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My crafts : another bird cage lantern and autumn wreath

Posted in my handmade crafts on October 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

This was originally all cream but where it had been hanging in a tree it had gone rusty so I sprayed it silver then painted the butterfly and flower decorations, I added fake flowers,coloured fairy lights and a lovely cream metal bird that my aunt gave me
Here is another bird cage lantern I have made

The wicker wreath I picked up in the reduced bin for 25p in the £ shop, I loved these pictures from a magazine so I cut them out,glued them onto card and then glued them onto the wreath

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My crafts : divination skull update/Ziggy in phonebox

Posted in bowie, my handmade crafts, owls, owls my spirit animal on September 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I changed my divination skull to make it more like the skull in Bowie’s “black star” video.

Originally I just put a crystal on it’s forehead ,but I decided to use up all my odd crystals.

This was originally white but I spray painted it black (it is almost full sized ,it is a tea light holder)

Talking of skulls-hubby got me this because it has a “black star” on it

It has a really scary mouth !

I LOVE this owl he got for my owl collection though

Lol : “evil” owl,I think it is cute

Even though we do not celebrate “Halloween” because it is serious to us, we celebrate Samhain,the ancestors festival instead, I do like some of the witchy like items that the £ shop do at Halloween time 🙂

I also made this “Ziggy stardust” in a phone box

Bowie appears as ziggy in a phone box on the back cover of the “spiders from mars” album,it is a very important album to me because Ziggy landed the year I was born (1972)

I bought a phone box bird feeder of all things,because that was the only phone box I could get which had a removable lid,I made a cut out Ziggy and put a battery tea light inside.

It looks spookily realistic at night in the dark from a distance lol ,like a tiny little Bowie is really in a miniature phone box !!

I was very disappointed when I went to Heddon street to find that the phone box is no longer there 😦

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My crafts : moon gazing hare

Posted in my handmade crafts on September 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My husband bought me this wooden ,bronze effect hare ,he said he knew I would “jazz it up”

I did :

I painted it white and glued on a triple moon charm to turn it into a moon gazing hare for my altar

She symbolises the feminine, alongside the gold stag I have that symbolises the male

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My crafts : autumn /lammas candle holder

Posted in my handmade crafts on September 2, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Made using a recycled candle jar

Craft leaves from “the works”

Jute twine

Fake poppies

Fake loaves of bread left over from a lammas wand I made

A wooden fox I painted orange

And some pebbles

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My crafts :bird cage lantern

Posted in my handmade crafts on August 13, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I just tried to add this to previous craft blog I wrote but WordPress is playing up !!

I put some lovely birds I got from a charity shop for 50p each in an ornamental cage my aunt gave me,I wired some fake flowers to the lid,wired some fairy lights around the inside, stuck some foil butterfly’s round the outside and  on some of the flowers and finished it off with some beads and ribbon with a butterfly on the end

Another bird cage lantern I made recently

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