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Three good things !?

Posted in animals, birds, duck, luck on May 18, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Well this is a first ,three good things in two days, that is very rare !

First I won the oracle set (previous blog)

Then I got a free set of Wiccan charms from eBay this morning

Sorry ,bad photo

And also today we discovered a refund on our electricity,it wasn’t a huge amount,but every little helps, thank you ,whoever has been sending us good luck for once.

I had a lovely time with my duck Willow while hubby was out shopping the other day,and we did some more selfies ❤ she cheered me up because I have been unwell again,this time a chest infection and stomach bug on top of my usual ailments.
I have been doing lots of spirit box work but as usual it is confidential and will only be on my private Facebook.