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Quick reading with oracle I won ,to help find lost plug of all things

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So ,my hubby went to clean out the ducks big bath,which is an actual bathtub you would have in a house,we have it in the garden,he tipped it upside down and lost the plug,for a week he hunted high and low …that area of the garden is overgrown and we throw our weeds and grass cuttings there,no luck,its an old bronze style plug not a plastic white one so we knew it would not be easy to see..he bought a plug,it didn’t fit.

I told him to try the new oracle set that he won for me,we nearly fell over when he got these cards

FAMILIAR: well the duck is my familiar, and for the past week a black cat has been appearing in our front garden.

CHALICE :symbolises water, we needed the plug to put water in the bath

Really hard to read but it says “something that has been missing will turn up” !! We both looked at each other and said “no way ” !


Really hard to read but it says the element for the west is water and the tool is chalice (basic Wiccan knowledge but interesting that both cards were pulled together)

when we went out in the garden we tried the lost object spell and I tried my pendulum, which has a high success rate of finding things,I filmed the test to show how a pendulum is used,it was going bonkers in the WEST !! giving a strong YES answer but it was getting tough to narrow it down in quite a large area …I did test all other areas where it clearly said no ,in the east,south and north, it was also pouring with rain …remember chalice=water as does west ! And the rain was starting to get in my tablet so we had to abandon.
The next day,the plug was found.!!! Slightly off from west ,I didn’t  film it because we could just be accused of setting it up as it was not a continuous video,but those who know me,know I do not lie


New spirit board

Posted in ouija /pendulum on March 16, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Yay my spirit board I bought from my friend Michael arrived ,I know I make these myself but could not resist as I love Anne Stokes stuff ,love the planchette with this one ,as usual here is my warning.. Do not use without a competent medium present,if you dont and it goes wrong it is down to someone like me to clear up the mess !!!



Pendulum session re building works

Posted in ouija /pendulum, paranormal, paranormal our house, spirit contact on February 24, 2016 by Psychic eevee

We are furious about the horse paddock opposite our house being built on which will take away our view of the woods.
That paddock has always been paranormally active and we have recorded many strange things there,and we were getting a lot of activity when they started the works,which can be very common,building works are notorious for stirring up paranormal activity …so I decided to do a contact session with the new pendulum board I had made (this was a few months ago)
I felt the spirits of the “witches” from our village were not happy either.


The board I made


The answers I got,the words spelt out were CENGS and VEG or CENG SVEG

I googled those words and found that SVEG is a Norse (I have Norse heritage) word for “defrauded” or “betrayed” this would fit considering we were lied to about no building works ever being done on the field and our long running feud with our less than ethical council.
CENG only came up as some kind of technologies ?

The board told me that there was a “visitation” spirit and that it was “negative”,that fit with some of the odd happenings at the time.

It said “electrical”…we were having electrical problems that we assumed were caused by the building site.

It said “not government” I asked if anything “alien” was involved as we have dealt with things of that nature in the area,it replied “don’t know”

I asked if it would go away if I cleansed ,it replied “yes” so I did cleanse with sage and the trouble stopped.

It said a “lost entity” was present,that seemed to leave when I cleansed but I don’t know if the builders have been having any problems.

This was only a five minute test but quite interesting that it should come out with a Norse word

WARNING: as with ouija boards do not attempt anything like this without a competent medium present,it can be dangerous !!
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