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I cannot say too much about it because it is a private case but I have been friends with a fellow paranornal investigator called Betty for about 8 years, we met on the net and she lives in America, over the past week we have been messaging each other about a case she is dealing with

at the exact time I wrote the blog about VISITATIONS last night she sent me a link to a video about the famous UK “Scole experiment” and said there was mention of aliens in it

there was also a weird thing going on with her not being able to access my visitations blog although it had been set to public and sure enough I had trouble too,even though this is my blog


you can see here where she said she could not get onto this blog


you can see here where she messaged me about the “Scole experiment ” with a mention about aliens, cross posted with my blog

to read about the Scole experiment

click here


stranger still is this : today I got one of the paranormal type magazines that I get and what do I see ..a mention of the “Scole experiment”


and a story with the title ” woooohhhh Betty”   !!! I think this is in regard to her saying in a message to me that she

felt we were on to something,


this is not the first time that we have had strange happenings together from different countries, we have even had the same dreams, Betty is one of the people I would describe as being in my “soul group” a soul group is a group of friends or family who have always been together through most of their previous incarnations

then something else odd happened, I opened some emails belatedly to find that Carla Baron is following my “twitter ” page, she is a famous medium in U.S who specialises in unsolved murders, I have watched her TV show quite a lot, and unsolved murder cases are what I would like to specialise in, I wonder why she is following little old me from England who is unknown apart from to readers of my blog, well whatever the reason, the reason could be to drop me a hint that I SHOULD still try and specialise in unsolved murder cases, I hope she enjoys my work



now I cannot view the video link that Betty sent me !! it is like something is trying to stop us from communicating, this has been happening for about a week, every time I need to review her evidence something like a migraine or a problem comes up….what the heck is going on ??