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Not a ghost wanting my dinner !!

Posted in not paranormal, paranormal photos, pareidolia-not ghost photos on August 6, 2017 by Psychic eevee

As I said ,I would add “not ghost photos” so here is another one,

Last night I took a photo if my dinner for Facebook,like you do lol

And got this

The amount of times I have seen photos like this on ghost websites !

It is a hair !!! You can tell by its tubular shape and the fact it is very close to the lens,because that particular hair was still attached to my head,sometimes people swear these are orbs in movement because the end can look like it has an orb shape,that is simply the shape of the end of the hair, then they will argue “its not my hair,my hair is brown” *sigh*

Anything that close to the flash will appear white,my hair is black,in fact I dyed it “mystic black” the night before.

I noticed the hair in the photo,pushed my hair out of the way,took another photo and ta da

“Ghost” gone !

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Fire orb ? Might be my grandad

Posted in elements, orbs, paranormal our house, paranormal photos, spirit contact on July 6, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I do not normally take much notice of orbs ,unless they meet specific criteria,but this one was interesting ,last night hubby lit a fire outside in our chimenea and we saw this on the photo (I saw it with my naked eye too )

It was the anniversary of my grandad passing away, and I think he may have been telling me he was glad my son was getting out of the flat with the bad FIRE safety ! Because ten minutes later my son phoned ,it was about 10:30pm and he never phones that late incase I am in bed,but he was so excited to give us the good news.

The first photo is the original

These ones have the saturation and contrast adjusted.

You can get flare from fire pictures as you can see by the yellow flare at the bottom but this is perfectly round and purple is a spiritual colour, we were not using any accelerant that would cause a purple “gas”

You can even see the orb forming in this picture (original picture)

These ones ,slightly adjusted for clarity

Of course it may be nothing and just a coincidence ,but we use the chimenea most nights in the summer and have never seen this before ,and to see it with the naked eye is a bonus
Oh and don’t forget I found the Callanish book ! He was from Callanish ,I have blogged about Callanish twice this week and also posted this on facebook
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The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

Posted in experiments, murdered spirits, paranormal experiments, paranormal photos, physical mediumship, psychic art, ripper, scrying, spirit contact, transfiguration, victorian ghosts on March 24, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Many many years back I had got a new phone and was testing it out and had one of my episodes of weirdness where I was doing stuff in my sleep.

I had taken a photo while asleep of myself and when I saw it I was terrified, i recognised it immediately as one of Jack the rippers victims

I had been watching a documentary the night before, 

It took me years before I was able to look at this photo again


Ripper victim Mary Ann

For ages I was petrified that it was a premonition that I was about to die.

Later I came to realise that it was something called “transfiguration” where a spirit manages to form its facial features over a living person,and I have been able to do it a handful of times since.

Maybe she spoke to me in my sleep,I don’t know because unfortunately I didnt remember my dreams that night.

It is interesting however that a few years later I got contact with another murder victim named Mary Ann who trusted me so much she showed herself as a full apparition on 35mm film (see blog titled “Mary Ann the spirit who trusted”)

Transfiguration is pretty scary and something that ” physical mediums ” use,I once appeared to my whole team looking like a stern faced teacher (same surname as the ripper victim !!) While doing a mirror scrying experiment.

I once transfigured as my Gran

Which relatives present all noticed

I even captured my husband transfigured on a photo at a derelict airbase once, we could not work out why he looked Japanese ,but in depth research later showed us that important Japanese dignitaries had once visited there.


Victorian “ghost” photos

Posted in cottingley fairies, my articles, not paranormal, paranormal, paranormal experiments, paranormal photos, Pareidolia, victorian ghosts on November 15, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I see so many posts about Victorian ghost photos it is driving me bananas !

For example : apparently the boy on the right is a ghost

There are two reasons that this is not true

(1) faked ghost photos in the Victorian era were all the rage because spiritualism was at it’s height

(2) the ridiculous time the shutter had to be left open to allow enough light in ,causing the slightest movement to be blurry

In Victorian studios they had to use head braces to keep the subject still for long enough

When I was at photography college I did an experiment,I left a pinhole camera at a building site for 20 minutes,it was a busy building site full of vehicles and workmen,due to the 20 min exposure time ,the men did not even appear on the photo at all as they were moving too fast and the vehicles came out looking ghostly !

Here is an example of a fake Victorian ghost photo,someone learnt how to do double exposures and a big business was born

Even modern cameras struggle with exposure time ,here my duck moved a fraction of a second, giving a ghostly glow

My grandkids looked strange on this one

They look see through because my tablet camera is dreadful

A see through cat who is not a ghost

I did that one of my husband on purpose,simply using low light

I see many photos of “ghost lights” for example in graveyards,the streaky lights can simply be streetlights in the background not noticed at the time and the movement of the camera captures them as trails, you can see how its done from my photos above,fair enough those are obvious because its a motorway ,but one streetlight in the background can cause that effect !

We’ve all seen amazing photos like this one

Where the photographer has used a tripod and a very very long exposure time

There are so many fakes out there that it’s getting annoying ,ive lost count of how many different people have captured the same ghost on a photo, these normally come from camera phone apps that allow you to insert ghosts .

Talking of fakes : I just do not understand how people were fooled by the cottingley fairy photos for 70 odd years ! Even so called paranormal expert Arthur Conan Doyle believed them

I did an emulation project of them for photography collage, I put my prints in an antique photo album and got a distinction mark for it

(Thanks to the Dyne girls for being my models)
I’ve done all manner of tests on orbs /streaks/fogs etc and really must post my “not paranormal” photos when I can find them

Here are some motion blur photos of my three little sisters I did,in the bottom one you can see I got one sister to stay still while the other two moved really fast

Unfortunately the camera DOES lie ,as do some people behind them !!
E Vachos

UPDATE : only this evening I saw this on Facebook so had to comment, why are paranormal pages still posting these things and asking if they are real ?! *bangs head on wall* any good paranormal investigator /website should know this basic stuff

Four year olds with really bad tablet cameras can accidentally take some good “ghost” photos,pretty sure this is not a ghost as it’s me and last time I checked I was alive !!

More about other “not ghost” photos

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Haunted mirror

Posted in mirrors, paranormal, paranormal our house, paranormal photos, Pareidolia, spirit contact, spirit voices on July 12, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I got this wooden mirror years ago from an antique shop in Cambridge, you can tell how old it is by the pins holding the glass in .
Before I made my own black scrying mirrors I used to use this.
It has always had an eerie feeling about it,because my grand daughter said it is creepy I moved it from the living room to my bedroom two nights ago and it was interesting !
Due to my tinnitus I listen to a rain machine when I am going to sleep,all it has is recorded noises on it (was given to me by my audiologist) it is NOT a receiver of any kind,the first night the mirror was in my room I was woken by unintelligible voices coming from the rain machine which annoyed me so I turned it off
That day I had taken photos of the mirror for this blog



I noticed this face which I assumed was simply paredolia (illusion) caused by the old warped glass ,but on closer inspection you can actually see a proper eye,complete with pupil,iris and a ring round the outside of the iris !! Even hubby noticed and he is quite sceptical




I know whose eye it is but I will not be revealing who it is just yet as I have a big blog to write

I shall be doing some sleep recordings tonight