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Ghosts of shepherdstown fakery ?

Posted in bad investigators, bad investigators /my articles, my articles on October 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been watching Nick Groffs “ghosts of shepherdstown” and I am highly disappointed in him again,first I was disappointed in the fact he was working with Steve Huff who has a very unsavoury past (and thankfully has now quit the paranormal world) and now I am not impressed in this series.

Nick seems to be very gullible indeed ,I don’t think he purposefully sets out to deceive but this whole series seems to be suspicious.

Supposedly a whole town has become haunted and the police cannot cope with all the phone calls ,why people call the police over paranormal activity I will never understand !?

So Nick and his new team have been called in.

I noticed a few things.

Firstly a lot of the buildings were old run down student properties with “haunted” taps and showers ,I have seen that in a few places I have investigated,water backs up in the old pipes and releases itself some times hours after the tap/shower was last used…nothing paranormal.

In such an old town as the one on the programme,probably the whole towns water system is ancient !

Then they showed a rocking chair supposedly moving on its own (you only have to walk past or breathe near a rocking chair and it will move !! Ever notice how all these”haunted ” chairs are rocking chairs lol) Here is a tip : rocking chairs are designed to move ,the clue is in the name .

While it was clear an investigator was in the room next door

Conveniently the battery on the camera died,I am not being rude but the investigator is a big guy,its easy to walk through one room and cause floor boards in the room next to it to move,in my bedroom there is a spot in the floor where you can cause the door to close by stepping on a certain board

Caught checking if they are still filming ?

Then there were reports of a spirit girl who died in a flood,the historian said there was no record of the name given by the medium ,that is not uncommon, sometimes poor people were not listed BUT ….

isn’t it strange that they conveniently find a headstone with the girls first name face down under a tree !

Ive been a graves photographer for nearly 30 years (about the same length of time that I have been a paranormal investigator),that is NOT a headstone from the 1800s !

Where is the moss?

Where is the lichen ?

You would not be able to read the words so well

It would be damaged badly had it been facedown.

If we are meant to believe that had been face down for a long long time,earth subsidence would have half covered it .

There would be a lot of water damage at the base.

The base would probably be snapped, not cleanly uprooted.

That “font” is not quite right for the fact it looks like they have chosen something like “Victoriana” from word 95 or something.

In the 1800s children would have been buried in with their parents but most likely that little girl would have been so poor she would have been in a communal unmarked grave.

If her family had money to afford a headstone it would have had her surname on it and something like “daughter of ”

In the 1800s cemeteries were big on symbolic headstone art,such as cherubs for children or carved lilies.

I am not buying this and I think its a prop !!

The reason they have not put a surname on their prop is in case any living relatives of the girl catch them out.

We also do not trust the “paranormal sensitive” called Elizabeth, she seems to be trying to take over,it seems her aim is to get her own show maybe ,we noticed her looking daggers a lot at the medium when she was picking up information that seemed more believable than the information she was getting,we feel she is playing Nick ,personally I get a shady vibe from her,apologies if I am wrong,but I have never heard of her before,where did she suddenly come from !? It seems like she is trying to replace Katrina,Nicks usual partner.

The shoes that were found in the walls that are a protection from evil spirits,WHY would they remove them if they are trying to stop the towns activity ? Because they want more activity for the programme ,that’s why !

What really annoyed me about the series was that they finished it dramatically by blaming the spirit of a witch.

They had on one episode been in the woods and seen upside down crosses and said witches had been there,can someone please educate them on witches ,witches have nothing to do with crosses,it is Satanists that use upside down crosses to mock Christianity. Please ghost hunting programmes stop continuing to whip up a frenzy against witches *sigh*

And stop faking activity

If nothing happens,show that nothing happens !! They will not do that because thrill seekers do not want to know that 7/10 times paranormal investigating is uneventful.

There is a really great guy on YouTube under the name of “curiosity” who does various investigations alone and shows how nothing usually happens, I like that, the REAL truth is out there AND OFTEN IT IS BORING !!

Nick Groff really is losing all credibility, which is a shame because he was one of the few TV investigators who I felt was in it for the right reasons.

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And this is why the paranormal community is still a joke !! (Dead gorgeous ???!)

Posted in bad investigators, my articles on August 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Oh I am absolutely fuming !

