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Spooky coincidence ,the fire engine

Posted in coincidences, missing and crime readings, murdered spirits on March 1, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday i was watching a documentary about the “grindr” serial killer while I was waiting for hubby to get back from town,while he was there I had asked him to get a fire engine I had seen in a charity shop the day before ,I wanted it for our grandson as he is bonkers about “nee naas” at the moment.

I checked the toy was working while I was still watching the documentary and I rested it on my medical bag,seconds later this was shown on the documentary

The fire engine is at nearly the same angle I had my one sitting at !

Sometimes these coincidences I get are just too weird !!!

As you already know, i specialise in unsolved crime readings and just invented an oracle pack,I’ve always studied criminology,maybe one of the victims of this hideous killer was sending a sign,or maybe its just one of those odd things that happen to me way more often than they should.I paused the documentary and yelled to hubby to come and see,he was astounded.

Crime oracle cards

Posted in missing and crime readings, my handmade crafts on February 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have spent three weeks inventing an oracle card pack to do with unsolved crimes as they are my favourite kinds of psychic readings to do,although I am very accurate with my usual method I wondered if cards could give me back up answers, 

I filmed my test run with these but cannot post it here as it is to do with a current missing person case ,it is however on my private Facebook.

It proved to be spookily accurate with answers matching theories already known about the case,and new answers, the video is dated and I shall keep hold of it.

This is not the kind of tool that just anyone can use as dealing with unsolved crime and murder cases is not for the faint hearted or most psychics,I did consider a view to getting better ones of these made and publishing them but I don’t want to be held responsible for any psychological trauma they may cause or any legal issues !! So for now they are just an extra method for me to use.

The whole pack is huge and has about 400 cards ,it has a “ouija board” section and 20 packs of category cards

Some from “type /modus ” pack

Some from “DNA finds” pack

Some from “method used” pack

Some from”what happened ” pack

Some from “where found” pack

Obviously the drawings are basic as they are just for my use ! The cards go into everything I could think of,right down to eye colour,witnesses, justice,searches

the packs with pendulum

Pendulum to ask more in depth question,magnifying glass symbolises crime obviously and clear quartz for clarity.
I have seen many hundreds of oracle packs and never seen one like this before

(C)eevee v

Message from local murder victim

Posted in empath, missing and crime readings, murdered spirits, rockstar contact ?, spirit contact, spirit voices on January 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

This was very disturbing, i got a phonecall from my son in a panic ,he heard that someone had been stabbed in the same area my brother lives in ,we have all become estranged from him (long story) but it doesn’t mean we don’t care about him and don’t worry about him still,my son tried to phone him and got no answer,so asked me to try,I tried and thankfully my brother answered and sounded fine ,the murder was in his street.

Obviously no names were released at the time

It happened on 8 Jan ,here’s a tweet from one of our local politicians

The next night I was babysitting at my sons,still no names had been released in the press,here is my dated psychic log

I was having a nap on my sons sofa once the grandkids were asleep and I was woken by a voice yelling REALLY loudly in my ear 

” I’m andrew,starkie/stark you must help me” but because his voice jolted me out of sleep and was so loud it was distorted ,the end of the sentence was not entirely clear, i told my son and daughter in law.It didn’t mean anything to them at the time.

Well the next day I was so shocked ,it turned out that a woman had been stabbed and was in hospital, it was my daughter in laws cousin !!! And it was her friend (not new boyfriend) who was sadly stabbed to death šŸ˜¦ so very tragic.

And there we were panicking that it was my brother, my daughter in law had no idea about her cousin as they are not in touch,its such a tragic story.I have blocked my daughter in laws name out for privacy and not named her cousin.

The name of the victim was released in the press,it was ANDREW ,I feel so bad for his family, this is a text that I sent my son.

Then a few days later the man who murdered him had his name given in the press

They did know each other,Andrew could of been saying “sharpie” to me,as I said ,his voice was distorted ! It seems he was giving me his name and telling me who did it but didn’t have enough energy to say more than a few words.

As I said earlier ,he was her friend protecting her,not her boyfriend.

My condolences go out to all families involved and I wonder what on earth is going on in my family or people linked via “marriage” first my son gets stabbed, just before Xmas my cousin got stabbed ,now my daughter in laws cousin šŸ˜¦

These are the kind of cases I want to help with,I have helped on a couple of unsolved cases before and I have lots of info for a missing case that is high profile at the moment ,I have kept all my info,things I stated right at the start have proven to be true,info via a spirit box was very very accurate but unfortunately the family are very against psychics *sigh* but if I am right I will write a blog showing how psychics should be involved in some cases ,I recently helped the police with a 25 year old cold case, i will blog about it but will have to be very cryptic ,I helped with a murder case in Canada and I knew all about the Suffolk prostitute murders ten days before it was public, i always log and date everything and send to a witness.

Its disturbing to deal with these cases but something makes me want to do it,it seems like it is a service I am meant to do.

I see the murders through the victims eyes and recently saw the death of a famous pop star through his eyes, it was terrifying and so sad,unfortunately I won’t be blogging that here  as it was reported to be an “accident” my feelings at the site,my psychic info and evps gathered at the site say other wise.

You may of seen by other blogs that for some reason rock and pop stars seem to like to give me info,maybe its because i grew up around musicians and my son is one ,and I used to  sing? Im still waiting for the right time to write my huge bowie/bolan blog,its going to be a big one !!

