Why you need “grounding” in psychic work

Grounding is so important, I cannot stress that enough,its how you stop negative energy coming through and making you unwell (especially if you are an empath) if you are not grounded you can invite in all manner of nasty spirits that will hang around you and you will not be able to get rid of […]

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Making a fairy forest

As you know, fairies are a big thing in my house and garden 🙂 we already have the fairy and gnome “rockery” gardens. last weekend I was with my grand daughter and we were nosing at the bushes at the back of my garden and to our delight we realised that the area is open […]

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Health and desperation !

There are serious concerns about my health at the moment,I have a lot of chronic conditions, I often have more than one thing going on at once (in fact there is not one day goes by when i dont have something )and I normally grit my teeth through it all,but never have I has this […]

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Nature walk (and the dragonfly coincidence)

On Tuesday we went on a nature walk with our grandchildren ,we had promised them a picnic Well wasn’t it clever of me to pick the hottest day ever I ended up collapsing ,and was crawling while pushing Isaacs buggy ! Me and the heat do not mix But before that we had fun and […]

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