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Really unwell

Posted in automatic writing, bolan, brain, cornell, illness, medical experiences, Tesla, text spirit box experiments on October 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Sorry for the lack of posts,I have been really unwell for a week,I may have something that I had before which was a strange brain infection /virus that affected my brain,I really hope not because I was extremely unwell with that for over a year !!

I am awaiting blood test results.

I will apologise in advance though because it does mean that when I am better I will probably swamp everyone with blogs.

At the moment I am in excruciating agony with what can only be described as a Tesla coil firing in my head complete with the noise and lightning (which is just lovely when I already have tinnitus and hypercasis and everything else)Its been ruled out as migraine because its way worse and I also have a fever and its not like my usual migraines/ocular strokes.

At least finally a doctor I saw yesterday agrees that the fizzing I hear at the back of my skull is the electrical current misfiring in my spinal fluid,every other doctor for the last 20 years has just looked at me like I crawled out from under a rock when I mentioned that.

Oh joy .

Hope everyone else is well

Catch you soon

And I was also trying a new spirit communication method and got these relevant words

STIR MEDICINE I was at that exact moment stirring my medicine that goes in water

HUM I had the humming I get in my ears

ILL AGAIN I was upset that I was unwell yet again


BRIGHT this was amazing ,I am having trouble with photophobia and any light hurts my eyes and feels too bright,but its actually one eye that hurts more than another, so its fascinating that it said PUPIL rather than pupils


The very first time I tried this particular method I got this !

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Guided by Tesla (health issues)

Posted in medical experiences, spirit guides, Tesla on August 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

You already probably know I have a fascination with Tesla and have spoken to him by spirit box (see the Tesla category in the menu)

It just hit me that he may be another of my guides !! (You will see from one of my previous blogs how I share identical strange experiences with him)

I wear a crystal to block emf and infrasound due to suffering from hypercasis and tinnitus but thought I would try something stronger and ordered this pendant

I researched it some more when it arrived and could not believe that it is made using Tesla’s scalar waves principles ! And not only that but it doesn’t just block emf ,it helps almost EVERY one of my chronic illnesses and disabilities ! I did not know that ,I am at the point where I am sick of all the prescription medications I am on and all the damage they are doing, they are not helping me at all,I am weaning myself off as many as I can,many people will probably laugh at this kind of hippy dippy idea ,but I will try anything ,what is there to lose !? it seems that Tesla pointed me in the direction to get this.

Here is a detailed website about the “scientific ” principles behind it and ALL those health issues (and more) I have

Not only that but the other week I got this orgonite

Started wearing the pendant as soon as I got it and a huge stress related migraine I had from having to have cancer test yesterday 😦 vanished,maybe coincidence, maybe not

Obviously no one should rely only on “alternative” therapies /medicines ,but if they are getting no where with conventional medicine apart from sicker anything is worth trying, and when you have numerous life long chronic illnesses like me its nice to experiment or use “alternatives” as a back up.

Luckily I have to keep a medical diary,so I will be able to see just what difference these items make,and I will update when I have tried them both for a suitable amount of time

But thank you Mr Tesla for pointing me somewhere new 


we have a lean to shelter thing at the back of our house, it was full of junk, I decided to clear it out and turn it into an outdoor covered craft and toy room for the grand children, it took ALL day,hubby helped obviously, we got rid of a car full of rubbish

It went from this

To this

I felt my hips and sacro going like they normally do if I do too much…normally I would be bed bound for about three days after, but guess what, I had a few twinges….then,nothing, I was OK !!!

Maybe just coincidence ,maybe it actually was the pendant ?

To ensure it wasnt just a coincidence I need to keep monitoring things
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Broken arm !!! Grandmas warning from spirit world ?

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, indigo kids, medical experiences, psychic families, spirit box transcripts, spirit guides on May 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday our little two year old grandson walked in front of a ten year old girl who was in a swing,she sent him flying and he has a clean break in his arm above his elbow 😦 poor little guy ,he was very brave though apparently. He has a sort of cast that is just on the back of his arm til the swelling goes down,then next week he gets a full cast.

It seems my grandmother in the spirit world was trying to let me know the day before !

She used to be a nurse in the navy during WW2

Twice I came across her surname in one day ,which is an unusual name

Then I was going through a spirit box transcript (for a rockstar) and this came up

She often interrupts my work and I assumed it was because she was worried about my health issues at the moment, but it seems that maybe she knew about grandson before it happened ?

She does tend to be my guide and give warnings if it is anything medical related !

Miss you grandma ❤


we went to see him today,he is being very brave,we took him a new toy car,he was happy about that,he needs to have nerve conduction tests because the break is in the exact same place where my ulnar nerve was trapped ! And part of his bone is slightly displaced #worrying

This shows how tough he is,this was the day it happened,mind you I think he was away with the fairies on diamorphine,his daddy told me that grandson was most upset about his t shirt, he had chosen it himself from the shop that morning and it had to be cut off at the hospital 😦
UPDATE: two days later my hubby had to take our son to hospital, he dropped a flat pack wardrobe on his foot and it might be broken !

So on the 6th baby Isaac is up the fracture clinic and on the 7th his daddy is up there !!


Health and desperation !

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There are serious concerns about my health at the moment,I have a lot of chronic conditions, I often have more than one thing going on at once (in fact there is not one day goes by when i dont have something )and I normally grit my teeth through it all,but never have I has this much going on at once and for so long ,you know its bad when I cry,get depressed and have to turn down seeing my beautiful grandchildren 😦

My hubby even had to have a word with our son who has been shielded from what I really go through beacause I have become a master at hiding it,I am now “immune” or “allergic” to most medication and they help not one bit !