I just read this article,the title on the front page of the magazine was something like “we like to look sexy for our spooks”

Sorry its a bad photo but it talks about putting on makeup and trying to look gorgeous but not for a night out: no,these women are getting ready to go paranormal investigating 

“You weren’t what we were expecting” gasped the owner !!! Gushes the article

(You can bet that the only people who call these girls out are men and that could be dangerous ! I am of course not saying all men are dodgy but some are and is it worth the risk ? Do they take male investigators with them for protection )

They claim to be “serious paranormal investigators,we just love putting the foxy into phantoms”

Are these women for real ? 

Is this what you would be happy with calling out to help you with a haunting ?

Would you call this professional ?

I have some tips for them

While they are wanting to look GLAM

(A) NEVER wear perfume on investigation, some spirits use fragrance to come through,so if you are yourself drenched in beyonces latest fragrance, you may miss the subtle smell of violets the spirit of great aunt may is sending you.

(B) LAYERS OF MAKEUP are not a good idea,makeup sheds throughout the night, makeup is made from powder,powder floats in the atmosphere, powder then gets illuminated by flash,causing false orbs,I have a good example of this : a very very famous 80s pop star contacted me with some photos stating he could see orbs ,I noticed straight away that they were the exact shade of foundation and powder he was wearing in the photos ,NO SPIRIT ORBS THERE !

(C) if investigating for clients your clothes need to be professional but comfortable ,not clothes that look like you are about to attend a girls night out at a night club

(D) shoes need to be comfortable, you might need to run ! And you are likely to be on your feet for hours, trainers are best,girlie shoes make noise and that will be picked up on your recordings.

What exactly are you trying to “pick up” ? Spirits ? Men ? Or 15 minutes of fame ?

No wonder paranormal investigators still do not get taken seriously when you have people like this being let loose on clients,I despair, I really do, if I was a client and went to a website because I was desperate for help and saw a photo of women doing the pouty duck lip thing I do not think I would be guessing they would have a clue about how to deal with a haunting, they probably spend most of the night filming themselves or pretending to do mirror scrying as an excuse to check their makeup ,I would skip their website and look for one where the investigators look like they have wrinkles and bags under their eyes from all the hard work they do !

These girls should maybe do modelling instead and watch “ghost hunting” on TV ,but they really do not ooze professionalism and I cringed with embarrassment reading that article

And another red flag for me was the mention of Native American spirit guides ,why is it that everyone seems to have one of those ? Its not very original, I have a few spirit guides and not one of them is Native American,it just seems to me that many people who jump on the psychic bandwagon think that is what you need to have,yes some true psychics have them but not everyone !!

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Psychic detective work (my work and TV detectives)

Posted in missing and crime readings, murdered spirits, my articles, price list, psychic finds, psychic hits, remote viewing, TV psychics on July 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Psychic detective work is what I want to specialise in and I have helped the police before in another country simply by looking at a photo of an alleyway ,while working on that case I then had the mark of a dice appear on my face that it turned out was meaningful to the investigation, I can’t say I “solved” the case and that is not my mission, although it would be great if I could.

I knew about the Suffolk murders ten days before the public did,I noted lots of info that proved to be correct and even drew the murderer .

Last year I led police to some bones and gave them a map and a list of names and info of a 25 year old cold case, (i was at home reading about the case and had a sudden urge to draw a map,i marked an area on it,when we got there: its somehwhere i was photographing for my urb ex photography..i stepped back to get a long shot and twisted my ankle on some bones,in the exact spot i marked,i also got very relevant evps there)I doubt they will update me,the trouble with police in this country is that they hardly ever use psychics and if they do they don’t want the psychics stealing their “glory” which is quite pathetic really,when most psychics with any integrity do not even want any “glory” in the first place…and certainly do not want paying,I do not charge for those kind of readings.

I do a lot of murder/missing work but unfortunately have to keep it on my private Facebook page,I use various methods from remote viewing,the oracle cards I invented, psychometry, evps at the scene, spirit box,dice reading, pendulum,dreams etc

My evps and spirit box recordings come up with things that research later proves to be correct.

