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Lookalike vase !

Posted in indigo kids, lookalikes, psychic finds on June 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I did my usual and was “drawn” to a charity shop…..

I found this vintage style vase and cannot believe how much it looks like my grand daughter !!

In fact one of my friends thought I had got a photo of her printed onto it !!

I always said my grand daughter looks 1920s !

But this amazed me 🙂

If you have seen videos of my grand daughter when she was about three you will see it immediately ,I don’t have a close enough photo on my tablet unfortunately but you get the rough idea

UPDATE I showed her the vase today

And she had her natural curls today like the vase girl,even she could see the similarity

So not only does she looks like the “BlackBerry picker” painting I have ,but now this (I have blogs about that in the past life section)

A light hearted rock coincidence….female Bolan ?

Posted in bolan, coincidences, lookalikes on May 8, 2017 by Psychic eevee

 I started going through 30 years worth of photography because my office is getting out of hand, while I was at it I thought I would try and find the photos of my 80s bedroom that was covered in Bowie posters to prove I am not just a “fanuary”

I found the photos

What I also found was this, me in the 80s “riding a white swan”

There is a huge joke in this house how I look like Marc Bolan ,and I admit that I do lol,I am the same height,I have the same cheeky grin and I used to have big hair,the photo above had me rolling around laughing because my hair looks like when he had his hair cut short and was riding a white swan, and omg we are both wearing a shirt and blazer hahaha, I had not actually seen this version of “ride a white swan” til recently on YouTube

When going through my old photos I also found this

Marc phoned ..he wants his hair back 🙂

You would have to really know me to see the facial expressions and mannerisms but we are so alike its spooky, if I had been born after he died I could blame reincarnation 😉 hubby often says “oh my god ,I’m married to Marc Bolan” it doesnt help when I dress like him lol

Even the same face shape as a child and a gap between the teeth you could drive a bus through

Thats not an exact match as my teeth aren’t showing but if you see “peach” on youtube and you know me in real life you will get it

Ignoring the hair I have a thing about massive Bolan glasses

Ignore the hair …look at the face !!

Ignore the hair ,but me with lots of makeup on

These are just silly ones (its a wig obviously and I forgot the top hat)

I automatically do Marc poses now ,even our grand daughter does it !

Then we fell about laughing some more on realising that hubby actually looks a bit like mickey Finn of T Rex !! I played this joke on him

Hubby or is it mickey Finn ?

And here’s Marc being a photographer just like me 🙂

I seriously was going to grow my hair and get a perm but I darent now !! I have better photos somewhere that are even closer matches,will add them when I find them 🙂

I have the greatest respect for Marc and I know that if he was alive he would find this amusing,by the way Marc,you are much prettier than me…keep a little Marc in your heart ❤

hubby pointed out that I probably should of thought about my choice of cover photo and profile photo on Facebook !

Lol maybe its a good job he doesn’t look like David Bowie !

To be updated …..

Well it worked ,my hair Just needs to be a bit longer so I can corkscrew it,hubby died laughing when he saw this and said it was spooky

Wish my hair would hold a perm ,I would have it curly in honour of Marc all the time.


More lookalikes

Posted in dopplegangers/doubles, lookalikes on March 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

When my son was little he looked so much like Prince William he was wanted for modelling but we turned it down, he could not go anywhere without old ladies pinching his cheeks and giving him money,he even used to get free stuff in shops, it started to get a bit awkward !!

But now he is an adult he often gets accused of looking like James corden

When I watched it with Arwen she insisted it was daddy ! 🙂

But personally I think he looks very like Kevin James

Especially when they both have the auburn beards ! They are both built like rugby players,I dont have any current photos of my son on my tablet, he is much smaller than Kevin James, and smaller than in these photos,my son has lost an amazing three stone (well done son) must get some up to date pics,but even hubby who doesn’t tend to notice lookalikes says Kevin James is just an older and bigger version of our Nathan James,they even have similar comedy 🙂

When hubby had hair he looked like Dave Grohl of foo fighters and even had people pointing at him when we were walking around at a concert venue

When my dad was alive he kept on about how my hubby looked like Frank Zappa, hubby didn’t know who that was so I had to show him,one of the studio portraits I did of him at college was the closest match

Frank Zappa


Then when he shaved his hair off he made the mistake of using a big razor too and taking it too far,I can’t find the PIC of it but he looked like Tom Hardy playing Britain’s most notorious prisoner charles Bronson ,it was horrible,of course our son thought it was cool and showed all his mates

This is Tom obviously, not hubby

I am not going to say who I look like,no its not just “braveheart” that ones been done to death…there will be a new blog 😉

Same facial expressions :)

Posted in dopplegangers/doubles, heritage, indigo kids, lookalikes on March 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Was sorting out the photos on my tablet and just realised that these ones taken of me and granddaughter on our labyrinth appreciation night ,we have the exact same facial expressions,and they are not selfies,so we couldn’t see the screen as the pics were being taken, neither could she see my face as I was behind her.

I got hubby to take them as the room was quite dark and in fact he got in a little too close,sometimes Arwen and I are VERY alike,I think its sweet ❤

This one made my daughter in law look twice dear,that is YOUR son Isaac !

A day for doubles !!

Posted in dopplegangers/doubles, indigo kids, lookalikes on January 26, 2017 by Psychic eevee

The other day I saw doubles of our grandchildren on Facebook 🙂

This one actually caused me to look twice !

Wow she looks like our grand daughter ,her mummy said she looks like a vintage photo anyway,I agree with that ,I can’t find a photo right now that matches properly but if you have seen enough photos of our grand daughter you will recognize the likeness immediately.

This one:well I always call our grandson our “grand pixie” ,look at this model pixie I found !!