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Paranormal activity at sons jug

Posted in paranormal, sons place on April 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday we took the grandkids home after being at ours all day,my hubby dropped me and the grandkids at their flat then went to collect their daddy and take him to boxing.

Arwen was out for the count asleep on the living room sofa (in fact it took me an hour to wake her up for dinner later on ) and I was in the bathroom with Isaac, he was a bit worried because the plumbing is making an awful noise that sounds like the titanic scraping against the iceberg ,so I was making him laugh to take his mind off it ,

All of a sudden a plastic kitchen jug flew from the kitchen across the Hall and into the bathroom,landing at Isaacs feet,although he didn’t bat an eyelid.the height of it was the height of an adult, in fact it barely got under the door frame,so there is no way a cat did it and as far as I recall they were curled up on one of the beds,the plumbing did not cause vibration in the bathroom so would certainly not cause vibration in the kitchen, and certainly not enough to launch a jug that far !

The site of where the flats are built is very historically ancient and could be to do with that ,I was thinking about any anniversary links and all I can think of is the anniversary of my Gran passing in 2004 ,she loved baking and used jugs like that but the last thing she would do is throw something at a toddler !

It could be to do with visiting the witches prison the other day (see previous blog) ,the flat does look out onto the meadow where they were hung ,but for now I will just chalk it up as a mystery unless it happens again.

A really bad map of the flat, you can see the arrow of the trajectory of the jug

Obviously I didn’t film it or get a picture as I was on the toilet and then sorting out Isaacs teeth brushing.

There has been activity in their flat before but nothing to be scared of,I shall keep an eye on it.

No one was in a bad mood or sad to attract any activity as we had had a lovely day in the garden :

They were overjoyed to get their late ostara bunnies ,early “Easter” presents, we had been window shopping on Sunday and arwen saw the girl one and fell in love with it so I surprised her ,we read the tags and found they are brother and sister bunnies ,how cute.

Isaac would not be parted from his,he calls it his “unny”

They had their lunch at their special picnic bench.

The horse I rescued from an antique shop and gave a makeover to


Revisit to the witches prison

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Today we passed by the basement of the old prison where the witches from my village were held hundreds of years ago,and where my grand Daughter lived in a flat opposite as a baby, when she was about two I took her there and she waved at something that wasn’t there and acted like she could see someone,I did blog about it at the time and post a video on my Facebook,

I wanted to see her reaction now that a couple of years have passed :

She couldn’t remember seeing it before but stated it was scary and didn’t want to get too close,she didnt want me to poke my fingers in and said I must not go in there or I would end up at the stars (dead)

I explained it wasnt scary,it was actually sad, that they were good witches who only tried to help people but people were mean to witches hundreds of years ago and put them in prison (she is way too young to know about the hanging of witches yet)

She decided that was sad,she asked where are the witches now,I told her they were at the stars because it was so long ago,she amazed me by saying “they are not dead,they are alive”

She then proceeded to tell me that they hold on to the bars, that is VERY interesting because there have been many reports of people seeing their spirits holding onto the bars !! And begging for food, because some kind people at the time would feed them bread ,how did she know that ? Ive not told her !

She asked if we had met the witches before ,I said we may of done a long long time ago (a bit hard to explain past lives to a four year old)

I asked if she knew their names but she didn’t,I think she is not progressed enough to have reached that stage.

She asked if anyone dreams about them ,I said that I do sometimes, she said that if she has any dreams about them she will go in her mummy and daddy’s room to be safe.

It was interesting how she was scared to start with ,just by looking at it,but explaining the history to her and telling her that witches are not bad (she still doesn’t know that I am one) changed her mind totally. Which is often how I deal with paranormal clients,once they know the history of their home or the spirits in it,it usually eases their fears and the activity lessens or ends completely.

All that is left of the prison is the basement cell where the witches from my village were held, newer buildings were built on top, activity was reported in the newer building (its still very old but not as old as the cell) but it was difficult to arrange an investigation as people with learning difficulties use the building and I didn’t want to scare them, my sons flat had a lot of activity and I did investigate that.

I would so love to investigate the basement cell though !