They are the only choice I have as this country is so backward with these illnesses,

Yes I have tried more natural methods, its been left too long .
These illnesses come ironically from my old nursing jobs and the hep b jabs I had to have, the mercury I worked with ,PTSD from my childhood, damage to my brain from mental health drugs I didn’t even need,head injury,living with asbestos and black mold and more (I was born with some of it) before knowing more about alternative treatments I had already been damaged by medications that doctors keep people like me on to make money from pharma companies ! Now I am dependent and would need rehab,which ironically is not free on NHS,so no hope of that.I am now at the point that I am terrified I am going to die from all the medication and it will be for nothing cos it doesnt even work properly, i am sick of carrying around a suitcase full of drugs and planning my life round it ! Ive made myself worse by not using my wheelchair when i should due to nasty comments because people dont understand, or should I say don’t want to “invisible” or fluctuating illness,ive lost so called family and friends because they dont want to deal with it,i will never work again and neither will hubby who has had to quit work to be my full time carer,doctors don’t help or test me properly because they know damn well a lot of it will point back to when i worked as a nurse for NHS,well thats nice isnt it !! Thats the thanks I get !

I cope with a hell of a lot of pain that most people couldn’t cope with,in fact I have operations wide awake with no anaesthetic ,one of which I was strongly advised not to do (having the ulnar nerve scraped from the bone where it had fused in my arm) meditation saw me through that and I was so still and peaceful on the operating table they thought I had died of shock (only one other person in my surgeons 40 year history of being a surgeon had gone through that awake and they were begging to be knocked out after five minutes)

But the last two weeks have been too much for me to cope with,I just hope it eases off soon

Here’s what its been like :

Fibro flare

Hip dislocation

So much pain ,never like it before

Spine burning

Whole body burning

Inside bones burning

Left thigh muscle (new)

Severe cramp both calves lasted ages (new)

Costo and crossed ribs now happening on rt side 

Speech problem/ brain fog/tics and tremors

Mild m.e /CFS


Pancreatic pain

Burning hands and cramp

Migraine and head pressure


Cold pain eyes mostly rt

Cold pain nose

Blackout when coughing and excruciating pain shooting pain up arms

Vertigo mild

Unaccounted for bruises on legs

Bruised feeling forehead and top of head

Ears closing up/radio tuning noise/tinnitus/hypercasis


Fizzing base of skull

Feeling sick

Still remains of chest infection

Sacro and bursitis

Weak all over

Numbness and pins and needles feet and hands

Dead patches legs

Pain when moving eyes

Start of pomphylx eczema ?

Dodgy vision/ocular stroke

Drugs doing NOTHING

Not saying this for pity, just wondering who else with psychic ability has any of this (these are only some of the things I have by the way)

I did start a study on this but didn’t get enough data to come to a conclusion, please let me know if you would like to take part in my study (anonymously of course)

 I got so desperate tonight I literally crawled out into the garden,lay down in front of our garden henge,got hubby to hold clear quartz on my worst trigger points while I burnt a blue candle for healing and listened to “earth’s healing vibes” ,I really needed to get out in nature and ground myself but as a nature walk was out of the question this was all I could do…will find out in the morning if it helped !!

My garden henge ,I lay in front of this,it has a lot of earth energy because it is on a ley line and under the north star and two old trees,and is where we do our spells and rituals

Bad photos sorry

Clear quartz ,a master healer on my sacro ileac points (back of pelvis,which with me separates and stops me walking)

After I did this I found lots of Tesla coil healing frequency sounds on YouTube, as I am such a huge Tesla fan I shall try that next time ,if my ears can cope with it because I do have hypercasis which means my hearing is six times better than most peoples,and I also have misophonia. But its worth a try, stay tuned (pardon the pun)

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Posted in coincidences, medical experiences with tags , on March 27, 2012 by Psychic eevee

I really believe that our ailments are linked to strange things like palmistry, without going into it the illness I have that puts me in a wheelchair at times causes all manner of terrible things to do with my neck, head and spine,
I wondered why it was that the nights before I had a massive seize up I would be biting through my thumb ! I always thought it was from stress, yes I suck my thumb ( do not laugh) but only at times of what I thought was stress
you could of knocked me down with a feather when the day after I had bitten through my thumb I was reading one of my “hippy magazines” that hubby had gone out to get me to keep me amused because I was bed bound and I read that the thumb (according to palmistry), particularly the left is linked to head, neck and spine, and right in the middle is where I bite !!! you can see the teeth marks in the pic

mystydragons wrote on Mar 27
there is scientific proof that you can massage partts of your hands and feet to get releif of pain in various places on the body

eternityreturned wrote on Mar 27
You did go deep.
Now I am wondering that, if I massage my thumb, will my tension headaches cease? I carry tension in my neck area.

vidsbyeevee wrote on Mar 27

there is scientific proof that you can massage partts of your hands and feet to get releif of pain in various places on the body

I knew about the feet but not the hands, I am going to try it !!

vidsbyeevee wrote on Mar 27

You did go deep.
Now I am wondering that, if I massage my thumb, will my tension headaches cease? I carry tension in my neck area.

try it and let me know !!!

vidsbyeevee wrote on Mar 27
BY THE WAY THIS is ME from another of my accounts incase you are confused

nancywho wrote on Mar 28
My daughter has a palmistry book that I like to look at, I should get it from her so I can look at it more often.

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 31

My daughter has a palmistry book that I like to look at, I should get it from her so I can look at it more often.

you should do : ) I wish I had time to learn it but I don’t at the moment