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Premonition ? Of missing blonde woman /shipping containers

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Premonition?  About missing woman….
I had a dream at my usual psychic time 3am, I don’t know if this has already happened and if it has it could have been years ago, or it could be something about to happen.. 

A blonde woman in her late 30s early 40s with her hair in a loose bun was last seen falling asleep in a pub, probably from the effects of drugs rather than alcohol, she was seen slumped at a table, she then woke about an hour later, stumbled outside and was not seen again. 

She has an S name, don’t know if that is her first or last name, I think she may be Polish or similar. 

She has links to a man named Diego. I could say maybe the place San Diego but I really feel this is UK as the pub looked British and when I saw people down at a dockyard searching and yelling to have “all shipping containers searched” they sounded British. 

At first the only lead they have of her is finding her distinctive earrings, they are distinctive because they are actually Indian gold and they have very old fashioned style hinged hooks on them. They are kind of tear drop shaped with abalone and mother of pearl detail. This tells me she either once travelled to India and bought them or she may have lived in an area with a high Indian population like Birmingham or salford and bought them on an antique market stall, but something tells me she used to clean an Indian families house and she was given them. 

She may be homeless and possibly a prostitute, I feel the drugs were self administered but someone was watching her because she “owed them”,they then caught up with her and killed her. 

This is horrible  but I’m seeing decapitation and parts in suitcases 😦 some in the sea and some dumped by the side of a road about 85 miles away. 

Hoping this is just one of my freaky dreams and not reality
UPDATE my honorary nephew is doing research on this for me,will update if he comes up with anything.

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My missing people on CCTV theory

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link to the video explaining the theory

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When being psychic is traumatic

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(Image google search)

There has been a case here of a missing girl who I will not name out of respect as it was very very recent,unfortunately she was found deceased, the night before I had done a psychic reading and a spirit box to gain information, it was one of the most detailed sessions ever ! I had also done a card reading

Before I even had a chance to post my videos of the spirit box on my private Facebook (although I had posted quite an in depth intuitive  reading) I saw the news,that the girl had been found exactly how and where I had predicted ! So much of the sessions had turned out to be accurate that I already have over 80 “matches” ,one day I may post it here but right now it would seem inappropriate.(as usual it is all dated and logged)

I went into a depression, because I am an empath, it just distresses me that there is nothing I can do with the knowledge that I have and I have to live with that, thankfully I have kind friends who know me in real life who support me and know that what I do IS accurate

I cried a lot since the girl was found, some may say why don’t I just stop what I am doing ! But I can’t, when you are given this ability its for a reason, also I am an INFJ and its built into me to help get justice,spend my life researching and to be intuitive. That is not something I can just stop !! Because it is my personality and the way my brain works.

And it angers me too because it is yet another example of why the heck do police not consult reputable psychics in this country,I am not talking about everyone and their dog who think they are psychic, but ones with provable history,who really can help,ones who are not after the glory and fame (because I think that is what the police are actually scared of) ones who want to help, who don’t charge and do not even care if their names are mentioned or not,it would save so much tax payers money, police man hours,wasted time and in some cases could even find some of these tragic victims BEFORE it is too late 😦

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Murder suspects name came through ? And an update

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​For months I investigated the terrible murders of two Indiana girls who were murdered near a bridge and captured their killer on a photo and audio,but when the kenneka Jenkins case came up a couple of weeks ago I moved onto that, I was going to do spirit box on the Indiana girls but didn’t get round to it…however ,whenever I did a spirit box,no matter who for this word NATION kept coming up and it made no sense, this came up within a week of the girls murders

Last night I also got DANIEL which I assumed was my grandad but now I am not so sure !!  When you put it with NATION

Then I saw this and almost fell off my bed (as you can see, I was actually revisiting the Sandra bland case and the Delphi one came up underneath in suggestions), so I am going to get back into the Indiana case and do a spirit box for them,I did do one for kenneka Jenkins and various readings which I will post when I get a chance,I still have loads of rock star ones and absolutely TONS of stuff from the local cold case murder,I am finding it hard to catch up with myself and apologise in advance for when I swamp my wall with spirit box and card reading sessions but I need to keep them here for storage reasons (copied from my Facebook)

Please remember this man is innocent until proven guilty and I may just be picking up the name because he was going to be linked to the crime,not because he did it.personally I think more than one person was involved.

