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Tesla ,was he psychic ?

Posted in my articles, psychic symptoms, sliders, Tesla on April 4, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My fascination with Tesla has led me to reading any books I can about him ,you could of knocked me down with a feather when i was reading his very short auto biography (obviously too busy with his amazing inventions to write a long one) “my inventions”

It seems that after an accident he started to have strange abilities ,I noticed how close they were to mine ,when I was about 18 months old I was at nursery and climbing on a windowsill and fell onto one of those huge chunky Victorian radiators and split my skull !!

And I have been psychic since childhood.

Here in his book he describes many of the same things that I experience :

(You can click on the book photos to enlarge and read them)

My sight has always been extraordinary, i can read a bus number from so far away it is ridiculous,

I have woken twice by the sound of fire that has saved neighbours.when we first moved into this house I kept smelling fire only to find out later that this part of the village had burnt down hundreds of years ago.

He describes having over sensitive hearing, ive been diagnosed with hypercasis and tinnitus,and like him its even more sensitive for me when i am stressed.

I feel vibrations in the ground too especially through my bed,and the roaring noises that sound like words.

I am allergic to the sun, the suns rays are painful to me and I come out in blisters and vomit,as a child it was so bad I had to be covered head to toe in chalky calamine lotion and could not go outside in the summer without a winter hat,coat and gloves on ,I did grow out of that but I now get pomphylx eczema on my hands,pass out and vomit and have to take vitamin d.

I have crushing pressure in my skull and also cannot cope with bridges and tunnels.

Twitching and tremors I also get

The patterns he describes on closing his eyes,and the faces that zoom at him behind his eyelids when trying to sleep ! I’ve had that for as long as I can remember, the faces are so fast,I can see them all clearly but don’t know who they are.

The nervous breakdown, i have had a few of those, are they from overload of psychic info or is he also describing having an early form of fibromyalgia /m.e ? That I suffer from, you would be surprised at how many sufferers of those conditions also have psychic abilities (I did once start a study on that but didn’t get enough data to make a proper conclusion)

I believe he was psychic and that he got his otherworldly amazing intelligence from the other side,I have read that he tried to communicate with other beings.

It may explain how his tampering with extremely dangerous electrical experiments that would kill most people did not kill him,was he protected from beyond ?

I would not be surprised if he was a “s.l.I.d.e.r” some people with psychic abilities also have this, I do ,you can read about it in my other blogs,it simply means we can effect electrical items with our minds.

Another interesting Tesla fact : he built a spirit radio (an early form of evp/ghost box) but it scared him so much he only used it once.

There have been times when I have been dangerously close to being electrocuted (see other Tesla blogs) and its me who does all the wiring in the house because I have been doing wiring since I was about ten ,that’s why hubby jokingly calls me “Tesla”

UPDATE : I have now gone through my spirit box recordings of my contact with Tesla, pretty amazing !!



Shocking !!

Posted in sliders, Tesla on July 5, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Only I can manage to electrocute myself while cleaning the kitchen !!! That was shocking ,and quite scary.. I am OK now though #idiot I was stupidly wiping a socket with a damp cloth, ive done that loads of times with no problems but this time I had my other hand on the socket next to it,making a circuit and managed to turn myself into a Tesla coil,would of been cool if I could of done the disappearing man trick like in “the prestige” ….hubby: “I hope you didn’t trip the fuse box out” while I was crashed out on the floor #thanksforyourconcernhubby

Wonder if it will charge up my abilities ? I felt it go through one hand,up that arm,into my head,down the other arm and out of my other hand !! Bizarre !

I have enough trouble with electrics as it is due to being a s.l.i.d.e.r ,I cannot use microwaves,I cause lightbulbs to blow when I’m angry,electrical nerve conductor tests on my bad arm before my ulnar nerve op had to be repeated three times,they showed nothing wrong, yet when my arm was opened it was the worse case the surgeon had seen in 30 years,my whole ulnar nerve was fused to my ulnar bone,I have trouble in scanners too

I have electrical wiring problems in my brain too that cause weird neurological symptoms and it is impossible to hypnotise me, when I had sleep tests and was wired up all night interference from the electricity in my brain caused the equipment to be faulty ! I can hear electrical fizzing in the base of my skull which is apparently electrical discharge in my spinal fluid

Also ,once I narrowly missed death, I was outside with my son filming a really bad storm,my camera was metal,a bolt of lightning hit the path just in front of my toe,I caught it all on film ,I have never ran so fast in my life ! But how it managed to miss the metal camera I will never know, also I had bare feet,not any shoes with rubber soles,so I was not even grounded,really terrifying


My hero David Bowie playing another of my heroes Nikola Tesla in one of my favourite films “the prestige”

Well I await with bated breath to see if this makes me more psychic
We now have another Tesla fan in the family