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Snow :)

Posted in ancestors, fairies and fairy garden, fairy forest we made, heritage, snow on December 10, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Finally,we have decent snow,I was overjoyed to wake up to this, snow in our part of the country is always pathetic and never usually settles

Our garden henge has almost vanished

Inside the fairy forest is so pretty

I do not know if the lights will come on in the forest tonight,I hope so,that will be truly magical,if they do I will add some photos

The only thing that hubby and I disagree about in life is the weather,he hates the winter,I hate the summer,I wonder if that is either due to our ancestry …he is Greek Cypriot,I am Scottish/Norwegian/Polish/Irish or is it due to the time of year we were born ? He was a May baby,I was January,that kind of thing fascinates me.

Here he is,hating the cold 😉

He was all wrapped up whereas I was out in my pyjamas taking photos and I would have been bare foot if he had not given me a lecture !

One day I might do a survey on the ancestry/month born /which season do you prefer thing 

My daughter in law sent me pics of the grand kiddies enjoying themselves in the snow

As I was not able to get out due to my hips and do any proper landscape photography of the snow 😦 I turned the photos of hubby into some nice portraits

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My spooky eyed”Norwegian” doll

Posted in ancestors, dolls, heritage on October 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

So I got another rag doll,its an original 1970s one but it is quite damaged ,I have to do something about its eyes because they are pretty spooky ! And I do not want to scare the grandkids ,plus… What is up with its nose ? It looks like it is having a nose bleed

So rather than leaving it looking like that I will give it a make over…!or I could pretend its haunted and call the newspapers (that is sarcasm by the way,if you have read my blog about people making money out of “haunted” dolls)

It is probably not Norwegian, but it just has that look so I decided to look up Norwegian names (yes,all my dolls have names because I think I am five haha)

I was amazed to see that our grand daughters name is NOT just Welsh….

Arwen is also a popular Nordic name,well I never,I did not know that and neither did her parents.

That pleased me no end because we have Norse/Norwegian heritage down the line.

I also discovered this ….when I used to be into angels,I had a guardian angel doll that I named Anaya,I thought it was a name I had made up,

Turns out that is also Nordic

Anyway, this new doll has been named Ingrid.

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Ancestor dream coincided with TV programme !

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, dreams and premonitions, heritage, witches on September 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Hubby and I were watching a paranormal programme,just as I was telling him this dream :

“We were investigating an ancient pub and the owners said they had found old bits of paper inside the walls,one had a name on and it was the same as my maiden name,I told them how strange that was because my maiden name is not common,the owner then told me they found out the woman whose name was written on the paper was once a witch who lived in Stornoway in the outer Hebrides and said her name was Aileen,its very likely this was an ancestor dream and one of my ancestors was actually a witch in Stornoway ! would explain why I was drawn to studying what I do”

At the EXACT same time I was telling him this they pulled a shoe out of a wall on the programme and mentioned a witch who was supposedly haunting a whole town ,shoes hidden in walls were charms against witchcraft.

in fact ,it was the EXACT same time almost word for word because he told me to rewind the programme so I could hear exactly what they said.

From my psychic log

Screenshots I took today “ghosts of shepherds town” which luckily I had saved on the “sky” box
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The Celtic birth trees and Celtic birth signs coincidence

Posted in animals, celtic astrology animals, celtic birth trees, coincidences, heritage, indigo kids, trees on September 1, 2017 by Psychic eevee

At my sons new house yesterday I noticed that in the front garden they have our grandsons Celtic birth tree,the ash….with our grand daughters Celtic birth plant, ivy growing round it,how cool is that 🙂

I told my grand daughter and she was very impressed, she asked what her new sister will be when she arrives,she will be a hazel tree

I then explained that Celtic astrology also has animal signs

Grandson is the snake

New grand daughter when she arrives will be the swan

And grand daughter is the butterfly, she was so happy with that

At the exact moment I said “butterfly” in fact, it was a split second before ,grandson got a butterfly magnet out of a drawer !!

And I had not mentioned the word butterfly previously in the conversation,so it seems that now he is getting older his psychic abilities are coming out !

In Celtic astrology I am the birch tree and the stag,it is very important to me due to my Celtic heritage (both Irish and Scottish) I do Celtic tree charts for people

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Fairy cats ! (I have one)

Posted in animals, fairies and fairy garden, fairy cats, goddess freya /freyja, heritage on August 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have blogged about my cat before but I saw this on Facebook and loved the further coincidences ….

We did not know he was a Norwegian forest cat for years ,he has another breed in him though because his face shape is slightly different,its funny how my son called him chili though,considering snow is “chilly” ,actually my son named him after the band “the red hot chili peppers”

I did not know I had Norse heritage til way after I got this cat.

The link with fairies ! Well I am obsessed with those as you will see by my fairy forest in my garden and all the fairy crafts I make,that is probably due to my Celtic heritage,the Irish revere fairies,they respect and fear them equally.

We have a girl cat called Goddess Freya and chili worships the ground she walks on.

Chili does love snow but he is scared of trees ,once refusing to come out of one,he was only about three foot up !! We had to coax him down with ham.

You can see his huge snow paws here

He has an amazing tale

They are such loving,softy cats and they get on with all animals and children, chili loves our duck and his best friend used to be our dog.

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