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The return of Orion the owl

Posted in coincidences, owls, owls my spirit animal on November 2, 2017 by Psychic eevee

How is this for a fabulous coincidence …

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook

I call that toy owl orion after a tawny owl that I always used to communicate with out of the bedroom used to live in the trees in a horse paddock opposite ,but when developers built houses on there orion moved on 😦 I was talking to my husband about orion yesterday,he said that occasionally he hears him out the back of the house when he goes out in the back garden late at night,I asked him to come and get me next time he hears him !

Later that night I had just got into bed and whoo  (pardon the pun) did I hear ?

Orion !!

And he still answers me πŸ™‚

Here is a short video

I wonder what the odds of that are ?

(Image of tawny owl from Google search)

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so now I am getting more and more freaked out, this owl thing does not seem to be stopping. ok ok I get it…owls are my power animal !!!

yesterday I saw so many

I had a psychic urge to go into my favourite antiques shop because I just knew they had owls in there and I wanted one for my altar, the urge was so sudden that I asked my husband to take me there straight away even though the shop is seven miles away and it was due to be closing in half an hour, we raced there and I got three owls,

they were not the only owls in the shop but I could not buy them all, very strange that they had them..there were none in there the week earlier, they must of had a house clearance and whoever s house they cleared must of had an owl collection


I got this little tiny lucky charm one to carry in my bag


a big one for my shelves


a smaller one for my altar


then we went in another antique / second hand shop and saw all these plus a fridge magnet that I forgot to take a photo of, there was also a fabric owl and another shelf with five or six on itΒ  !!


two necklaces in the same shop that I wish I could afford *sigh*


my ring I ordered from ebay arrived the same day


then I went to my sons and he showed me this cute outfit for his daughter : )



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My crafts : divination skull update/Ziggy in phonebox

Posted in bowie, my handmade crafts, owls, owls my spirit animal on September 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I changed my divination skull to make it more like the skull in Bowie’s “black star” video.

Originally I just put a crystal on it’s forehead ,but I decided to use up all my odd crystals.

This was originally white but I spray painted it black (it is almost full sized ,it is a tea light holder)

Talking of skulls-hubby got me this because it has a “black star” on it

It has a really scary mouth !

I LOVE this owl he got for my owl collection though

Lol : “evil” owl,I think it is cute

Even though we do not celebrate “Halloween” because it is serious to us, we celebrate Samhain,the ancestors festival instead, I do like some of the witchy like items that the Β£ shop do at Halloween time πŸ™‚

I also made this “Ziggy stardust” in a phone box

Bowie appears as ziggy in a phone box on the back cover of the “spiders from mars” album,it is a very important album to me because Ziggy landed the year I was born (1972)

I bought a phone box bird feeder of all things,because that was the only phone box I could get which had a removable lid,I made a cut out Ziggy and put a battery tea light inside.

It looks spookily realistic at night in the dark from a distance lol ,like a tiny little Bowie is really in a miniature phone box !!

I was very disappointed when I went to Heddon street to find that the phone box is no longer there 😦

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Message from Minerva ?

Posted in Goddess Athena /Minerva, owls, owls my spirit animal on September 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Most Pagans /Wiccan’s choose their own personal Gods /Goddesses from a huge pantheon of Greek,Roman ,Egyptian or Norse ones,they choose them for personal reasons and keep the same ones all their life or they swap and change depending on the spells or rituals they are conducting.

The ones I relate to most are Cernunnos the nature God and the Goddesses Freya (because of my Norse heritage) and Athena because she symbolises wisdom and is accompanied by an owl.

Well,you can laugh at this if you want but last night I had to vacate my bedroom due to a HUGE spider that seemed to have some kind of egg sack attached to it *shudder* ,I lost the spider and because I had no idea where it was there was NO WAY I was sleeping in the bedroom !! So I camped out in the living room with my cat Goddess Freya,who was most puzzled to be in a different room for bedtime 

She didn’t know what to do with herself !!

It was so uncomfortable for me ,having to sleep on a two seater sofa with my fibromyalgia,hip and spine problems ,but I will be sleeping there again tonight because I am not going back into that room until it has been gutted and cleaned out,while I am at it I am going to de clutter and re arrange the furniture, which is long overdue.

Anyway, I have heard of Pagan /wiccan people being contacted directly by their chosen God or Goddess but it has never happened to me…

Until last night,I was in one of my weird sleep States (that a sleep clinic confirmed is where my brain is wide awake but my body is paralysed) I could hear a woman’s voice over and over again just saying the word “MINERVA”

I wondered what that was all about ,then when I was awake properly and up and about I realised… Minerva is the Roman name for the Goddess Athena

I have four Athena owls on my altar, I collect owl things but these are the only Athena/Minerva related ones I have

Athena’s owl was a “little owl”

Proper Athena owls have the letters AOE on them

The Goddess of poetry,crafts and wisdom…my living room happens to be the room where most of the things I have made are kept because they are mostly altar items ,and I used to write poetry,but mostly I think the message was about WISDOM because it is not long ago that I found out that I am an INFJ and a big part of being one of those is wisdom !

So was it Minerva actually talking ? Who knows but I am sure that if it was my mind putting the voice there I would hear Athena instead,as I never refer to her as Minerva.
You can see a previous blog I wrote about my link with Athena here :

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Tarot beginner

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Believe it or not I have never learnt the Tarot,I have never had the patience and have been too busy with the numerous oracle card sets I have,runes,pendulums, dice and other methods.

I have never found a set of Tarot cards that I have REALLY liked either ….

Until now : these are just perfect ,they have both mine (barn owl) and hubbies (crow) power animals on a lot of the cards and these are very very Pagan /Celtic style πŸ™‚

They are called TAROT FAMILIARS BY LISA PARKER …I have always loved her art and have two of her pictures (not originals of course !) Maybe the fact I have these pictures is a good sign that these are in fact the right tarot cards for me ?

I shall dust off my “tarot cards for idiots” book and give it a whirl,it may take some time before I know what I am doing ,I might be too set in my ways with my other methods.

As and when I start getting the hang of it I will add sample readings.
UPDATE I have now ordered this Lisa Parker canvas for hubby for Xmas 

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