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Something weird happened with the sun 16 october 2017

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On the 16th October I was coming out of a doctors appointed and noticed the sky was weird,it was hazy,there were no birds and the sun was a funny colour, it was about 2pm,I took this quick photo with my tablet

When we got home we looked it up and discovered this

So I realised it would be a good photo opportunity, these are my photos, I only edited a couple of them very very slightly because I wanted to show it how it truly was,it really was that dark at 3-4pm ,it normally starts to get dark here around 6:30.

I have the Ophelia picture in my house

When I thought about it later I wondered if in some weird way my rock star friends might have been using it as a way to message me,so I looked up how many of them had written songs that could be related … (I have had contact with all of these musicians,if you are on my Facebook you will have seen proof of that)

Wow,is all I can say :

Some said the sun looked like the end of the world

Its October obviously

Drowning …like Ophelia

The light vanished due to the sun

Bowies forehead sun disc

I looked up the date to see if it was important to any of them

This storm is exactly 30 years to the day of the hurricane we had in the 80s

 ,life on mars had a 30 yr anniversary ,the sun looked like mars

October also important Bowie month and another 30th anniversary

I also looked up 15th october because the hurricane exactly 30 years ago in the 80s ran from 15-16 october

Found this article ,the sun was like an eclipse

One of my most favourite bowie songs

This is eerie ,one of the last ever photos of Chris Cornell

Looks like one of my sun photos

One of my fave Cornell songs ,also looks like the sun did ,and it did look like the end of the world

From an article about the esoteric meaning of Bowie’s black star and how it actually means black SUN

I know its probably common to write songs about the sun,but ALL the musicians I have been in contact with !!

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks



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do not know if this is psychic info or just a lucky guess but I do not know anything about the American justice system this is the email I sent myself on 7 October…..

Sent: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 23:04:15 +0100 (BST)
Subject: prediction re murray 7 oct 2011

he is probably going to get away with medical negligence, to be struck off the doc register for 5 years OR
poss four years in prison but more likely will do three and the other year will be community service or house arrest
jackson family will not appeal because the children will not want them to, they want to move on with their lives
NOTE : I did not mean “get away” with negligence, I meant he would get away with just medical negligence type charge rather than murder

A judge told Dr. Conrad Murray on Tuesday that he should serve four years in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Judge Michael Pastor gave Murray the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter. The court did not have the authority to send Murray to state prison, due to recent California legislation.

Murray will get credit for 46 days he has already spent in custody. He also must pay $800 in restitution and must pay other court fees. Further proceedings for restitution sought by Jackson’s family will convene January 23, 2012.

On November 7, a jury convicted Murray of killing Michael Jackson. The judge sent him to jail that day, where he has remained.


remember the premonition dream I had in regard to his death

click here

nylabluesmom wrote on Nov 29, ’11
Wow you are good Eevee!! 🙂

eeveefoo wrote on Nov 29, ’11

Wow you are good Eevee!! 🙂

lol thanks *blush* , I kind of think it may of just been guess work, BUT then again I do not know about the Justice system there at all…it is one of those times where I think it may just be a lucky guess, I never stop questioning myself

nylabluesmom wrote on Nov 30, ’11

I kind of think it may of just been guess work

I don;t beleive THAT for a moment…esp since you do not know the American Justice system well…trust your intuition…you are very very psychic!! I am a believer!!!!!

eeveefoo wrote on Nov 30, ’11
well thank you so much xx
I do want to specialise in unsolved crime psychic work, I have helped in a couple of murder cases before..I feel drawn to that path
whoops, I am using my wrong account again


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its really sad that michael Jackson has died
i may have had a premonition about it,this is a dream i had about a week before

Subject: dream 21 june 09 neighbour collapsed CPR not working
From: eevee vachos <wor*******>

our neighbour old mr jackson was collapesed in his bedroom,we moved him onto
the floor
to resusitate him but it didnt work

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

(who i am pleased to report is as fit as a fiddle) TAKE

news reports state that the doctor who tried to save Michael 
Jackson should
have placed him on the floor in order to carry out CPR...
i would have known that as
i have passed CPR training,
thats why in my dream i move my neighbour

i also thought it was odd that i had blogged about people i took a
photo of being in the "thriller" video  on 20th june(photo above)
you can see
the original blog here....


a strange coincedence as the young people in the photo didnt look
like they would exactly be michael jackson fans !! one of those
strange coincedences that gets you thinking !!

I found it very creepy that Michael Jacksons tour was named 
"this is it" and i think that there is a lot more about his death
to come out yet

RIP Michael Jackson,although i wasnt a huge fan i did admire
your originality and your ability to inspire

reddylaugh wrote on Jun 30, ’09
You are talented, my dear!

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 1, ’09

You are talented, my dear!

thank you my lovie : ) xx

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jul 2, ’09
Yeah I remember that picture. I found it really odd to. I was not a really big fan either but he did a lot for the music scene in his days!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jul 13, ’09

Yeah I remember that picture. I found it really odd to. I was not a really big fan either but he did a lot for the music scene in his days!

apparantly one of his doctors wrote on one of his prescriptions “this is it ” it gets more curious by the day !!

bhaynes24053 wrote on Jul 13, ’09
Humm, wasn’t that the name of this tour ” This Is It’. That is very strange. Maybe the dr was refusing to write anymore prescriptions.