal with unwittingly if she doesn’t make money from it !!! (A child could buy it !)
That very paper the story appears in has recently printed a whole series of haunted doll stories, ( and that paper is well known in the uk for printing made up stuff )she is obviously a regular reader and deliberately went out looking for the cheapest dolls she could find,I am a charity shop addict and that is ridiculously cheap for three dolls !

I may be wrong and the doll could be haunted but I have dealt with haunted dolls and people want them out of the house immediately, they don’t hold onto them until they get money,I would take her more seriously if she offered it to a research team for free or was asking for advice on what to do with it.

Yes ,dolls can be haunted,I have a few and have blogged about them before

Here are some of mine :

This African doll was given to me by my grandma when I was little

This one I found at the derelict airbase we used to investigate ,why it was there I have no idea but a fire broke out in the building it was in a few minutes later,it is kept in a bag because it can be negative if it is not smudged occasionally

My witch doll Agnes ,named after one of the witches who was hung in our village,she may look scary but she helps with my work,and yes the original Agnes does approve,I made sure of that !

I personally do not like this 1970s doll and have no idea why I bought it !! I am yet to do tests with it but it hasn’t caused anything outrageous to happen

I have this exact same doll that was used by the ghost hunter Guarav Tiwari who met an untimely end (suspiciously if you ask me !) He used it as a trigger object ,I’m not relating the doll to his death at all,its a cheap doll that moves its arms and cries,hence why it is a good trigger object

I have video footage of my doll randomly waving it’s arms and crying ,even when it was switched off,that was when it was in my house and my grand daughter was visiting, I think it was my dads spirit trying to get her attention
I am not bothered by this one and don’t sense anything from it but…

My grand daughter says this one is “scary” so it is now in the back of the cupboard !

Galileo my giant wizard doll,he’s not haunted but everyone loves him 🙂

The doll I blogged about before

I have never felt the need to sell stories about my haunted dolls and believe me,if they were so bad they were scratching people and causing poltergeist activity they would first get smudged,then if that did not work they would be getting buried as if they were having a respectful burial (after me trying to find out who the spirit is that is linked to them and trying to move them on),not being sold on eBay and most certainly never EVER would I burn them !! That is the very worst thing you can do with any haunted item.

Why are some dolls haunted ?

Because some spirits look for something that is as close to the human form as possible and most houses have a doll of some sort ,it is really as simple as that, so rather than “possess” a living human which can take an awful lot of energy (and very very rarely happens thankfully) they will chose a doll ,or it may be a spirit of someone who actually did own the doll in their lifetime.

Be wary of so called “haunted ” dolls on eBay,the craze is so popular that people are willing to spend hundreds of pounds on them,some come with the most ridiculous life stories, its kind of annoying that eBay were trying to ban the selling of “witchcraft” items,such as wands and herbs yet this selling of alleged haunted items is allowed to go on,most of these items are as haunted as a teabag ! And if they are indeed haunted and you buy one,you have not a leg to stand on if one of these items ruins your life or wrecks your home (you will always spot that in the small print),so…Caveat emptor ….BUYER BEWARE !!!!

UPDATE : I recently read that the lady sold her “haunted ” doll for nearly £800 ,thereby proving my point !

UPDATE 2 …the person who bought this doll from original owner is already claiming paranormal activity and what looks suspiciously like cat scratches ,no doubt they too will put it up for sale hoping to double their money,it is apparently one of the most expensive haunted items ever sold !

I wonder how much they got paid for this TV appearance ? (The original owner,the one so scared of it she not only kept it at home waiting for the highest bidder but risked travelling with it to a TV studio !)

Wow look at those terrifying scratches ! Can you see them because I cannot ,so the new owner does live streams with the doll,does he charge for that ? Or make money via subscribers or YouTube ads I wonder ?

The whole thing is fishy if you ask me and I am sick of “serious” researchers falling for it

Do not share or re blog please,thanks


My crafts : new book of shadows and new scrying mirrors

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I know I said I wouldn’t be posting my homemade crafts on here anymore as I am running out of space but I will post the occasional thing that is to do with my work.

My old book of shadows is full up and falling to pieces so I made a new one.

A book of shadows is what a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch writes what they have learnt in and any spells they have performed etc.

I found a huge fabric binder that has a nice section on one side with a filing compartment ,which will be handy for keeping things I cut out of magazine’s in.

I decorated the front with a pentacle sew on patch, lots of charms,fake ivy leaves (to symbolise the feminine) barn owls as they are my power animal and a feather from my duck because she is one of my “Familiar’s”

The back : an eagle owl feather and a black eagle feather that my hubby got me from the bird of prey sanctuary he volunteers at, a wooden crow because that is his power animal and the beautiful Victorian style owl ribbon was sent to me by my lovely friend Lois in America.

Ribbon detail: witch charms

Ribbon detail: my name

Divider pages : images courtesy of google search

The good thing about using a binder is that you can take pages out and about with you if you are doing outside rituals ,but I would advise using those plastic page pockets

The cheap frame I got for 99p
I got this really cheap frame in a charity shop and sprayed the back of the glass black and added charms

This is my haunted mirror ,this is when I first tried to make it into a scrying mirror ,because it didn’t have plain glass I had to spray the front of the mirror but it was too dull,so I was going to get some very high gloss lacquer to coat over it,unfortunately the glass broke !

