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Some coincidences

Posted in animals, coincidences, indigo kids, owls on May 6, 2017 by Psychic eevee

For days my hubby has been complaining of his eye twitching, I woke up really early in the morning in pain and took my meds,I turned the TV on and just randomly watched whatever was on,I don’t even like this programme !

Last night we were babysitting at my sons and we were watching “Pete’s dragon” which none of us had ever seen before,at the exact same moment our grand daughter was drawing an owl on a branch….

One appeared on the film in a book !!

She said something really sweet “grammi I need medicine for my altar” I thought: oh,she’s been hanging around with Pagans too much,then I realised she meant ULCER ,she has a sharp canine tooth like me and it’s rubbing on her lip….

Talking of pagan, she insisted on going through my diary to find out the moon phase for geedees birthday 🙂

I am sooooo unwell

Posted in owls on March 18, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yes I know I have always got something wrong with me due to being disabled with various chronic illnesses but I thought I had seen the back of the scarlet fever …nope, i had about three days break from it and now have tonsillitis so bad I can’t even sip water,the infection has spread to my ears, i am allergic to most anti biotics now due to being on them so long due to my immune disorder,so my GP has put me on the last kind she can try me on,they must be strong because I have to take eight a day ! That’s all very well but my throat is closing so much I cant take them ,or all my other meds I need ,so as well as suffering with the severe tonsillitis ,I’m now in a fibro flare,migraine flare,m.e flare and everything else flare cos I can’t take my meds,in three days I’ve had about six sips of water,no food,not even anything mushy like yogurt and the longest I can sleep is for ten minutes at a time before I am awake and crying,gosh you know its bad for me to cry !!!

So now it seems like I will have to be admitted to hospital on Monday for intravenous fluids and anti biotics,how many more years do I have to have this argument with doctors ,that its easier,more natural and cheaper in the long run to give me “white cell transfusions” its what they normally give people who have CVID (complex variable immune deficiency) soon I will run out of anti biotics I can take at all.

What am I meant to do ,wear a bubble suit round my grandkids ?

I cannot stay in hospital, its the worst place for me with all the infections around ! Plus the beds are not exactly built for people with head to toe body pain.

  • So.sick.of this,we never get anything in this house done ! What had been put off for years we had just started on finally

Hubby got me this owlie to cheer me up,its called “srawberry jam”for some bizarre reason 😉

Glorious barn owl sighting

Posted in owls, owls my spirit animal on March 1, 2017 by Psychic eevee

​I have a nerdy note book where I jot down the very rare time I see a wild barn owl,normally when I see one at night I could kick myself as I don’t have my proper camera with me,tonight we stopped the car cos my phone rang,a gorgeous female barn owl flew so low,just inches away from the car,she was close enough for me to see her chest speckles and know she was female !!…she was sideways on,she looked just like my “night ghost hunter” painting,I had my proper camera with me,did I take a picture ? No,because I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and Misty eyed at the sight of my glorious power animal #doh its one thing holding one at the raptor place with Beardie, but seeing one wild at night, out hunting, where it should be ,is just totally magical

She was this close (picture from Google)


Posted in animals, birds, Goddess Athena /Minerva, gods and goddesses, owls, psychic finds on November 20, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Its strange how you can get drawn to something for years and not know why,

This is particularly weird because I am scared of statues (yes,even though I specialise in graveyard photography and lots of graveyards have statues)

My very first day at photography college I did a photo of a statue in the college grounds,it is a replica of the statue on the town hall roof

My college photo way back in 2000

The one on the town hall

I was not Pagan then and I was still terrified of birds ,so I was certainly not an owl fan !

When I became Pagan I learnt about Athena and her little owl

Then I discovered the owl is my power animal, this is a little owl,at the bird of prey sanctuary my husband volunteers at,their Latin name is Athena noctua

My grand daughter meeting a little owl with my hubby

My husband psychically found this in a charity shop

Very like the one I stumbled upon on Google

I psychically found this one

Typically found on Greek coins

A typical Greek tourist ornament.
So it seems I was meant to be Pagan,I was meant to have the owl as my power animal and maybe Athena should be my personal Goddess alongside Goddess Freya !
I do not approve that the Athena statue in town doesnt have an owl though !

My Pagan tattoos

Posted in owls, owls my spirit animal, pagan and wiccan, pagan tattoos on November 16, 2016 by Psychic eevee

This used to be a Nirvana smiley face but it was a terrible tattoo so I got it changed to a triple moon

My power animal the barn owl

This is my favourite one ,luckily we have a tattoo artist in the family

My next one will be an ivy leaf for female on one shoulder and an oak leaf for male on my other shoulder ,sort of at the front in line with my collar bones