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My crafts :bird cage lantern

Posted in my handmade crafts on August 13, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I just tried to add this to previous craft blog I wrote but WordPress is playing up !!

I put some lovely birds I got from a charity shop for 50p each in an ornamental cage my aunt gave me,I wired some fake flowers to the lid,wired some fairy lights around the inside, stuck some foil butterfly’s round the outside and  on some of the flowers and finished it off with some beads and ribbon with a butterfly on the end

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My crafts : altar wine bottle and altar herb rack

Posted in my handmade crafts on August 13, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My hubby accidentally broke my altar bottle so he bought me a plain pink bottle from the £ shop, it didn’t have a stopper so I had to make one

I glued on a wooden stag and deer that I had painted black, the boy has a blue agate stuck to him,the girl has an orange agate, I glued on a moon which is one of those glow in the dark ceiling shapes for kids bedrooms but I sprayed it silver

I made a stopper by gluing an owl onto a rubber bung from an old test tube herb jar I had

I found this pyramid shaped spice rack in a charity shop,I glued pentacle charms onto the lids,I have filled it with my most commonly used altar herbs

Printed out some labels using a groovy moon phase font

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My crafts : Bolan memorial

Posted in bolan, bowie, my handmade crafts on July 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I still cannot find one of those plastic 1970s garden swans 😦

So I made this memorial for Marc

The swan symbolises my favourite song “ride a white swan”

The top hat symbolises “the slider” album

The pink moon symbolises the song “crimson moon”

The feather boa ,well Marc liked wearing them 😉

And I splashed it with silver paint to symbolise glitter.

All it needs is a varnish.

Where it belongs…next to the Bowie memorial I made.

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My crafts : more fairy stuff and fake autumn plant

Posted in my handmade crafts on July 10, 2017 by Psychic eevee

“The works” is the best shop in the world,not only does it do bargain books

Hubby got me another Bowie book (its worth £19.99)

He also got me the fairy door and fairy house from there

The hemp rope with leaves was from “the works” the flower fairy embellishments and sequins were from a £ shop

These might be my favourite things I have made in a while

Here they are lit up

Flower fairies are a rare happy childhood memory,I have previously made flower fairy items before

And I also made this : I wanted a fake autumn plant for my altar but was not willing to pay £10 for one ,so I made one out of twigs I already had from an old ornamental tree and two bags of craft leaves from “the works” the leaves were £1 per bag

My favourite protection stone

Posted in coincidences, crystals, E.V.P and I.T.C, infrasound ultrasound magnetic fields, my handmade crafts, psychic protection on June 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Well this was a coincidence, I was making a protection necklace from a black tourmaline because I get badly affected by emf and infrasound ,both trigger my tinnitus and hypercasis….

And on Facebook that thing they have where “memories” show up showed this at the exact same time

Black tourmaline is a fabulous stone because it protects from not only emf and infrasound but also negative energies coming from toxic people or negative spirits.

Emf and infrasound can cause feelings similar to “hauntings” and I always consider them on investigations,a lot of people report hauntings in basements which can be full of infrasound and emf ,making what is known as a “fear cage” people then get feelings of : being watched,headaches,nausea ,corner of the eye phenomena and they can start thinking they can see shadow figures,it doesn’t mean the location is haunted,we recently investigated a house where there was a particular area in the kitchen where these things were reported, my emf meter read 12mg in the middle of the kitchen which was ridiculously high,it was coming from a socket,I also suspected there may be a leyline running through there,I didn’t have my dowsing rods with me but the house owner did research later and found it to be true. Ley lines have natural emf energy and a lot of “haunted houses” are built on them !

Once we investigated a flat that used to be an old shop,it still had strip lighting all round the top of the living room in an unbroken border near the top of the ceiling,that place sure was a “fear cage”and the lighting was the culprit of all the paranormal feelings !

Black tourmaline is good to keep near electrical items ,NEVER use clear quartz as that will magnify their emf ,we use clear quartz to magnify spirit voices during evp only,because old fashioned radios contain quartz,but they are not good to use to ward off emf.

This website explains the scientific properties behind it

Its a really good website that I cannot recommend highly enough.
I suffer really bad migraines and ocular strokes that can also be triggered by emf and infrasound and they have lessened since I’ve started wearing my necklace.

Infrasound is usually inaudible to the human ear but due to my hypercasis (6 times clearer hearing than average,not helped by years of training my ears to listen out for low frequency evps !!) I can unfortunately hear it !

You do need to cleanse this stone a lot though if you wear it, burying it in salt over night,smudging with sage,leaving out in moonlight,passing through a cleansing incense or rinsing with spring water should be done at least once a week and then “programme” it by asking it to “detect,deflect and protect” for you.They are very inexpensive ,about £2 for a good size one on ebay,and you can buy the necklace cages on there for about £1,or you can just carry one in your pocket or buy a bracelet made of chipped versions of the stone,they are usually about £3-4
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