So I had to put new glass in it,I couldn’t afford to get some glass specifically cut for it because that is really expensive, the only glass I could find didn’t quite fit which was really annoying, so I had to cover the gaps with fake black orchids, I don’t like it but I guess it makes it a bit gothic and spooky looking.

This will be interesting, now that the original glass is broken will it stop the mirror being haunted ,or will it release the spirits into my house ? Will have to wait and see (with sage at the ready !!)

That awkward moment when you walk past a mirror and think you have turned into a vampire !!! Because you forgot you turned it into a black glass scrying mirror and you can’t see your reflection!!! LOL 🙂

See previous blog about this mirror

Also,I think I have finally finished updating the strange Bowie monument I didnt even realise I had made !!

My old retired book of shadows that was getting ridiculously huge !
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The haunted ark ?

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I got this Noah’s ark in a charity shop for the grandkids and every time it comes out there are awful fights ,the like I have never seen before,it is quite disturbing,they are not like that over any other toy, we have far more exciting toys !

I am wondering if the ark itself is offended that it is in a Pagan house ? Sounds silly I know but its possible,so tonight I smudged it with sage,explained to the ark that we meant it no offence, we like the grandchildren learning all religions and they love animals, we offered thanks to Jesus /God for the lovely toy as well as thanks to our Mother Goddess and Nature God and hoped that we could all get along !

It will be interesting to see if the babies can play nicely with it now,will update next time they have been here, if it doesn’t work I shall give it to the Christian charity shop !

Smudged every animal and inside and outside of the toy with white sage incense as I couldn’t find my sage bundles, it should still work.

please do not share or re blog thanks

Haunted chair ?

Posted in haunted furniture, Haunted items, paranormal on February 22, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My aunt has been having paranormal activity.

She collects items from charity shops and skips like I do,before I even went in her house I said to her that I bet it was something she had acquired that was causing the problems.

She has been seeing a shadow figure, feeling something sitting on her bed and been having trouble breathing.

I took a tour round her house to see what I could sense and I felt strange around this chair and felt like I could not breathe near it

My aunt moves her furniture around a lot and we worked out that wherever she has moved this chair the shadow figure has been seen.

I picked up some psychic info from it and we both feel like it is warning her to get her health looked at, we do not feel that it is a family member in spirit.

It is an antique “nursing” chair ,when I tipped it up I noticed a sticker on it that showed it was reupholstered in approx the 1960s ,and it looks like the legs have been stained the wrong colour. I noticed it also has the original straw filling that could also be causing the breathing problems.

My aunt wants to keep the chair so I am going to do tests with it then “cleanse” it,hopefully the activity will stop.

Haunted items are not unusual and both my aunt and myself really should cleanse all the things we find !!


unfortunately I was not able to go and see my aunt for weeks due to all the illness in my house but she had not contacted me to say that activity was getting any worse which was a good sign,I finally got to see her a couple of days ago and she says all activity has ceased ,interestingly enough since the old lady who lives opposite (and who used to be her next door neighbour) sadly passed away,so its highly possible that the shadow spirit was trying to let my aunt know that something was wrong with her neighbour OR it was a spirit that had come to prepare the old lady for her death but had some how found itself in the wrong house ?

I do still think that something is linked to the chair but not the negative /gloomy energy that had been making it’s presence known….will wait to see if anything else happens.

Also my aunts breathing problems that I do still feel are contributed to by the chairs stuffing have eased because she now has a nebulizer machine,the breathing problems would effect me too as I also have asthma and have had pneumonia quite a few times, so I am now sure the stuffing is the cause of that issue, not anything paranormal.

The face in the wardrobe

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In my old house (not the one with the poltergeist but the one after that) it was VERY active ,the stories I could tell !! So I am going to add a few here and there,

This had to be one of the freakiest things that happened because it was during the day !

My son was at school, my husband was at work and I had a day off work (at the time I was a dental nurse) I was reading in my bedroom,

We had three of those plastic white and metal wardrobes ,the sort that you normally have in guest bedrooms but we had some temporarily until we could afford some wooden wardrobes, we had them set up quite solidly as I had used “no more nails” glue on the poles and that stuff is like cement !

(This sort of style but a zip straight down the middle)

I heard a creaking noise ,then a scratching,it went on for a good while, I thought a cat might be inside,I checked,no cat,I carried on reading.

About ten minutes later the noise started again,I jumped up and got my camcorder, and sat on my bed filming,it got louder and louder,I was yelling “stop it” 

Then all of a sudden the plastic material at the front started bulging,no word of a lie,I saw a face pressing against it from the inside !!

Then a pair of hands,I screamed the house down and must of yelled the F word a million times ,I caught it all on video,unfortunately vhs so I can’t put it on here but plenty of people saw it ,I didn’t have a camera so didn’t get any photos of it but it was quite terrifying, the face and hands stayed about half a minute then sort of melted back and vanished,I do not know who it was,

About a week later I had friends round and we were downstairs in the living room which was below the bedroom,we heard an almighty dragging sound and a crash,we ran upstairs to find the middle wardrobe of the three (the one that the face had been in) was upside down across the other side of the room, strange considering I had tied them all together to make them all sturdy !

You expect antique furniture to be haunted, not modern furniture from “Argos” needless to say,those wardrobes went to the recycle centre a few days later and I didn’t care that my clothes had to live in piles on the floor

This is the closest I can get to what it looked like