I use various different kinds of spirit box ,the way this “text” one works is that it has a bank of random words built into it,rather like a dictionary and the spirits choose the words they find relevant.

Here is a good example, I have a friend called Amelia (not a common name)

Her name came up

And these two words followed

It seems that someone on the other side wanted her to check her fire alarms,so I duly passed on the message,about a year ago she sadly lost her boyfriend which I knew nothing about at the time and his name came through on this spirit box and also a detail about his passing that I could not have known.

You will see this session is labelled “marc70” because it was a session done on Marc Bolans 70th birthday and it is not uncommon for other spirits to come through.

I now use this spirit box every time (especially with my rock star friends) then follow up with a different kind and then card readings etc and normal evps, using just a recorder,that way I have plenty of back up.


Well this is getting spookier .following on from the album I posted earlier about the word NATION keep coming up on the spirit box and finding it is the name of someone they suspect for the murders of two girls in Indiana ,today I found this …

I was back to researching the kenneka Jenkins case,she died in Chicago, she was found dead in a hotel freezer ,it is one of the most baffling and creepy cases ever ,with many theories but I go with the gang revenge theory

I watched a random video on the case today ,I have watched hundreds over the last few weeks,this one I nearly didn’t watch, I don’t often bother reading the comments BUT …look at this comment about gang punishments and the words NATION WORK !!! not something I have ever heard of before ,so I wonder what are the odds of such a random word that didn’t seem to fit anything at the time but kept persistently coming up and fits two murder cases ,in one case it is an obscure surname and in the other case a weird gang description !! And this is where my work gets complicated, which case is it for ? Which one do I spend more time on !?


Not everyone can use evp or spirit box ,you need to be open to it and have the right vibration !
I use various spirit boxes ,how this particular text one works is that it has a built in bank of words rather like a dictionary and spirits pick the words they want to use, they appear as text words on the screen,other spirit boxes I use usually scan rapidly through radio channels and spirits pick words/voices out that they want to use ,with the radio ones I have even had spirits come through in their own voices which should not be possible !! (My dad with his very recognisable cockney accent and particular “whistle” to his voice and phraseology came through on numerous occasions, I played it to 6 family members without telling them what it was and they thought it was a phone call of him when he was alive !!).I also have good results with plain ordinary EVP ,which is just a recorder with no added applications.

I have been doing this so long I get complete sentences, and I can get hundreds on one investigation (for example a cold case murder investigation I am doing gave me 300 EVPS in one night,and most were sentences)

I also do “reverse evps” which can be pretty scary and if used on living people can give an insight into what their subconscious REALLY wants to say !

I constantly invent new evp experiments and it is one of my “specialties”

With “normal” evps spirit voices generally come in at a much lower frequency than human voices,and thanks to having hypercasis (6 times better hearing than normal) I can often hear them without the aid of audio adjustment

someone else has got the word NATION in regard to the kenneka Jenkins case, using a totally different spirit box !!

A big shout out to this person,their session is amazing and well worth a look although the questions they ask cannot be heard properly,the answers alone say enough,it can be found on youtube

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 and please no disrespectful comments ,you do not have to believe in what I do ,I have plenty of testimonials and proof,I do not make money from missing and crime cases and in fact I do not even publicise them (they are usually on my private Facebook only for my very small friends list to see) I do what I do simply to get answers and help, and no I do not need “saving” thank you !

