Beltane 2018

Again this year we didn’t get to go to our favourite woods due to my health issues 😦 Neither did we get to do a ceremony in our garden henge as it was too windy,so we did it inside,l cannot post ALL about it as we incorporated a spell for some family members and I […]

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Earth day 2018

I am a bit late posting this !! This year we were able to do a ritual in our garden henge although it was so windy I had trouble lighting the candles, we wished for the usual : protection for people, earth, animals and the environment (Images from google search) Bad photo but the moon […]

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Tarot beginner

Believe it or not I have never learnt the Tarot,I have never had the patience and have been too busy with the numerous oracle card sets I have,runes,pendulums, dice and other methods. I have never found a set of Tarot cards that I have REALLY liked either …. Until now : these are just perfect […]

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