The death of another pop star recently is NOT as reported and I’ve seen their death through their eyes,and a spirit box session clearly verified my theories but I can’t blog that here as his case is still with the coroner.

 It is hard to live with this part of my “gift” it is distressing,draining and traumatic,and because I am an empath I end up severely shaken up and usually crying my head off šŸ˜¦

But I KNOW I have to do it, my grandad was a policeman, i wanted to be in the police but didn’t get in due to my health,I was then going to study to be a criminologist but my illnesses got in the way,so I guess this is the next best thing.

Missing actress

Posted in missing and crime readings on July 30, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday I saw this on the news


I emailed my thoughts to myself
A lot of it I have blocked out for now as I feel it is info that is very private and will not come out til a later date



So a relative was relevant and the time
It was about 8:20pm that I heard she had been found.
I knew she was alive
If any more comes out that I visualised I will do an update

What struck me as odd was that it was only a few days ago I showed our grand daughter some honeysuckle that appeared out of nowhere in our garden,
Honeysuckle is a rather unusual name for a girl

My strange brain and obsessed with new research subject

Posted in missing and crime readings, sons place, witches on May 31, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I’ve already mentioned in other blogs about my weird brain (the empathy blog explains most of it)I have been researching a new subject for the last few days and when I get a bee in my brain about research I do it solid for days,weeks,months ,I won’t write here what the subject exactly is but its to do with a mysterious murder and possible infrasound “weapons” its a truly eerie subject and you may guess by these photos what I’m talking about (but dont mention it if you have worked it out )I was in the middle of my first day of research and feeling freaked out (doesn’t happen to me often) the case involves a lift (elevator) and I was called to my sons to babysit, oh yay…they have a lift (that my daughter in law once got trapped in,it was Xmas and no one was answering the emergency alarm,she couldn’t get a signal on her mobile to call my son and in the end hurt her hands when she found that infamous adrenaline superpower and ripped the doors open with her bare hands,she is a tiny little thing,she was terrified)I am not normally scared of lifts,its escalators I am terrified of after having a horrific accident on one while holding my son when he was a tiny baby,but I will admit that this particular night IĀ  babysat (in fact two nights in a row) I was very jumpy in the lift,especially as that particular lift has an awful habit of taking you to the wrong floor,even though no one else is around and have not called the lift from outside on another floor and the whole block of flats has motion sensor lights in the corridors,but they seem to take ages to come on once you go into the corridors ,although in realtime it’s probably only a couple of seconds at the most,I had to get in the lift quite a few times as I go outside to smoke (yeah I know,disgusting) and it was evening and no one around as the block of flats is empty usually at weekends,it didn’t help that on the first night I saw an apparition,I was sitting on the kerb opposite the flats next to the register office which is a very very old building,out of the corner of my eye I saw something black and when I looked properly saw a gaunt looking woman with straggly long hair in a black dress with those sort of batwing wizard type arms,she made me jump but didn’t scare the crap out of me as I assumed she was one of the women from our village who was hung on the meadow site across the road,she lasted probably about four seconds and was gone,she was semi solid,I have seen something similar in one of the upstairs rooms late on a Sunday night but assumed it was a cleaner,thinking about it now though that’s highly unlikely that late (was actually the early hours,around two am) and a Sunday,thinking further,the woman I saw in the garden of the register office looked a lot like the photo of the “witch” apparition I captured near ours (you will find that in a blog under the witches and paranormal sections)

The register office opposite the kids place

Well its the back of it that is nearest their place




Here is the lift at the kids (scuse awful picture of me) ooohhh interesting how the next night our grandaughter had that telepathic moment while asleep and her daddy was in the lift !! (Blog before this one)



But worse than that,in the corridor their flat is on this door has been stuck open for about six months,it is one of those smoke riser tunnels ,and goes the whole height of the building, which is four floors of you include the under building car parking area (creepy as I have links to a case where a woman was murdered in the underground carpark EXACTLY under my old flat in London where my poltergeist started ,my neighbour who was witness to my poltergeist still lives there and we went back about ten years later to do an investigation, I NEVER thought I would be brave enough as I was personally involved in that and its what set me on my paranormal path)



That grating is spooky,you can see right down to the ground floor (the kids live on the top floor) you can see how dark it is,adjusting this photo did nothing to make it clearer


That is the vent at the top of the riser on the roof which let’s the smoke out,also so dark adjusting the photo made no difference
This makes me shudder as something like this is related to my research

The way that smoke riser tunnel is meant to work is that the door automatically opens if there is a fire so the smoke gets sucked into it and out of the roof,minimising smoke inhalation,there has never been a fire in that building (thank goddess) and something like someone burning their toast will not open that door !
There is NO handle on that door on the outside,you can tell there never was a fire because the fire brigade would of closed the door after,also there are doors to that riser on every floor, so I assume they should all be open,they are not

Once my research is over I will be writing a huge article about it so I’m sorry to keep you in suspence

But last night took the medal for one of the strangest episodes…

(From my Facebook)
Totally obsessed with my new research subject..found that I had got my tablet in my sleep and done more research !! HOW does my brain know how to do that ? Well in depth sleep tests on me showed my brain can be awake while my body is not ,but if my body was asleep HOW did I sit up,plug my tablet in,turn it on ,google search then find a specific video ,I’ve always been able to do weird crap like that #kindofeerieandsoisthesubjectiamresearching