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NOT paranormal photos

Posted in not paranormal, Pareidolia, pareidolia-not ghost photos on September 11, 2017 by Psychic eevee

These are photos I have collected over the years of anomalies from our investigations or tests that I have done on purpose showing commonly mistaken “paranormal” photographs,

I often get sent photos like these ,so it is easier for me to direct people here now,I studied the national diploma of photography for two years so I have come to learn what different shutter speeds ,lighting,aperture or movement can cause in the way of artifacts

Slow shutter speed and moving cat makes for a spooky effect

Cigarette smoke ,which depending on lighting usually comes out with a blue tinge

Smudge on lens ,lit by flash,causing what looks like an “ecto mist”

Slow shutter speed causing dog to look like it is transfiguring

Sunlight through gap in window,not ecto mist

Slow shutter speed,camera shake and head movement ,not transfiguration or possession !!

The red and blue dots are from the sun flare,not coloured orbs

Smudges on camera lens lit by bright sunlight causing what looks like an orb and an ecto mist

You can see this is in the same place in both photos,one is just closer

Due to low lighting and no flash a very slow shutter speed was used,hence why the moving arm barely showed up

(See my blog on Victorian ghost photos for more)

I have seen many photos like this being passed off as “ghost” photos ,despite it being obvious that like this one the shadow is clearly holding a camera !!

(typo: should say GLASS obviously)

I have posted these before but I thought I would add them here :

Not a partial,headless apparition…just hubby moving too fast for the shutter

Another good example of pareidolia I captured

My blog about Victorian “ghost” photos

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Pareidolia -skull face

Posted in my articles, not paranormal, Pareidolia, pareidolia-not ghost photos on July 3, 2017 by Psychic eevee

If I had a pound for every “ghost” photo sent to me that turned out to be pareidolia I would be rich !

Soon I am going to add my whole collection of deliberate “not ghost” photos I made on purpose, to show things commonly mistaken for orbs or ghosts but here is an old one from one of my investigations.

At the bottom of the wall you can clearly see what looks like a skull face staring at you ,it is not,it is as combination of ivy, shadowing and moss making the illusion of a skull,(and a really bad cheap camera)

Human brains are wired to make faces out of patterns probably because the first thing we see when we are born are faces.

This effect /illusion is called pareidolia or some people call it matrixing.

It is very common with clouds,patterned wallpaper and fabrics and trees, I have lost count of the amount of “ghost” photos I have seen of ghosts in windows ,some are genuine but mostly the culprit is the reflection of a tree or bush in the glass ,also very old glass can be warped and rippled which adds to the illusion.

Admittedly on first glance this skull did make me wonder but alas it was nothing paranormal.

The more you enlarge it ,the less skull like it looks which is usually a good test for proving it is simply pareidolia.

Don’t totally dismiss images that you may capture in trees or windows because they could be genuine spirits,after all they can and do hang around in places like that but be sure to check,double check and triple check by enlarging the image and maybe adjusting the brightness and contrast a bit to see if it is still clear and also if you can,go back to the location at the same time of day,with the same weather and the same camera on the same settings…if you get the same image again then chances are you have NOT captured anything paranormal ! A spirit is hardly likely to be hanging around in exactly the same spot just hoping for you to come back to do another photo shoot with it.
More about pareidolia and other photos that contain “not ghosts”
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Modern Burial barrow: Pagan point of view & psychic reading

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The other weekend we went to visit a modern burial barrow,one of the first to be built in the UK,the owner kindly let me hang around to take photos for my graves and monument website (I have not edited my proper photography yet)

What is unusual about this is that it is not actually for burials like the barrows in Neolithic times were, this is for cremation ashes, personally I have a huge aversion towards cremation 😦 so cannot see myself wanting to end up here but it is a truly beautiful place and you can be any religion ,the man who owns it is Christian but he said any religion can use it and any ceremonies can be carried out there as long as they are respectful, so I approve of that.

He was interested to see what I made of it as a wiccan and psychic

This location is amazing ,it took only six stone masons five months ,BY HAND ,to make and only the six monoliths at the front are fixed in place, the rest of the stones are just stacked !

With the sentinel monolith stone guarding it,anyway let’s start at the beginning….

