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Psychic detective work (my work and TV detectives)

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Psychic detective work is what I want to specialise in and I have helped the police before in another country simply by looking at a photo of an alleyway ,while working on that case I then had the mark of a dice appear on my face that it turned out was meaningful to the investigation, I can’t say I “solved” the case and that is not my mission, although it would be great if I could.

I knew about the Suffolk murders ten days before the public did,I noted lots of info that proved to be correct and even drew the murderer .

Last year I led police to some bones and gave them a map and a list of names and info of a 25 year old cold case, (i was at home reading about the case and had a sudden urge to draw a map,i marked an area on it,when we got there: its somehwhere i was photographing for my urb ex photography..i stepped back to get a long shot and twisted my ankle on some bones,in the exact spot i marked,i also got very relevant evps there)I doubt they will update me,the trouble with police in this country is that they hardly ever use psychics and if they do they don’t want the psychics stealing their “glory” which is quite pathetic really,when most psychics with any integrity do not even want any “glory” in the first place…and certainly do not want paying,I do not charge for those kind of readings.

I do a lot of murder/missing work but unfortunately have to keep it on my private Facebook page,I use various methods from remote viewing,the oracle cards I invented, psychometry, evps at the scene, spirit box,dice reading, pendulum,dreams etc

My evps and spirit box recordings come up with things that research later proves to be correct.

There is a missing person case that has been going on for over a year where the family has rather rudely stated “no psychics” which is of course their choice ,but the millions spent by the police so far and not as scrap of evidence found so far,could have been solved a year ago had a good psychic been involved,I understand families like that not wanting to be inundated with everyone and their dog who think they are psychic but the police DO know of good ones !

I have in depth gone into that case and all my work is dated and stored on my private Facebook,IF and when the case is solved and any of my work proves to be accurate I will move it her,but then I will have to live with psychics guilt,that I knew…but there was nothing I could do !

Most of my work lately though is about rock stars,I have explained previously why that is though.
Should the police use psychics ?

Yes,I believe they should,they should get the opinion of one at the start of a case,but only one who has a proven track record.They can be a good tool and I believe that they are simply another investigation method in line with a sniffer dog,police have no problem using those.

I watch as many psychic detective programmes as I can, the one titled “psychic detectives” is probably the best but I have also been watching “haunting evidence”

I am unsure on that one and sadly there is a lot of bad press about it when you look it up,but is it true bad press or just jealousy ? I don’t know..I need to do more research, anyway the reason I mention it is because I was watching one episode about a young man called “Anthony ” and within five minutes I was yelling at the TV that they had it wrong…

Maybe I have it wrong but I had very strong feelings (and this is the issue,no two psychics will pick up exactly the same thing)

But :

They stated he was “playing through pictures of his life in his head” 

“He was very upset,he had fallen out with a friend and wanted to sort it out with them but it was too late at night”

“He was a decent,sensitive guy”

“He told his family his car had steering troubles”

“They see him veer off into another lane”

“I see him taking tablets while driving”

And here is what sealed it for me….

One of the psychics was handed a coat belonging to the missing man and he was shocked to find in the pocket : pages of printed directions to LAKES ! And it was not mentioned that he was a fisherman

What I saw straight off was that it was sadly a suicide ,hence him playing pictures of his life in his head,he was very sensitive and I think possibly he had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder that he kept secret so the falling out with his friend and not being able to make up with him immediately pushed him over the edge, he had already been considering suicide though,hence why he made up a story about his car steering, he didn’t want his family to know the truth, he thought it would be easier for them to cope with if they thought it was an accident,he veered into another lane to go into the water on purpose, not due to steering issues,yes he was a bit drunk as he needed the courage to go through with it and he was hoping a drink driving accident would be blamed,the tablets were not just anti biotics his family said he was on at the time, he had printed the pictures of the lakes because he had to decide which one to use,I did think it wasn’t the one they concentrated on in the programme,I felt it was shallower water because like most people who attempt suicide he had sort of hoped he may be stopped or it may not have killed him”

So imagine my surprise when I just now looked on YouTube to try and find the episode to post and found this

Please do not share or re blog thanks


Third grandchild …gender reveal

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​I WAS CORRECT AGAIN ….WE ARE DUE ANOTHER GRAND DAUGHTER !!! 🙂 ❤ Arwen is happy ,because she was sure it was going to be a boy and she really wanted a sister…Isaac looks bemused lol he’s like “oh no, stuck between two sisters”

I have known every time my daughter in law was pregnant but this time I knew way before she did !!

