Lookalike vase !

I did my usual and was “drawn” to a charity shop….. I found this vintage style vase and cannot believe how much it looks like my grand daughter !! In fact one of my friends thought I had got a photo of her printed onto it !! I always said my grand daughter looks 1920s […]

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More lookalikes

When my son was little he looked so much like Prince William he was wanted for modelling but we turned it down, he could not go anywhere without old ladies pinching his cheeks and giving him money,he even used to get free stuff in shops, it started to get a bit awkward !! But now […]

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Same facial expressions :)

Was sorting out the photos on my tablet and just realised that these ones taken of me and granddaughter on our labyrinth appreciation night ,we have the exact same facial expressions,and they are not selfies,so we couldn’t see the screen as the pics were being taken, neither could she see my face as I was […]

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A day for doubles !!

The other day I saw doubles of our grandchildren on Facebook 🙂 This one actually caused me to look twice ! Wow she looks like our grand daughter ,her mummy said she looks like a vintage photo anyway,I agree with that ,I can’t find a photo right now that matches properly but if you have […]

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