First we stopped in the car to have a cup a soup lunch,I was hoping the rosemary cracker’s would make me more psychic

It is tucked away in a lovely peaceful countryside location where you hear only birdsong,its a short walk from the carpark,we found an old barn with old farm equipment

Would love this old wagon for my garden

People out hiking in the flat “fens”

A lovely wooded area

Complete with fairy bridge

I couldn’t believe it…a witches butterfly followed me all the way there ! (See other witches butterflies blogs)

Then another wiccan sign…a moon gazey hare came running directly at us !! Have never seen one that close before

Due to my beliefs in the Goddess /mother earth,I saw the shape of this as a pregnant woman,and that the passed on people would go in here to be reincarnated …”from womb to tomb to womb” the inside is circular,like infinity, the circle of life,the circle of reincarnation. The shape was motherly and welcoming, not gloomy and morbid,I preferred its shape to the more common long barrow

Trust me ,these photos do not do it justice !! These are just camfone snaps, when I have edited my proper photography I will add a link

The square niches are for the urns,they are finished with stone covers that can be personalised,I didn’t take photos of the finished ones out of respect to the families.

I did not get a snap of the ceiling but it is round,giving it even more of an appearance of a pregnant woman in my opinion.

I should imagine this will attract bats and all sorts of animals but that will just add to the atmosphere 🙂

Some beautiful hand felted urns.

Hubby with the man who owns it -he was fascinating to talk to,very friendly and educational.

Blowing out the candles

I helped to blow the candles out which was quite an honour.

In darkness …from glorious and atmospheric to silent and somber.

When it is all lit up ,it is the most peaceful place, not at all depressing or sad,you feel only happiness at the lives remembered here.

Although you can see your breath, it is not cold !!

It is not at all “spooky” you could spend hours in here lost in thought meditating and I imagine the acoustics would be awesome for singing or playing musical instruments.

Wherever you walk you find light,because it comprises two circular areas ,kind of a metaphor to me for spirits finding their way to the next life.

The contrast of blue and yellow stone really is spectacular in the candle light,the owner let me keep some for my rock collection 🙂 although the barrow is modern,the stones are not.

My psychic feeling here was of being transported rapidly back in time to my ancestors in the Hebrides and my Celtic ancestors in Ireland,I saw also my Norse heritage,I didn’t pick up on any spirits of anyone who had been interred in the barrow,I am kind of glad about that,I think it shows they are truly at peace.

I did see two cloaked guardians standing on top of the barrow ,they were holding “stangs” (two pronged wooden staffs) and got the word “Iceni” they were a tribe in these parts

I got the names “Oleb ” and “Cajeb”

I saw also a woman in tattered clothes gathering lavender (of which there actually wasn’t any at the site ) she was in the small wooded area to the left and kept looking furtively around,she had a withered arm and I was given the name Molly Passill,I don’t know if she was stealing the lavender or one of those sad unfortunates accused of witchcraft,she didnt mind me looking but when she saw my husband glance in her direction she vanished,she was followed by a big Irish wolfhound type dog and a boy aged about 7 who wore nothing more than a dirty shawl round him,the name given for him was Edwin…no surname,do not know if they were related.but I feel they were true “heathens” =heath dwellers.

I smelt bonfire smoke ,there were no fires that I could see.

I was more fascinated in the sentinel stone,

I felt very drawn to this and although it could probably be put down to pareidolia I saw things in it ,looking like a cave painting I saw an upside down sort of half cat/half dog animal :front half cat,back half dog,which I believe is the sites power animal.

I also saw a side profile of a bearded Druid like man,he was wearing some sort of band across his forehead and the words “Hawthorne harvest” jumped out.! Hawthorne is a protective plant to Pagans and I feel that if some isn’t planted around the site then it will appear naturally and MUST NOT be cut down !

On pointing out the animal figure to everyone they also saw it but that of course can be down to the power of suggestion !

However, I was very fascinated that a Christian lady said she could see something with antlers in the sentinel stone ,and I said that with our beliefs that would be seen as Cernunnos,the nature God ! And seeing him must mean he approved and is protecting the site.