There is a missing person case that has been going on for over a year where the family has rather rudely stated “no psychics” which is of course their choice ,but the millions spent by the police so far and not as scrap of evidence found so far,could have been solved a year ago had a good psychic been involved,I understand families like that not wanting to be inundated with everyone and their dog who think they are psychic but the police DO know of good ones !

I have in depth gone into that case and all my work is dated and stored on my private Facebook,IF and when the case is solved and any of my work proves to be accurate I will move it her,but then I will have to live with psychics guilt,that I knew…but there was nothing I could do !

Most of my work lately though is about rock stars,I have explained previously why that is though.
Should the police use psychics ?

Yes,I believe they should,they should get the opinion of one at the start of a case,but only one who has a proven track record.They can be a good tool and I believe that they are simply another investigation method in line with a sniffer dog,police have no problem using those.

I watch as many psychic detective programmes as I can, the one titled “psychic detectives” is probably the best but I have also been watching “haunting evidence”

I am unsure on that one and sadly there is a lot of bad press about it when you look it up,but is it true bad press or just jealousy ? I don’t know..I need to do more research, anyway the reason I mention it is because I was watching one episode about a young man called “Anthony ” and within five minutes I was yelling at the TV that they had it wrong…

Maybe I have it wrong but I had very strong feelings (and this is the issue,no two psychics will pick up exactly the same thing)

But :

They stated he was “playing through pictures of his life in his head” 

“He was very upset,he had fallen out with a friend and wanted to sort it out with them but it was too late at night”

“He was a decent,sensitive guy”

“He told his family his car had steering troubles”

“They see him veer off into another lane”

“I see him taking tablets while driving”

And here is what sealed it for me….

One of the psychics was handed a coat belonging to the missing man and he was shocked to find in the pocket : pages of printed directions to LAKES ! And it was not mentioned that he was a fisherman

What I saw straight off was that it was sadly a suicide ,hence him playing pictures of his life in his head,he was very sensitive and I think possibly he had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder that he kept secret so the falling out with his friend and not being able to make up with him immediately pushed him over the edge, he had already been considering suicide though,hence why he made up a story about his car steering, he didn’t want his family to know the truth, he thought it would be easier for them to cope with if they thought it was an accident,he veered into another lane to go into the water on purpose, not due to steering issues,yes he was a bit drunk as he needed the courage to go through with it and he was hoping a drink driving accident would be blamed,the tablets were not just anti biotics his family said he was on at the time, he had printed the pictures of the lakes because he had to decide which one to use,I did think it wasn’t the one they concentrated on in the programme,I felt it was shallower water because like most people who attempt suicide he had sort of hoped he may be stopped or it may not have killed him”

So imagine my surprise when I just now looked on YouTube to try and find the episode to post and found this

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Haunted dolls are big business and some people are playing on it !!

Posted in debunked, discrimination by ebay, dolls, haunted dolls, Haunted items, my articles on July 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I just read this story and immediately knew what this woman was up to..

The reason she is “desperate to sell” tells me this is rubbish, she knows “haunted” dolls make big money on eBay, if its so terrifying dear ,take it to landfill,you wouldn’t be holding it in your house or shed til a seller comes along with the highest price…. oh and “if it doesn’t sell” she will give it back to the charity shop,that’s nice ,so IF its haunted she will pass it on to someone else to deal with unwittingly if she doesn’t make money from it !!! (A child could buy it !)
That very paper the story appears in has recently printed a whole series of haunted doll stories, ( and that paper is well known in the uk for printing made up stuff )she is obviously a regular reader and deliberately went out looking for the cheapest dolls she could find,I am a charity shop addict and that is ridiculously cheap for three dolls !

I may be wrong and the doll could be haunted but I have dealt with haunted dolls and people want them out of the house immediately, they don’t hold onto them until they get money,I would take her more seriously if she offered it to a research team for free or was asking for advice on what to do with it.

Yes ,dolls can be haunted,I have a few and have blogged about them before

Here are some of mine :

This African doll was given to me by my grandma when I was little

This one I found at the derelict airbase we used to investigate ,why it was there I have no idea but a fire broke out in the building it was in a few minutes later,it is kept in a bag because it can be negative if it is not smudged occasionally

My witch doll Agnes ,named after one of the witches who was hung in our village,she may look scary but she helps with my work,and yes the original Agnes does approve,I made sure of that !

