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Loss at xmas :(

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On Xmas eve we lost our beloved cat Jasper, he was 13 and it was shocking for many reasons because all our cats are indoor cats since a one year old got out and got killed on the road,our cats do not mind being inside at all,so anyway he can’t have had anything happen to him outside-he was perfectly healthy,only been to the vets once in his life for a tooth extraction, we got up in the morning and he was very unwell,we called a well known charity he is registered with ,as an ex vet nurse I knew he was dying so I wanted to take him in to be put to sleep so that he didn’t suffer…long story short (because I can’t go into it) they refused to see him !! I argued with them all day, eight hours later they said they would pay for a private vet,it was too late, he had gone,and he had died a long drawn out death that was horrific and we will be taking the charity to the papers ,it was even harder for us because it was the anniversary of my husband’s grandmothers passing,strangely jasper was born the day that my grandmother died ! In actual fact thats another reason it was so hard,I saw jasper into the world and got the umbilical cord from around his neck

He was a lovely cat,I remember when he used to be an outside cat and he saw another cat get hit by a car ,thankfully it was only minor but he actually nudged that cat off the road to safety onto the grass verge and stayed there until I helped …amazing !

I will really miss him 😦

Here he is only a few months before his passing as you can see,he was very healthy looking .

I had drawn a Xmas day card for my one card readings but I did it early and picked it on 20th and kept it aside, I do not believe in angels but thought that as it was Xmas I would pick an angel card for my friends

Well.look at this !! Look at the “cats”

Look at the wolf ,I am born under the wolf moon

STRONG that is jasper because he fought for 9 hours

YOU ARE RIGHT that means I am right to expose the charity for letting my cat suffer

Its going to take us a long long time to heal from this, we heard him three days later,we were downstairs watching TV and heard him jumping down off the windowsill,we know it was him because he was so heavy we always used to think he would come through the floorboards.

Then when I was having another cry i saw this on my Facebook feed

It really reminded me of this picture of him

And the little picture on the ad reminds me of the picture of him on the bath I posted

Today I made a memorial box for him

I got the wooden box from “the works” I painted the bottom a gold brown,I already had the cat ornament and the yellow Jasper crystal

I got these charms from eBay

The photo is of him as a baby

Inside are some things I had kept that I am glad I did ,some of his fur and teeth and his paw print,some people may find that strange but its no worse than keeping  ashes.

I am glad we had our Xmas early on the Saturday, we went to give our grandkids their presents

Our oldest granddaughters fairy key

Our grandsons camera.. Another photographer in the family

Our youngest grand daughter was not sure of her present

The microphone we got our grand daughter to help with her singing career

I got lots of nice things ,I LOVE these candles from my son and his fiancé

(The palmistry and phrenology ones)

Hubby got me my power animal necklace

I got him his

I hope you all had a better Xmas than we did

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My crafts: updated yule log/book boxes/Bowie notebook/bird house/more boards

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I updated the yule log I made with some better, more life like Robin’s, I don’t put up a “Xmas tree”

I got this little bird house in a charity shop and painted it

I wanted a Bowie notebook but didn’t fancy paying £15 for one,so I made my own by covering a notebook with a print out,then covering it with sticky book protection film, I made a pen to match

A couple of ouija boards (warning : do NOT use these unless you know what you are doing !!) I only really make these for decorative purposes, hubby found some “daler and Rowney” canvas art boards for £1 each in a charity shop,those boards are not cheap new

If you fancy contacting aliens lol,I need to neaten up the planets, this is not finished

Kind of inspired by James Delaney “taboo”

These I am very happy with …”the works ” do these lovely wooden book boxes for £2

I made this “spell book” one

This one is for my owl oracle cards when I invent them, I decided to leave this natural, it has a real eagle owl feather on it that hubby got for me from the owl rescue

I made a matching notebook which will have the definition of all the cards in it

Of course, it feature my spirit animal,the barn owl

I wanted a Bowie tarot set but they are ridiculously expensive ,so I am going to invent my own

The back needs a tidy up,it is not finished yet

Made a matching notebook which will have the definition of the cards in it

Next year I really must get on with putting all my crafts on their own Facebook because I aim to start selling things one day !!

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Another labyrinth owl and cat people

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David has started giving me signs again more often following my blog where I complained that I felt abandoned lol

We are horror film addicts ,in fact when I had my multiply blog I had my horror film mission, we would try and find a horror film that scared us and I would write sarcastic reviews ,we watched HUNDREDS of films,never ever have I seen this film come up and I check the horror channel every weekend,its funny because earlier that day we were having a disagreement about whether we liked Bowie’s song “cat people” or not,which was written for this film,parts of the film feature in the video.

Here is another Bowie coincidence, his new statue in Aylesbury which I think is about 80 miles from us is opposite a place called Broughton

Well I never, we live opposite place with the same name !!

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The return of Orion the owl

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How is this for a fabulous coincidence …

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook

I call that toy owl orion after a tawny owl that I always used to communicate with out of the bedroom used to live in the trees in a horse paddock opposite ,but when developers built houses on there orion moved on 😦 I was talking to my husband about orion yesterday,he said that occasionally he hears him out the back of the house when he goes out in the back garden late at night,I asked him to come and get me next time he hears him !

Later that night I had just got into bed and whoo  (pardon the pun) did I hear ?

Orion !!

And he still answers me 🙂

Here is a short video

I wonder what the odds of that are ?

(Image of tawny owl from Google search)

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so now I am getting more and more freaked out, this owl thing does not seem to be stopping. ok ok I get it…owls are my power animal !!!

yesterday I saw so many

I had a psychic urge to go into my favourite antiques shop because I just knew they had owls in there and I wanted one for my altar, the urge was so sudden that I asked my husband to take me there straight away even though the shop is seven miles away and it was due to be closing in half an hour, we raced there and I got three owls,

they were not the only owls in the shop but I could not buy them all, very strange that they had them..there were none in there the week earlier, they must of had a house clearance and whoever s house they cleared must of had an owl collection


I got this little tiny lucky charm one to carry in my bag


a big one for my shelves


a smaller one for my altar


then we went in another antique / second hand shop and saw all these plus a fridge magnet that I forgot to take a photo of, there was also a fabric owl and another shelf with five or six on it  !!


two necklaces in the same shop that I wish I could afford *sigh*


my ring I ordered from ebay arrived the same day


then I went to my sons and he showed me this cute outfit for his daughter : )



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