I had asked previously by email if this barrow had been specifically built on a ley line as it would have been originally ,I was told no,but I bet that without knowing it ,it actually is on one and a very strong one too (I shall look into that)

Despite this being a modern barrow and for people of all religions there is no getting away from the fact that Pagans still watch over these important sacred stones and monuments,it doesn’t matter if they are Neolithic or made last year !

The weird hairdye pattern (Bowie related ?)

Posted in bowie, Pareidolia, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on January 28, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Last week I gave in and dyed my hair black again, while I was waiting for it to set I was thinking about which David Bowie tattoo to get, i struggle when dyeing my hair due to my illnesses but I somehow managed to do it alone,however I didn’t notice the mess I had made.

Hubby said “nice tattoo” when I looked in the mirror I saw that some dye had dripped on my back and made a bizarre shape.

Obviously its just pareidolia and I am just seeing what I want to see but I swear I was thinking of getting a tattoo of him in that exact place,one of him standing there singing, that pattern looks like someone holding a microphone !

I have seen a photo of him like that but cannot think for the life of me where !  Which is really annoying

I googled for “bowie silhouettes”

That bottom right one is close but not quite it

It kind of also reminds me of the “lodger” album cover

Pareidolia is common,where we see faces and figures out of random patterns ,its just odd that I was thinking of a tattoo at that same time and that is the only place I spilt the hair dye, i normally get it EVERYWHERE !!

Still not found the exact photo I want but look at the hat !!

Look at the legs

Imagine this one with the hat on (that hair dye pattern even looks like it has a hat like that !) and a microphone ,arrrgghh I WILL find that photo

Oh ,here is Bowie with black hair for the film “the hunger”

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Victorian “ghost” photos

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I see so many posts about Victorian ghost photos it is driving me bananas !

For example : apparently the boy on the right is a ghost

There are two reasons that this is not true

(1) faked ghost photos in the Victorian era were all the rage because spiritualism was at it’s height

(2) the ridiculous time the shutter had to be left open to allow enough light in ,causing the slightest movement to be blurry

In Victorian studios they had to use head braces to keep the subject still for long enough

When I was at photography college I did an experiment,I left a pinhole camera at a building site for 20 minutes,it was a busy building site full of vehicles and workmen,due to the 20 min exposure time ,the men did not even appear on the photo at all as they were moving too fast and the vehicles came out looking ghostly !

Here is an example of a fake Victorian ghost photo,someone learnt how to do double exposures and a big business was born

Even modern cameras struggle with exposure time ,here my duck moved a fraction of a second, giving a ghostly glow

My grandkids looked strange on this one

They look see through because my tablet camera is dreadful

A see through cat who is not a ghost

I did that one of my husband on purpose,simply using low light

I see many photos of “ghost lights” for example in graveyards,the streaky lights can simply be streetlights in the background not noticed at the time and the movement of the camera captures them as trails, you can see how its done from my photos above,fair enough those are obvious because its a motorway ,but one streetlight in the background can cause that effect !

We’ve all seen amazing photos like this one

Where the photographer has used a tripod and a very very long exposure time

There are so many fakes out there that it’s getting annoying ,ive lost count of how many different people have captured the same ghost on a photo, these normally come from camera phone apps that allow you to insert ghosts .

Talking of fakes : I just do not understand how people were fooled by the cottingley fairy photos for 70 odd years ! Even so called paranormal expert Arthur Conan Doyle believed them

I did an emulation project of them for photography collage, I put my prints in an antique photo album and got a distinction mark for it

(Thanks to the Dyne girls for being my models)
I’ve done all manner of tests on orbs /streaks/fogs etc and really must post my “not paranormal” photos when I can find them

Here are some motion blur photos of my three little sisters I did,in the bottom one you can see I got one sister to stay still while the other two moved really fast

Unfortunately the camera DOES lie ,as do some people behind them !!
E Vachos

UPDATE : only this evening I saw this on Facebook so had to comment, why are paranormal pages still posting these things and asking if they are real ?! *bangs head on wall* any good paranormal investigator /website should know this basic stuff

Four year olds with really bad tablet cameras can accidentally take some good “ghost” photos,pretty sure this is not a ghost as it’s me and last time I checked I was alive !!

More about other “not ghost” photos

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