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Psychic detective work (my work and TV detectives)

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Psychic detective work is what I want to specialise in and I have helped the police before in another country simply by looking at a photo of an alleyway ,while working on that case I then had the mark of a dice appear on my face that it turned out was meaningful to the investigation, I can’t say I “solved” the case and that is not my mission, although it would be great if I could.

I knew about the Suffolk murders ten days before the public did,I noted lots of info that proved to be correct and even drew the murderer .

Last year I led police to some bones and gave them a map and a list of names and info of a 25 year old cold case, (i was at home reading about the case and had a sudden urge to draw a map,i marked an area on it,when we got there: its somehwhere i was photographing for my urb ex photography..i stepped back to get a long shot and twisted my ankle on some bones,in the exact spot i marked,i also got very relevant evps there)I doubt they will update me,the trouble with police in this country is that they hardly ever use psychics and if they do they don’t want the psychics stealing their “glory” which is quite pathetic really,when most psychics with any integrity do not even want any “glory” in the first place…and certainly do not want paying,I do not charge for those kind of readings.

I do a lot of murder/missing work but unfortunately have to keep it on my private Facebook page,I use various methods from remote viewing,the oracle cards I invented, psychometry, evps at the scene, spirit box,dice reading, pendulum,dreams etc

My evps and spirit box recordings come up with things that research later proves to be correct.

There is a missing person case that has been going on for over a year where the family has rather rudely stated “no psychics” which is of course their choice ,but the millions spent by the police so far and not as scrap of evidence found so far,could have been solved a year ago had a good psychic been involved,I understand families like that not wanting to be inundated with everyone and their dog who think they are psychic but the police DO know of good ones !

I have in depth gone into that case and all my work is dated and stored on my private Facebook,IF and when the case is solved and any of my work proves to be accurate I will move it her,but then I will have to live with psychics guilt,that I knew…but there was nothing I could do !

Most of my work lately though is about rock stars,I have explained previously why that is though.
Should the police use psychics ?

Yes,I believe they should,they should get the opinion of one at the start of a case,but only one who has a proven track record.They can be a good tool and I believe that they are simply another investigation method in line with a sniffer dog,police have no problem using those.

I watch as many psychic detective programmes as I can, the one titled “psychic detectives” is probably the best but I have also been watching “haunting evidence”

I am unsure on that one and sadly there is a lot of bad press about it when you look it up,but is it true bad press or just jealousy ? I don’t know..I need to do more research, anyway the reason I mention it is because I was watching one episode about a young man called “Anthony ” and within five minutes I was yelling at the TV that they had it wrong…

Maybe I have it wrong but I had very strong feelings (and this is the issue,no two psychics will pick up exactly the same thing)

But :

They stated he was “playing through pictures of his life in his head” 

“He was very upset,he had fallen out with a friend and wanted to sort it out with them but it was too late at night”

“He was a decent,sensitive guy”

“He told his family his car had steering troubles”

“They see him veer off into another lane”

“I see him taking tablets while driving”

And here is what sealed it for me….

One of the psychics was handed a coat belonging to the missing man and he was shocked to find in the pocket : pages of printed directions to LAKES ! And it was not mentioned that he was a fisherman

What I saw straight off was that it was sadly a suicide ,hence him playing pictures of his life in his head,he was very sensitive and I think possibly he had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder that he kept secret so the falling out with his friend and not being able to make up with him immediately pushed him over the edge, he had already been considering suicide though,hence why he made up a story about his car steering, he didn’t want his family to know the truth, he thought it would be easier for them to cope with if they thought it was an accident,he veered into another lane to go into the water on purpose, not due to steering issues,yes he was a bit drunk as he needed the courage to go through with it and he was hoping a drink driving accident would be blamed,the tablets were not just anti biotics his family said he was on at the time, he had printed the pictures of the lakes because he had to decide which one to use,I did think it wasn’t the one they concentrated on in the programme,I felt it was shallower water because like most people who attempt suicide he had sort of hoped he may be stopped or it may not have killed him”

So imagine my surprise when I just now looked on YouTube to try and find the episode to post and found this

Please do not share or re blog thanks


The missing blanket

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Our grandson has a favourite blanket,but it is very special as it was the one he came home from hospital with on the day he was born…
A few weeks ago we took him out,I don’t remember having the blanket, I was sure it was in his changing bag that hangs on the pram handles,we discovered it was lost 😦 I did not understand it though because if it fell out of the bag that hangs above my feet I would surely have walked over it ?
We hunted high and low for it
I even went to my aunts house to check but I remembered we had not even taken him there.

