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My crafts : key to the fairy kingdom

Posted in fairies and fairy garden, my handmade crafts on December 17, 2017 by Psychic eevee

This one is just for fun because grand daughter and myself are crazy on fairies

I got this Xmas tree ornament from tescos reduced for 50p

I painted it bronze and silver, added fairy related charms,purple ribbon, fairy bells,the beaded heart came from an old necklace, and I added a rhodonite crystal and two small amethyst beads,please excuse the glue strands that I need to remove….. The whole thing is actually more colourful in real life !!

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My crafts: repainted large duck/ candlestick/altar knife

Posted in my handmade crafts on December 9, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Got this huge duck but I didn’t like the gold on it, so yes,I painted it to look like our duck willow

Got this candlestick

And jazzed it up a bit,its for the earth candle on my altar table

And here is an altar dagger I made for hubby for Yule, I found the wooden knife (I think its a letter opener) in a charity shop for 50p

I added some masculine charms : a sun,a stag and a leaf, I also added some prehnite beads because the colour of them reminds me of nature  (they are green with black specks but these photos do not show it properly )and goes nicely with the wood

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My crafts:oracle card drawers/wooden bowls/stags/divination skull

Posted in my handmade crafts, Uncategorized on November 28, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been stuck in bed, my hips and pelvis seized up after being out in the cold for so long on grand daughters singing day, it was so worth it though, so I have kept myself busy by making things 

I got these two small wooden bowls for 50p each in a charity  shop

I painted feathers on this so that I can use it with my homemade smudging fan

I painted  witches runes on this one

This large wooden bowl I got for 75p in a charity  shop, I painted Celtic runes on that

This small drawer unit I found  for four pounds 

It holds  six of my favourite oracle /tarot decks 

these stags are Xmas tree ornaments from “Tesco’s ” you know how I love to give things a makeover 🙂

I took the antlers off this one, painted it silver and added a goddess and moon charms to symbolise the feminine 

I added  some bronze paint to the antlers and some of its body, I added acorn and oak charms to symbolise the male

Hubby got me this skull bottle, it is full of hot sauce which I have rebottled and will give to my son because it blew my face off and I only tried a drop! 

I filled it with black water, acrylic paint melted in boiling water that was left to cool, now it is a divination skull, which is used like a crystal ball or black scrying mirror

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you can see more of my crafts  in the “my handmade crafts” section in the index

Even more of my crafts : astrology skull

Posted in my handmade crafts on November 17, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have always wanted a Victorian astrology skull but they are way too expensive, even the replica ones,so I made my own,using a skull money box of all things,It did not turn out exactly how I would have liked because the paint was thick and the material the skull was made from was really porous, so I shall look out for a skull made from better material and try again.

I have been going crafts crazy in the last few days as you will see by the previous few blogs which is not as surprise considering the card that I picked on Monday for the “one card Monday reading”

A little mini one I also made

I really must spend this weekend wading through lots of spirit box sessions that I have done in the last few months and transcribe them,I am always so behind with my work !! At least it is something I can do while stuck in bed, my brain issue has tailed off for the time being but now I am in a flare with my hips/spine and pelvis *sigh* ….the joys of living with various chronic illnesses !
So just a pre warning that I may flood my blog with posts unless they are sessions that need to stay on my private Facebook,need to get them done and dusted so I can start on some work for clients,who are kindly patiently waiting on the agreement that they may have a wait because what I will be doing are experiments they will not be charged for.

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My crafts : hand painted tarot card box

Posted in my handmade crafts, Uncategorized on November 16, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been very busy, here is another craft item I made,  I had a plain box

And hand painted it to keep my “tarot of the witches ” cards in, they are the cards that I keep on my altar because I use them for tarot  spells, yes you can use tarot cards for spells!! 

Useless fact for you, these cards appeared in a James Bond film in the 70s, in fact I think they were actually designed for it but became popular with Wiccans. 

I kind of replicated my favourite card on the top but it was difficult with the knob being in the way. 
Here is my blog about tarot card spells from ages ago, I have since used them successfully by incorporating certain cards in with other things on my altar during spell casting
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