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Posted in house cleansing, spirit rescue with tags , , on August 16, 2009 by Psychic eevee

there are certain things that i do as a paranormal investigator and psychic to make the spirits in peoples homes less troublesome.
in my opinion spirits should not be forced to move on unless they are scaring people,they should chose to leave themselves and they will do this by asking on evp or via a medium,
exorcism does not always work and can sometimes only serve to inflame the situation,this is because the spirit you are dealing with may not be of the same religion ! therefore a catholic exorcism would mean nothing to them.
i have carried out spiritual cleansings on a few occassions now,or told clients how to do it and so far it has worked here is someones comments following my advice ….

The active part of my house is dead. Since I did the lavender and the sweeping, I have had NO activity, nothing but peace, quiet, serienty and ease.

This has been a very happy house. My bedroom is back in the active room and all is calm as if nothing is here. I am sleeping good, No horrid nightmares or wakings. i can peacefully walk through my house again at nights and not get creaped out that someone is watching or following me
Thank you for telling me about the house cleaning babe. It did work and worked good, I swept them out the backdoor and for the ones that didnt leave (if any) they are hidding in fear i’ll sweep them too.

if you are having trouble feel free to contact me
and i will see if i can help