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Posted in research into abilities, TV psychics with tags , on August 16, 2008 by Psychic eevee
i watched the most amazing tv show yesterday.There is a psychic from Scotland called Derek Ogilvie and he is known to be able to communicate through telepathy with babies ! i once saw him on “most haunted” and luckily he was only on one of their shows,which proves to me he is genuine….if a psychic is good they do not stay on that show for long !!

anyway he put himself forward for tests at Goldsmiths college,with the famous parapsychologist Chris French,now in my opinion Chris French is ridiculous,when he was on the tv show “haunted homes” he would enter the house that was being investigated for all of FIVE minutes and declare it  not haunted,how he can come to that conclusion in five minutes i just dont know….i bet if he stayed the night he would change his mind..but he would never do that,you see the thing with parapsychologists is that they are not allowed to prove the existence of paranormal phenomena because it would then crap all over hundreds of years of theories by the “proper” scientists,its a well known fact that parapsychologists have to fight for funding and are not taken seriously by the scientific community.

anyway,they tested Derek Ogilvie while watching him read babies from behind a two way mirror,all the way through the tests Chris French talked to his colleage declaring that it was typical cold reading in action how he came to that conclusion when he was too busy talking and not listening i dont know ,these tests seem designed to make the psychic fail and thats not fair,Derek Ogilvie was very upset when practically accused of being a cold reader,why the hell would he put himself forward for tests if he were a faker ? just doesnt make sense (yes unfortunately there are some fakes out there and they have given the real psychics a bad name but there are fakers in lots of things not just psychics,its the psychics that seem to be torn to shreds !!)

he didnt give up though,he even put himself forward for the James Randi challenge,James Randi has been offering a million to any one who can prove psychic power for years and years,he has never paid out,he never will because he is the worlds biggest sceptic,he is a very intimidating man and no wonder people fail,its like a school exam,you will fail if you are nervous,he deliberatly makes people nervous,Derek failed his tests

he then went to have his brain waves measured while giving a reading and guess what….it was proved that SOMETHING was going on in his brain that involved communication of the non verbal kind,it proved he was doing something unusual,apparantly only 0.3 percent of the population have this going on in their brains,what further proof is needed then that psychics ARE different to other people ? if you ask me it was an amazing breakthrough but why has it not been plastered all over the papers ??? it never will be,yet again you see it will crap all over the existing sceptics.
Its not unusual to be psychic,we are all born with it,its just that only a small percentage of people dont lose the ability when they leave childhood,its hardly that amazing and thats the way the scientists should look at it,just because they are not open minded enough to have remained psychic themselves they dont want anyone else to be !!!!

i was really happy at this proof because i have had alot of the same experiences that Derek described and i have had brain tests myself,i have been told i have a brain “disorder” (as yet unnamed conveniently )more likely i have a brain that does more than the doctors which they cant explain…its high time that parapsychologists and doctors woke up…..yes some people are PSYCHIC its hardly a way out theory…get over it

hence why i am now studying psychics and will be sending out my survey to all famous psychics i can find,i guess my results will be ignored by the scientific community but i dont care,i have already noticed from only having about 20 surveys back so far that people who are psychic DO share the same physical ailments, (mostly related to the brain )that has to say something

(c) eevee sep 08

articbabies wrote on Oct 31, ’08
Very good! But even in some of us – there is always the “ability” to prove ourselfs. Some of us will fail, some of us wont. Fakes or Conartist are everywhere an the public dosent want to hear about them, only the ones that they believe are the “crazys” as ive been titled so many times.
Alas – if I had a nickle for everytime someone called me that lol – Id be another silvia brown!

readingsbyeevee wrote on Oct 31, ’08
too true and its a shame the fakes give the good ones bad names !! LOL at Silvia Brown,we have a really crap psychic here called Colin Fry he is just awful and blatantly uses cold reading ggrrr