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Posted in people readings with tags on August 19, 2011 by Psychic eevee
this will teach me for not staying up to date with this blog

I should have posted this at the time but here is more info I got for the lady named P 


On Monday 22 Aug 2011

The name Rory, P said there used to be a dog called that


That her mother had a waist that she was very proud of, it was tiny and she liked to show it off, P said her Mother was sometimes called Twiggy


I got that Ps Mother wanted me to do an angel card reading, this is strange because I never use my angel cards and do not have much of a belief in them


I saw a small white van rolling over in the road outside, it ended up in a hedge, this seemed to be late 70s and Ps Mother seemed worried about that sort of thing and urged P to get a gate put up


P needs to have a more detailed conversation, P knows what this is about,

P seems to think she should wait for the right time, her Mother says “just do it now”


If S applies more effort at school she will go to university, S is slacking a bit at school but will grow out of that soon


Ps Mother is now warming towards ****** dad, she likes what he is doing to help, P says she is too !


I saw a house with purple lanterns or lights outside, P does not know where that is


I saw a tall necked blue perfume bottle, P said it would of been purple


Ps Mother is worried about security when P is alone and thinks it is very very dark around the house at night


I still feel that Ps Mother is holding back from communicating through me but that a seance may be worth a try



we tried a seance at the weekend which was kind of successful (which will be logged when I have gone through the tapes

but this was a weird coincidence, see how it mentions angel cards in the reading above, well the day after the seance (18th Sept) where I contacted Ps mother (only briefly) my husband went out to pick up one of my magazines for me and I could not help but smile that there are a free pack of angel cards with it !!

I have been getting that magazine for years and never had a free gift that nice, so maybe Ps mother is pushing me harder to use angel cards ?

either way it is a beautiful free gift : )

you can see the date of the mag at the top (Oct, it always comes out a month in advance)



Posted in people readings with tags on August 19, 2011 by Psychic eevee

Reading for P, face to face 20 July 2011 

(this reading was to find out why the clients mother had not visited from the spirit world)


I used two photos of your mother to do psychometry on, I explained to you that because of my brain illness I may not be as accurate as I hoped and that I may need to try again another  day to get more information


However, this is what I picked up on


Immediately the sense of a very very tall thin older man,… said this was your granddad he looked a bit Welsh to me, the pointed chin and big said yes, he did have a large nose,

I saw him with money ledger books and felt that they were either to do with part of his job or when he died there were problems with his did not know about this


A small wiry dirty white dog with a grey, black or brown patch over one eye… did not remember any dog like that I thought that it had a silly name like “sailor” or “majoryou said this was possible as your granddad had been in the army


Your mother,  she was standing back, in life she would not have believed in this sort of thing so it would make it difficult for her to come through to you, I felt there was some sort of barrier put up by someone, most probably by her unintentionally,I felt that it was not you holding the contact back ! I did not feel that it was because you had not come to terms with losing your mum (like another psychic told you)

It could well be that your mother just does not like the house.

I saw a conversation between one of you children and your mother when you were younger it was before she knew she was ill and it was just a general conversation,somebody said to her that when she passed over she must come back and give a sign, your mother laughed it off and felt uncomfortable regarding the  subject, she did not believe , you did not remember the conversation but you did agree that your mother did not believe in spiritualism, I felt strongly that this is one of the reasons that she is not able to come forward .

I picked up that your mum met your Dad when she was very young, ie a teenager you said yes

She was most definitely with the older man (her father)

He seemed to be more able to talk, he seemed very friendly and also would have been one of those people who always knew how to do everything ! you said yes




A baby boy who did not live, he appeared to me as about two years old though, he had dark hair and a mole or birthmark on one cheek…you were not sure who this was but had a few ideas

When I stated that he did not live for long, ie a still born you said that your sister had a baby that died inside her many years ago


A male aged under 30 who commited suicide I felt he was a cousin…. you said yes this was your cousin,

Although I could not pick up on how he died I did see trees and water, this may be a place he went to think before he killed himself

I sensed that he did not really mean to do it, that it had been a cry for help that went wrong, I sensed that he had been telling people he was suicidal but no one took much notice,

I sensed that he left behind a small daughter, age about two….you said you thought that was accurate

I could see Peterborough town centre but I did not know why,you did not know why either


I sensed a house with a view of a train track and bridge….. you said this sounded like the last location that you lived with your mother


The number 28….you were not sure what that meant apart from the date of your birthday


