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My crafts : new book of shadows and new scrying mirrors

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I know I said I wouldn’t be posting my homemade crafts on here anymore as I am running out of space but I will post the occasional thing that is to do with my work.

My old book of shadows is full up and falling to pieces so I made a new one.

A book of shadows is what a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch writes what they have learnt in and any spells they have performed etc.

I found a huge fabric binder that has a nice section on one side with a filing compartment ,which will be handy for keeping things I cut out of magazine’s in.

I decorated the front with a pentacle sew on patch, lots of charms,fake ivy leaves (to symbolise the feminine) barn owls as they are my power animal and a feather from my duck because she is one of my “Familiar’s”

The back : an eagle owl feather and a black eagle feather that my hubby got me from the bird of prey sanctuary he volunteers at, a wooden crow because that is his power animal and the beautiful Victorian style owl ribbon was sent to me by my lovely friend Lois in America.

Ribbon detail: witch charms

Ribbon detail: my name

Divider pages : images courtesy of google search

The good thing about using a binder is that you can take pages out and about with you if you are doing outside rituals ,but I would advise using those plastic page pockets

The cheap frame I got for 99p
I got this really cheap frame in a charity shop and sprayed the back of the glass black and added charms

This is my haunted mirror ,this is when I first tried to make it into a scrying mirror ,because it didn’t have plain glass I had to spray the front of the mirror but it was too dull,so I was going to get some very high gloss lacquer to coat over it,unfortunately the glass broke !

So I had to put new glass in it,I couldn’t afford to get some glass specifically cut for it because that is really expensive, the only glass I could find didn’t quite fit which was really annoying, so I had to cover the gaps with fake black orchids, I don’t like it but I guess it makes it a bit gothic and spooky looking.

This will be interesting, now that the original glass is broken will it stop the mirror being haunted ,or will it release the spirits into my house ? Will have to wait and see (with sage at the ready !!)

That awkward moment when you walk past a mirror and think you have turned into a vampire !!! Because you forgot you turned it into a black glass scrying mirror and you can’t see your reflection!!! LOL 🙂

See previous blog about this mirror

Also,I think I have finally finished updating the strange Bowie monument I didnt even realise I had made !!

My old retired book of shadows that was getting ridiculously huge !
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The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

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Many many years back I had got a new phone and was testing it out and had one of my episodes of weirdness where I was doing stuff in my sleep.

I had taken a photo while asleep of myself and when I saw it I was terrified, i recognised it immediately as one of Jack the rippers victims

I had been watching a documentary the night before, 

It took me years before I was able to look at this photo again


Ripper victim Mary Ann

For ages I was petrified that it was a premonition that I was about to die.

Later I came to realise that it was something called “transfiguration” where a spirit manages to form its facial features over a living person,and I have been able to do it a handful of times since.

Maybe she spoke to me in my sleep,I don’t know because unfortunately I didnt remember my dreams that night.

It is interesting however that a few years later I got contact with another murder victim named Mary Ann who trusted me so much she showed herself as a full apparition on 35mm film (see blog titled “Mary Ann the spirit who trusted”)

Transfiguration is pretty scary and something that ” physical mediums ” use,I once appeared to my whole team looking like a stern faced teacher (same surname as the ripper victim !!) While doing a mirror scrying experiment.

I once transfigured as my Gran

Which relatives present all noticed

I even captured my husband transfigured on a photo at a derelict airbase once, we could not work out why he looked Japanese ,but in depth research later showed us that important Japanese dignitaries had once visited there.



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with my paranormal group we had tried mirror scrying on a few occasions,we used a normal mirror and it was successful,once i saw myself as a victorian teacher,she was also seen by others in the room !
mirror scrying can be frightening,the idea is that you gaze into a mirror in a darkened candle lit room and a spirit person superimposes their face over yours,i am still not sure if it is a trick of the light or the subconcious mind at work,but it can be really strange
mirror scrying can also be used to see visions and “fortune telling” some scryers use a black bowl with water in it
my dad is able to take people back and forward in time to see themselves as a child then an old person,i think alot of it is to do with his voice which is very deep,like a hypnotists
anyway i decided that i wanted to try a proper black scrying mirror and made my own
they are made by buying a photo frame,and spraying the glass with matt black spray paint,this is instead of silver which is what the back of the glass in a normal mirror has
my husband who used to be as psychic as a teabag is now opening up alot more so i involved him in this experiment
with the black mirror you sort of stare through it until your own face vanishes,then a spirit face will come through,i tried it first and saw the face of an old man with a big white beard,he looked like Captain Smith of the Titanic,i didnt tell my husband what i was seeing,i then got him to scry ,he at first said he couldnt see anything but felt the OCEAN was around him
he then stared in the mirror again while i watched from the other side of the room,i could see his moustache getting bushier and his cheeks chubby ..i was actually looking at him and not the mirror,i could only see the back of it anyway,at the exact same time i was seeing that he described his face turning MEXICAN,i had not told him what i had seen !!
we will be trying this again
do not try this at home if you are easily freaked out,do not do it with people who mess around and as always…offer a protection prayer before and after the session

suzycute wrote on Jan 30, ’10

trickster2 wrote on Jan 31, ’10
Same sort of thing Nostradamus used , only with a bowl of water .

readingsbyeevee wrote on Feb 1, ’10
yep ..ive tried water and dont see anything, i think mirrors are my thing..ive got tons of books on nostradamus,must read them..mother shipton was another good seer