I personally do not like this 1970s doll and have no idea why I bought it !! I am yet to do tests with it but it hasn’t caused anything outrageous to happen

I have this exact same doll that was used by the ghost hunter Guarav Tiwari who met an untimely end (suspiciously if you ask me !) He used it as a trigger object ,I’m not relating the doll to his death at all,its a cheap doll that moves its arms and cries,hence why it is a good trigger object

I have video footage of my doll randomly waving it’s arms and crying ,even when it was switched off,that was when it was in my house and my grand daughter was visiting, I think it was my dads spirit trying to get her attention
I am not bothered by this one and don’t sense anything from it but…

My grand daughter says this one is “scary” so it is now in the back of the cupboard !

Galileo my giant wizard doll,he’s not haunted but everyone loves him 🙂

The doll I blogged about before

I have never felt the need to sell stories about my haunted dolls and believe me,if they were so bad they were scratching people and causing poltergeist activity they would first get smudged,then if that did not work they would be getting buried as if they were having a respectful burial (after me trying to find out who the spirit is that is linked to them and trying to move them on),not being sold on eBay and most certainly never EVER would I burn them !! That is the very worst thing you can do with any haunted item.

Why are some dolls haunted ?

Because some spirits look for something that is as close to the human form as possible and most houses have a doll of some sort ,it is really as simple as that, so rather than “possess” a living human which can take an awful lot of energy (and very very rarely happens thankfully) they will chose a doll ,or it may be a spirit of someone who actually did own the doll in their lifetime.

Be wary of so called “haunted ” dolls on eBay,the craze is so popular that people are willing to spend hundreds of pounds on them,some come with the most ridiculous life stories, its kind of annoying that eBay were trying to ban the selling of “witchcraft” items,such as wands and herbs yet this selling of alleged haunted items is allowed to go on,most of these items are as haunted as a teabag ! And if they are indeed haunted and you buy one,you have not a leg to stand on if one of these items ruins your life or wrecks your home (you will always spot that in the small print),so…Caveat emptor ….BUYER BEWARE !!!!

UPDATE : I recently read that the lady sold her “haunted ” doll for nearly £800 ,thereby proving my point !

UPDATE 2 …the person who bought this doll from original owner is already claiming paranormal activity and what looks suspiciously like cat scratches ,no doubt they too will put it up for sale hoping to double their money,it is apparently one of the most expensive haunted items ever sold !

I wonder how much they got paid for this TV appearance ? (The original owner,the one so scared of it she not only kept it at home waiting for the highest bidder but risked travelling with it to a TV studio !)

Wow look at those terrifying scratches ! Can you see them because I cannot ,so the new owner does live streams with the doll,does he charge for that ? Or make money via subscribers or YouTube ads I wonder ?

The whole thing is fishy if you ask me and I am sick of “serious” researchers falling for it

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Aaargghh its OLD news and not even true ,do some RESEARCH !!

Posted in debunked, hoaxes, my articles, urban legends on July 13, 2017 by Psychic eevee

​Losing the will to live with people who post rubbish without doing research today,so many pages posting the “do you dream this man” story ,which is (a) ancient (b) debunked years ago,pages posting that crap are supposedly well known paranormal pages ,hey you lot 101 of paranormal work is RESEARCH !!! no wonder the paranormal community gets laughed at *bangs head on wall* also seen posted this week the “screams from hell ” as if its news, that must be at least 15 years old (screams recorded from a hole drilled in Siberia which someone found out was actually from the background of a film and someone had re recorded the screams in lots of layers to make it sound mega eerie,I fell for it at the time,I will admit !) How do they not know by now that is a hoax, a quick google would have told them ! Also today “dead homeless man found under tree is Elvis” I read that on a website called helenastales.weebly and noticed that everything she posts is laughable,then it hit me,maybe her name is not Helena Stales but it means Helena’s tales as in Helena’s made up stories *sigh*

Here is a video of someone debunking the audio

A very good explanation


Honestly, I read through the comments and bang my head some more ,because even though numerous people point out that these things have been debunked (myself included,if I can be bothered) people still argue or blindly believe !? But I really do expect so called paranormal experts with lots of followers to not post these things.
These things are modern urban legends of the digital age,that is all but people still take them as gospel,I give up !

article about it in a magazine I get

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