I could not believe it that night on “EastEnders” a baby on there had the same blanket


I offered to get him a new one,I did say though that I should maybe come over to their house with my pendulum as I once found their TV remote with it that had been lost for days,I also said where I felt it was

Today my daughter in law texted me




Here is the text I sent at the time it was lost


I sort of guessed correctly as the dolls house is between the bed and wardrobe !

So glad it has been found as I felt really bad and was going insane from wondering where it was !!!

The car fire (remote viewing)

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Omg Beardie did his hero bit again when he was taking nate to a gig they saw a car on serious fire,he screeched to a halt,ran down the road and was yelling “get back” cos the lads were trying to rescue their music equipment from the car (typical musicians !!) Beardie had to tell them to get away as it could explode.get this,a little girl of  about 7 was stood there watching with no adults,she was nothing to do with them,he had to yell at her about six times before she got the hint and left the scene,Beardie had blocked the road off with our car ,the tyres on the car exploded but luckily the car didn’t as it was a diesel rather than petrol,fire brigade got there in ten minutes, it’s outrageous ,they just had that car supposedly fixed !! Nate still played his gig ,I’m waiting to see his video footage of the car fire #alwaysbeardieorbeardieandmeareatthesceneofthingslikethat

I did not get to see the video yet as i am not on my sons Facebook ,
Yesterday I had an after noon sleep and could SEE what happened ,as in the location

It was like watching it through a CCTV camera that was high up

I showed my hubby by drawing a map
He said I had it all correct ,down to the exact type of car that pulled up next to him (I saw a dark grey large square fronted vehicle pull up next to hubbies car,he said was a dark grey Cherokee jeep) ,where my son was standing to film it and even had bushes in the right place
I even “saw” the exact arm movements my hubby had made.
The only thing I had wrong was the pub that I saw on the opposite side of the road
And I saw lots of helium balloons that hubby said he did not see,however,they could of been in the pub garden or something to do with the little girl

Will be interesting to see the footage finally



I finally have an actual photo of the fire

This was after other vehicles had been evacuated


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here in the U.K we have a brilliant “mentalist” called Derren Brown

I am a huge fan of his (not just because he is attractive *wink*) but his work is amazing

he is NOT a magician,what he does is show the psychology behind the paranormal / psychics and many other things

what he does is amazing but when he shows you how he does it you want to kick yourself because a lot of it is so simple

he uses neuro linguistic programming,subliminal messaging and all sorts

you would think that i wouldnt like him because he shows how easy it is to cold read during psychic readings but i think its good that he shows how some charlatans in the psychic field work

some of his “stunts” have included..playing russian roulette with a live gun (i was on the edge if my seat i can tell you)

hypnotising someone in a pub who was playing a computer game,removing the person and placing them in a derelict warehouse and making them think they were actually part of the game,he had actors wandering around like zombies to make it life like

getting someone to pick a specific sentence from a newspaper,he showed how he had been slipping in subliminal words to them all evening to ensure they picked the correct newspaper and sentence

making a bunch of students believe they were contacting a murder victim during a seance

predicting the exact lottery numbers using a simple maths technique and a certain amount of people

the one i didnt agree with though was making a woman think she was having an out of body experience using a dummy of her in a car that had appeared to crash,that was taking it a bit far

anyway,at the moment he is doing a series and involving the viewers at home,

he showed a film that certain people would think they were stuck to their seat throughout,it worked on some people

he had a man with 24 upturned paper cups on the floor stating their was a knife under one,the man had to smash them with his bare feet,i predicted that he would not smash number 13 and he didnt,obviously because 13 is seen as an unlucky number and therefore most people would avoid it

last night he tried a remote viewing experiment

he had a box of bricks and asked two people to lift it,they struggled,i said to my husband “there are NO bricks in it” i was correct

when a woman was on the street in london “sending” what she was seeing to a remote viewer miles away i said she was viewing the statue of “eros”,she was viewing a horse statue,so i was partially correct

he had someone paint something and cover it in newspaper and invited the audience to remote view what it was,the woman had drawn circles within circles…so did i,but i would guess that would have been obvious,due to the fact that the experiment was held in the science museum and on the walls there were alot of circles !!