Here are some more of my predictions for this pregnancy 

We are all very excited 🙂

It will be interesting to see if this girl has the same “gift” as her big sister.

Bowie dog ? And psychic hits at new paranormal case

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What are the odds,today I went on a private house investigation and as soon as the client opened the door i saw a beautiful dog with David Bowie eyes staring at me !

Not a very good picture as its through glass but he has one brown and one blue eye,totally gorgeous ❤

There were lots of other coincidences too ,which i wont list as it may identify the client or area and I had picked up on a few psychic bits leading up to the visit, one being an orchard,

My notes from a few days before

well what did we see not that far away !! Not exactly a common sight,I haven’t seen an orchard since I was a child.



I did a bit of research today, and found that the area was famous for its orchards


(cant show screenshots of websites as it will give away the location) when psychic reading the house i picked up on a paralised lady who was injured by a horse who liked to visit horses in the field behind the clients house,i felt they were unusual horses,my research today showed that the percheron horse was bred there,

oh great,im scared of horses,especially those,and what should pop up in my facebook feed while researching ; percheron horse !!

I would rather see all manner of spirits rather than one of those horses *shudder*

One of the names I psychically got weeks before the case is on the war memorial,in fact three or four people with the same surname,i had suggested that the client could research the war memorial but she hadnt done it yet.

I had written a few variations of the name and mentioned war memorial

All I have blocked out is the location of the town due to confidentiality

I won’t be blogging about the case apart from cryptically like this (unless I get signed consent at a later date) as I am very confidential about private houses but it seems to be an interesting case and I look forward to doing night tests,the client found me by reading my blog on here about “gravity hills


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it gets freakier with the owls, yesterday I was bombarded with them

OK OK , I get the message !!


first I got my owl ring from ebay which I was expecting but then I suddenly had a psychic urge to go to my favourite antique shop , I just knew they had owls there and I wanted one for my altar, I had to go immediatly the urge was so strong, the shop is seven miles away and we left the house with only half an hour to spare

the shop was almost closing when I got there

there were about 6 owls in there that had not been there the previous week, they must of done a house clearance for an owl collector


I got this tiny little lucky charm one to carry in my bag


I got this big one to put on my shelf


I got this small one for my altar


we then went to another antique and collectors shop and came across even more owls, there were these ones on a shelf, a nice fabric one that I did not get a photo of and an owl fridge magnet


they had these two necklaces that I could not afford : (


but I spotted this one in a charity shop : )


then I went to my sons and he showed me a little outfit he bought for his baby !


then my son put the TV on and we saw this owl


when I got home I put the TV on and saw this woman with her unusual name, take the A off the end of her

first name and you have TAWNY like the tawny owl



then I checked my facebook on my phone and saw these in my news feed


later on I was looking for a phone app where I could check all my social networks together and found Hootsuite, I have never seen it before and did not know the logo was an owl


(read my previous blogs under the category “owl” to understand what I am going on about )

LATEST HITS 12 dec 08

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i havent been very psychic lately,this is due to illness again and hence the reason i am not even attempting any readings at the moment,sorry to those who are still waiting,as im still learning i cant manage to keep myself “open” while i am ill,it is most annoying

my premonition dreams still seem to be in a state of limbo

i have had a possible telepathic injury with my husband (see previous post)

while investigating the haunted pub with my para team we visited a alledgedly haunted school in the area and i felt really uncomfortable there,the first thing i said was “this feels like a prisoner of war camp” research by our history researcher later showed there had been prisoners of war working the land during WW2

i hardly ever call my husband when he is at work,in fact i only do so if it is an emergency,however,the other day i felt the urge to phone him and say “you are thinking about my socks” i had bought some funny socks a few days before and when i phoned him he called me a witch because ,yes,he had been laughing to himself about them only a few minutes before my call

the only other thing that happened lately was that i felt an urge to go to a certain charity shop again …i just HAD to go,even though they were about to close the doors,there was a book i was looking for as i am doing research on a particular religious cult,quite an unusual book to find in a second hand shop

im really hoping i can pull my mind out of this blockage because i really want to get started on my readings again