Example of pareidolia in the clouds

I took these photos yesterday to show examples of cloud pareidolia Pareidolia is a normal neurological function where our brains are wired to make recognisable figures out of abstract patterns,it is usually faces that our brains “see” because faces are the first things we see when we are born but we are also likely to […]

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NOT paranormal photos

These are photos I have collected over the years of anomalies from our investigations or tests that I have done on purpose showing commonly mistaken “paranormal” photographs, I often get sent photos like these ,so it is easier for me to direct people here now,I studied the national diploma of photography for two years so […]

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Pareidolia -skull face

If I had a pound for every “ghost” photo sent to me that turned out to be pareidolia I would be rich ! Soon I am going to add my whole collection of deliberate “not ghost” photos I made on purpose, to show things commonly mistaken for orbs or ghosts but here is an old […]

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