Psychic detective work (my work and TV detectives)

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Psychic detective work is what I want to specialise in and I have helped the police before in another country simply by looking at a photo of an alleyway ,while working on that case I then had the mark of a dice appear on my face that it turned out was meaningful to the investigation, I can’t say I “solved” the case and that is not my mission, although it would be great if I could.

I knew about the Suffolk murders ten days before the public did,I noted lots of info that proved to be correct and even drew the murderer .

Last year I led police to some bones and gave them a map and a list of names and info of a 25 year old cold case, (i was at home reading about the case and had a sudden urge to draw a map,i marked an area on it,when we got there: its somehwhere i was photographing for my urb ex photography..i stepped back to get a long shot and twisted my ankle on some bones,in the exact spot i marked,i also got very relevant evps there)I doubt they will update me,the trouble with police in this country is that they hardly ever use psychics and if they do they don’t want the psychics stealing their “glory” which is quite pathetic really,when most psychics with any integrity do not even want any “glory” in the first place…and certainly do not want paying,I do not charge for those kind of readings.

I do a lot of murder/missing work but unfortunately have to keep it on my private Facebook page,I use various methods from remote viewing,the oracle cards I invented, psychometry, evps at the scene, spirit box,dice reading, pendulum,dreams etc

My evps and spirit box recordings come up with things that research later proves to be correct.

There is a missing person case that has been going on for over a year where the family has rather rudely stated “no psychics” which is of course their choice ,but the millions spent by the police so far and not as scrap of evidence found so far,could have been solved a year ago had a good psychic been involved,I understand families like that not wanting to be inundated with everyone and their dog who think they are psychic but the police DO know of good ones !

I have in depth gone into that case and all my work is dated and stored on my private Facebook,IF and when the case is solved and any of my work proves to be accurate I will move it her,but then I will have to live with psychics guilt,that I knew…but there was nothing I could do !

Most of my work lately though is about rock stars,I have explained previously why that is though.
Should the police use psychics ?

Yes,I believe they should,they should get the opinion of one at the start of a case,but only one who has a proven track record.They can be a good tool and I believe that they are simply another investigation method in line with a sniffer dog,police have no problem using those.

I watch as many psychic detective programmes as I can, the one titled “psychic detectives” is probably the best but I have also been watching “haunting evidence”

I am unsure on that one and sadly there is a lot of bad press about it when you look it up,but is it true bad press or just jealousy ? I don’t know..I need to do more research, anyway the reason I mention it is because I was watching one episode about a young man called “Anthony ” and within five minutes I was yelling at the TV that they had it wrong…

Maybe I have it wrong but I had very strong feelings (and this is the issue,no two psychics will pick up exactly the same thing)

But :

They stated he was “playing through pictures of his life in his head” 

“He was very upset,he had fallen out with a friend and wanted to sort it out with them but it was too late at night”

“He was a decent,sensitive guy”

“He told his family his car had steering troubles”

“They see him veer off into another lane”

“I see him taking tablets while driving”

And here is what sealed it for me….

One of the psychics was handed a coat belonging to the missing man and he was shocked to find in the pocket : pages of printed directions to LAKES ! And it was not mentioned that he was a fisherman

What I saw straight off was that it was sadly a suicide ,hence him playing pictures of his life in his head,he was very sensitive and I think possibly he had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder that he kept secret so the falling out with his friend and not being able to make up with him immediately pushed him over the edge, he had already been considering suicide though,hence why he made up a story about his car steering, he didn’t want his family to know the truth, he thought it would be easier for them to cope with if they thought it was an accident,he veered into another lane to go into the water on purpose, not due to steering issues,yes he was a bit drunk as he needed the courage to go through with it and he was hoping a drink driving accident would be blamed,the tablets were not just anti biotics his family said he was on at the time, he had printed the pictures of the lakes because he had to decide which one to use,I did think it wasn’t the one they concentrated on in the programme,I felt it was shallower water because like most people who attempt suicide he had sort of hoped he may be stopped or it may not have killed him”

So imagine my surprise when I just now looked on YouTube to try and find the episode to post and found this

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