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MY THIRD EYE ? 15 oct 09

Posted in proof of third eye, psychic signs with tags , , on August 16, 2009 by Psychic eevee

i like this photo of me,as you know,im a qualified photographer at first i almost binned this due to what i thought was sunflare !! now im not so sure,in all my years as a photographer i have only ever seen white / blue/yellow / green sunflare NEVER this amazing pinky purple
whats really interesting is that it appears to be above my THIRD EYE chakra,the centre of psychic ability,if you look close there is another “orb” above my crown chakra,this is also useful in intuition and psychic ability
pink and purple are seen as colours relating to psychic ability when reading peoples auras.
its funny that on the day the photo was taken i was having thoughts about my abilities and thinking that i didnt want to lose them,then this appears !!
its probably nothing but every time i doubt myself or feel my abilities slipping i will look at this to spur me on…..if its nothing spiritual but helps me improve,thats all that matters
we all need a little something to help us believe in ourselves dont we
incidentally,the anomily was not in the photo before or the photo after,taken seconds apart with no different movement of either myself or the photographer (my dad took this he is also a photographer and psychic) there was no difference in the lighting either
im not big on orbs,most can be explained during our paranormal investigations but just occasionally you get a rare unusual one
this is really pretty if nothing else : )

reddylaugh wrote on Oct 16, ’09
I don’t doubt your ability at all and that’s indicative of your powers!

jensblog wrote on Oct 16, ’09
its definitely something to think about….and if it gives you inspiration to go on, then don’t doubt it.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 20, ’10
thank you both and sorry for the delay in replying,i hardly come on here unless its to update !! xx

reddylaugh wrote on Jan 22, ’10
Besides…… IS a beautiful pic of a beautiful YOU!


readingsbyeevee wrote on Jan 24, ’10
*blush* thank you marilyn xx