I saw the symbol of bells, I thought this may symbolise a pub but you said that one of your best friend has the surname BellI asked if he was gay because I sensed a feminine energy, you said no but his brother is



I sensed that you had had many disagreements with B about moving back to London, that you were like a magnet being pulled there, you said this was true

I said a compromise may be in order, Like moving somewhere on the outskirts of London instead,  for example Barnet or Hatfield, St Albans that kind of place

I saw a long marriage although it comes with a lot of stresses ,

I see that any problems you can work through (who does not have problems ? I do feel that it is worth working on)


I asked if you ever felt like someone was stroking your hair,you said yes

I said it was more than likely your mother


I sensed that your mother was always impeccably dressed, even towards the end she did not want anyone to see her in her nightwear with no makeup on, said this  was true


I said that you often find yourself singing 1960s songs and this is actually your mother as she was a wonderful said yes


I sensed that many people found your mother to be “snooty” she wasn’t, she was quiet, not one for telling people her business and that she had great manners, as I said this I was corrected and told it was “uppity,not snooty” laughed and agreed


I felt that your mother was worried about a friend of your daughter being a bad influence, she is a tall girl possibly a year or two older than your daughter and she is a self harmer and has dabbled in “spells” …you said you felt that was true because you are concerned about it, I see your mum pulling your daughter away, I felt this girl may have dabbled with spells or ouija boards in the past


I sensed that your granddad would have laughed that you are living “out in the sticks”…you agreed he was quite bossy and one of those who says “you don’t do it like that, you do it like this” you said yes most probably


I felt that your mother was confused about where you are living and this could be a reason she is not able to visit a lot, she wonders why you have gone from one extreme to the other, ie London then the countryside


The photo of your mother when you were a baby, I sensed that it was a creepy house and that paranormal activity went on in there but your mother was always able to find a logical explanation, you said yes she would have done

I could see her having a debate with someone about coincidences, she said that is all they were, there was not a reason for them as some people believe, your mother was very sceptical you agreed I saw this conversation going on in a pub and she was holding a “babycham” with a cherry in it


Someone worked in an old fashioned department store (like on “are you being served”) you did not know who that was


I felt that your daughter S had a spirit guide, a protector who is an old lady, very short and quite chubby, you said this could have been her nana

I felt that S was holding on to a lot of anger but keeps it to herself , you said that it sounds very possible


I felt that someone had an idea in their head to start a business from home regarding catering or crafts, you did not know who that could be


I felt that your sister had been for a reading before, you said you did not think that your sister had but you sister in law probably did


I could see a piece of jewelry with a rose on it ,someone wants it in commemoration of someone , It looks like a locket with a rose on the front

Could be someone called Rose or a headstone

You said that roses were your mums favourite flower, so this could symbolise she is “giving” them to you as a present from the spirit world


EVPS captured during reading


A woman humming


Knocking not heard at the time


A man saying “balls” this is funny because this is what I captured in your house a few nights before, is it something that your granddad would have jokingly said ?


When I say you feel pulled back to London a woman whispers YES


A very loud voice, cannot work out what it is saying though sounds like COMPUTER ?


due to the fact that some of the reading was very personal for this person I have missed half of it out, but the parts I have omitted were accurate



she found out that her grandads dog was called  colonel…so it did have a military name !


trickster2 wrote on Jul 30, ’11
Was the person happy with the reading ?
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eeveefoo wrote on Aug 3, ’11

Was the person happy with the reading ?

yes she was and I will be doing another one for her : ) to go in depth a bit more, she has seen psychics before and I was the only one to pick up on her mother


Posted in people readings with tags on August 16, 2008 by Psychic eevee
last night my sons friends came over as all three of them are interested in joining my paranormal group,i suddenly felt that i should give one of them Joel a reading !!
i have only met Joel a few times and certainly have never got to chat to him properly as i have only ever seen him at music gigs
he asked if i could pick up anything on his grandad who died when he was five,so i tried a really quick reading …….the first thing i picked up on was that he had a pet canary,this scared poor Joel,he didnt understand how i could know that (neither do i) i described the canarys cage and even the curtains it had round it,down to the colour of the flowers on the print

i said his grandad had collected old wartime food tins

i came out with a female name that was linked

i described two items of furniture in his grandads house

i said that someone had an ornament of a shire horse,this was not his grandads but someone elses.

