Hungerford Massacre random message 

This was very spooky The other day I got a phone call on the landline from a number I didn’t recognise,I never answer numbers I do not know and I always check them in a website where you can check where phonecalls have originated This was the number We do not know anyone in Hungerford […]

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Update on the local murder case :(

On top of all the family grief and stress … Today I thought I would check up on the local murder case to see if there have been any arrests And was shocked to read the victims mothers name (I have blocked surnames out because this website is so public but it is on my […]

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Why you need “grounding” in psychic work

Grounding is so important, I cannot stress that enough,its how you stop negative energy coming through and making you unwell (especially if you are an empath) if you are not grounded you can invite in all manner of nasty spirits that will hang around you and you will not be able to get rid of […]

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Helpless ! Local murder case (Now updated)

In the last few days a young man has been found murdered in the nature reserve/park in our nearest town 😦 that is VERY rare for around here,we have lived in the area for 20 years and I can only remember two other murders. Its tragic ,what a waste of a young life, the police […]

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Premonition ? Of missing blonde woman /shipping containers

​ Premonition?  About missing woman…. I had a dream at my usual psychic time 3am, I don’t know if this has already happened and if it has it could have been years ago, or it could be something about to happen..  A blonde woman in her late 30s early 40s with her hair in a […]

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