Derren Brown is fascinating and i look forward to all his work


reddylaugh wrote on Sep 26, ’09
It would be cool if you could meet him and consult with him!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 26, ’09

It would be cool if you could meet him and consult with him!

oooh i know *wink*
a friend of mine has met him,im so jealous

reddylaugh wrote on Sep 26, ’09
I just realized………..his name is Darren so if you were carrying on with him, and you accidentally cried out “Oh, Darren” when you were busy with Beardie…..well, you know, no one would be the wiser……… LOL!!!!!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 26, ’09

I just realized………..his name is Darren so if you were carrying on with him, and you accidentally cried out “Oh, Darren” when you were busy with Beardie…..well, you know, no one would be the wiser……… LOL!!!!!

LMFAO i wouldnt get away with it, hes dErren not dArren and anyway,i wouldnt be derren browns type,hes gay !!

reddylaugh wrote on Sep 27, ’09

hes gay

Oh, oops!

leathersammie wrote on Sep 27, ’09
I’ll have to go see if I can find any of his stuff on video.

empressselena wrote on Sep 27, ’09
LOL Never heard of him but I also don’t live over there…

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 27, ’09

I’ll have to go see if I can find any of his stuff on video.

there should be loads on youtube : )

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 27, ’09

Oh, oops!

ooops exactly !!! and what a waste..i actually am not sure if he is,he likes to tease people,its probably one of his wind ups,the scoundrel

a brief attempt at remote viewing 26 sep 09

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remote viewing is the ability to see a location although you havent been there

this method has been used since the second world war by the military

its not something that i try very often and this was spur of the moment

(taken off my facebook page)


i just KNOW something paranormal is going to happen…its one of those days where i cant keep my eyes open,i have been asleep 6 times today,thats usually the prewarning to something spooky..either that or i am hypnotised by derren brown afterall HAHA

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19 September at 19:55 · Comment · Like / Unlike



ooo quick get to my house and do me a reading it might be an extra good un hehe xx

Eevee Vachos

considering i dont know where you live that will be hard LOL


hmm true lol

Eevee Vachos

i think you live down one of those roads near tudor road,just past that new co-op or whatever it is ,you are in the older part


how do u know that ?

Eevee Vachos

its called remote viewing…im probably wrong and your teasing me LOL


u freaked me out lol ok i live almost off tudor road and about 4 mins walk from the co-op the house is about 45 yrs old

Eevee Vachos

there is a green near your house,you are an end house or one in from the end,you use your back door more than your front door,there is a motorbike chained up in the carpark and i see a small block of flats only got two or three floors ?

Eevee Vachos

and p.s / no i dont really know goddy apart from the riverside and graveyard

Eevee Vachos

door number (dont comment on this in public) something like 24 or 34

Eevee Vachos

probably recently double glazed but previously had a dark red door ?


lol we have a large green out the front :oS we are down one side of it the 4th house down and there is 1 next to us so yeah one fromt he end ,we always enter through the front as the back is gated and bolted, no motorbike and there are flats two high behind us almost ,we did live in a top flat 2 floors high b4 here lol


way out on number none of the numbers you said , brand new double glazed door but never red while we have lived here (our old flat was number 25 and had a red door

Eevee Vachos

oh…not too bad considerin how stressed i am this week…well now i know where you live you can put the  kettle on ha ha ha


pretty good i thought lol once you are less stressed i am defo coming for a reading now i have mornings free i have some more time :o)

someone else on my faebook started questioning psychic ability and LR replied with this


phillip all that stuff above that eevee put she never knew about me it spooked my son out lol , she has also done a reading from a photo of me which had some very accurate stuff in it , so im going for a face to face reading now to see what she can see lol dont really know what to expect lo

notice how although i seemed to be wrong on some points such as the door number and colour of door,i somehow seemed to be picking up on her previous home too

(see also blog on derren brown)

reddylaugh wrote on Sep 26, ’09
I remember that I had asked you about remote viewing a long time ago. I knew you could do it! OK……… me…………nevermind……you’ve seen photographs of my house! Oh, well…………
I hope things are continuing to get better with you, Nate & Beardie. Luv ya!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Sep 26, ’09

I remember that I had asked you about remote viewing a long time ago. I knew you could do it! OK……… me…………nevermind……you’ve seen photographs of my house! Oh, well…………
I hope things are continuing to get better with you, Nate & Beardie. Luv ya!

i shall be doing a bloggy on my personal blog soon re the situation with sonremote viewing is something i really want to work on : )