i picked up that his grandad had a very bad leg,joel said that his grandad had died of cancer and had a bad leg towards the end

i said that joel had a rubber football keyring in the shape of a football shirt,he said he did and when i said i thought it was in a teams blue and white colours he said no but his friend who sadly died last year,supported a team with those colours

i stopped when Joel seemed a bit overwhelmed,this reading was done without even a photo to look at ,so it was a good test for me !!!

reddylaugh wrote on Nov 11, ’08
I am proud to know someone so intuitive! Way to go, Emma! If I get to the U.K., I am definitely stopping by for real–not just stopping by your site. 🙂 I was thinking………maybe you could charge SOME people–like ones that you know have money and won’t mind paying–your talent is worth something. Charging for it validates you and makes other people value your services more. Just a thought……………..xoxoxo

articbabies wrote on Nov 11, ’08
Fantastic!!!!! You Go Girl Friend lol – you did an excellent job honey.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Nov 11, ’08

Fantastic!!!!! You Go Girl Friend lol – you did an excellent job honey.

thank you : )

readingsbyeevee wrote on Nov 11, ’08

I am proud to know someone so intuitive! Way to go, Emma! If I get to the U.K., I am definitely stopping by for real–not just stopping by your site. 🙂 I was thinking………maybe you could charge SOME people–like ones that you know have money and won’t mind paying–your talent is worth something. Charging for it validates you and makes other people value your services more. Just a thought……………..xoxoxo

ooohhh would so love to meet you for real : )
i see what you mean about charging but i dont think im good enough yet and also im of the belief that it is a gift given to me that i should give freely,maybe one day i will change my mind or ask people to donate to a charity of my choice instead.
im still at the stage where i think i have a long way to go til im fully developed
i dont mind not getting any money from it right now,people letting me practice on them all helps my development so is payment of sorts
catch u tomoro on my personal blog no doubt,off to bed now its 10.50pm and im worn out from all the stress lately
take care


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reading for MR A.M, Feb 25, ’08 4:11 PM
for everyone
This was a face to face reading i gave someone who i had only met for 15 mins last year….. (this was the first ever reading i gave for someone i didnt know)i said that i thought you were a water sign….you are taurus but on looking it up afterwards your personality is more of a water sign than an earth sign so i was kind of correct ! i said there had been a major event in your life at age 11…you said you went on a trip with school that was life changing and you also learnt guitar then.i said you should take up a musical instrument or go back to one you started as a child…you said you would like to continue with guitar.

i felt there were links to teaching…you said you have been told you would make a good teacher and your brother is one.

i said you had links to Canada or would said it was somewhere you always wanted to go.

i said you would settle down late in your private life or work…you said this made sense.

i said you felt very comfortable around women…you agreed.

i said you or someone close to you wanted to be a journalist…you said your girlfriend works in media.

the RAF came up… said your boss used to be in the RAF,so did your dad and you once thought about joining up.

i felt you had a fascination with aztecs or red indians…you said you did not have a fascination as such but that you always felt your spirit guide was a red indian

i said you were an only child or had only one sister…you have only one brother.

i felt there were links to Devon….you went there on holiday last year and you do not often have holidays.

i asked if you had problems with your ankles or wrists…you said you thought you may have in the future

i thought that past life regression would interest you…you agreed

i said you prefer rugby to football…you said you are not really into either.

i felt a small stone bridge was important to you and a special place when you were young….you felt this represented the Lake District where you were happy

i felt you had a fear of wells,deep holes or tunnels….you said you had a recurring dream involving riding a bike down a tunnel, i feel that you were a WW1 soldier in a past life and died while you were marching through a tunnel.

i said you would like to do something creative or some one around you is creative….you said your mother does spirit art

i said you had a childhood friend or a dog called josh/jake/jack… said your childhood dog was called Bridget but your dog now is called Jake.

i felt that in order for you to open up spiritually you should work with nature spirits…you said you loved the outdoors

i felt the name kay/katherine or kathleen are important…you cant at the moment think of anyone with one of those names.
i said i thought you would be suited to working in forensic sciencei said i thought you had been born early…you said yes,three weeks

you will need a break in about three years or you will buy something big,possibly a house

i could see an old wooden box with a broken watch in it possibly from the 1920’s era…this didnt make sense

i said i felt you had a problem with speaking out when you needed to and wished you could be more assertive especially at work…you agreed


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the name was Claude jameson

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sorry that was me writing from my other page LOL…
The name was Claude Jameson (i came up with Claude and you gave me the surname)i kept all the information i came up with regarding your house so if you want me to send it to you Annie let me know !!

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wow excellent work, i think this is really heling your development. xx