Strange how I ended up living in the witches village without knowing why,our first investigation in town was at a pub that has the gates from the prison on it now,my son then moved to the flat opposite the prison and now lives in a flat with views onto the meadow where they were hung,I believe I ended up in this village to steer me onto the Wiccan path.

Explaining to me how they hold on to the bars !

Outside her old flat opposite the prison that she remembers although she was one when she moved from there

The alleyway at the side of her old flat that was in a spooky Georgian building ,with the prison cell visible on the left

Looking in the old curiosity shop across the road from her old flat that is also very very old and now derelict,I loved that shop and got lots of weird and wonderful antiques in there  ,I sensed it was very haunted and left them my details ,but the trouble with places like that is insurance, they don’t want investigators stumbling round in the dark possibly breaking expensive antiques.

Today’s videos will be posted on my Facebook for friends to view

You can read more about this location and the witches link in the “witches” category,in the index,right hand side of main page

My strange brain and obsessed with new research subject

Posted in missing and crime readings, sons place, witches on May 31, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I’ve already mentioned in other blogs about my weird brain (the empathy blog explains most of it)I have been researching a new subject for the last few days and when I get a bee in my brain about research I do it solid for days,weeks,months ,I won’t write here what the subject exactly is but its to do with a mysterious murder and possible infrasound “weapons” its a truly eerie subject and you may guess by these photos what I’m talking about (but dont mention it if you have worked it out )I was in the middle of my first day of research and feeling freaked out (doesn’t happen to me often) the case involves a lift (elevator) and I was called to my sons to babysit, oh yay…they have a lift (that my daughter in law once got trapped in,it was Xmas and no one was answering the emergency alarm,she couldn’t get a signal on her mobile to call my son and in the end hurt her hands when she found that infamous adrenaline superpower and ripped the doors open with her bare hands,she is a tiny little thing,she was terrified)I am not normally scared of lifts,its escalators I am terrified of after having a horrific accident on one while holding my son when he was a tiny baby,but I will admit that this particular night I  babysat (in fact two nights in a row) I was very jumpy in the lift,especially as that particular lift has an awful habit of taking you to the wrong floor,even though no one else is around and have not called the lift from outside on another floor and the whole block of flats has motion sensor lights in the corridors,but they seem to take ages to come on once you go into the corridors ,although in realtime it’s probably only a couple of seconds at the most,I had to get in the lift quite a few times as I go outside to smoke (yeah I know,disgusting) and it was evening and no one around as the block of flats is empty usually at weekends,it didn’t help that on the first night I saw an apparition,I was sitting on the kerb opposite the flats next to the register office which is a very very old building,out of the corner of my eye I saw something black and when I looked properly saw a gaunt looking woman with straggly long hair in a black dress with those sort of batwing wizard type arms,she made me jump but didn’t scare the crap out of me as I assumed she was one of the women from our village who was hung on the meadow site across the road,she lasted probably about four seconds and was gone,she was semi solid,I have seen something similar in one of the upstairs rooms late on a Sunday night but assumed it was a cleaner,thinking about it now though that’s highly unlikely that late (was actually the early hours,around two am) and a Sunday,thinking further,the woman I saw in the garden of the register office looked a lot like the photo of the “witch” apparition I captured near ours (you will find that in a blog under the witches and paranormal sections)

The register office opposite the kids place

Well its the back of it that is nearest their place




Here is the lift at the kids (scuse awful picture of me) ooohhh interesting how the next night our grandaughter had that telepathic moment while asleep and her daddy was in the lift !! (Blog before this one)



But worse than that,in the corridor their flat is on this door has been stuck open for about six months,it is one of those smoke riser tunnels ,and goes the whole height of the building, which is four floors of you include the under building car parking area (creepy as I have links to a case where a woman was murdered in the underground carpark EXACTLY under my old flat in London where my poltergeist started ,my neighbour who was witness to my poltergeist still lives there and we went back about ten years later to do an investigation, I NEVER thought I would be brave enough as I was personally involved in that and its what set me on my paranormal path)



That grating is spooky,you can see right down to the ground floor (the kids live on the top floor) you can see how dark it is,adjusting this photo did nothing to make it clearer


That is the vent at the top of the riser on the roof which let’s the smoke out,also so dark adjusting the photo made no difference
This makes me shudder as something like this is related to my research

The way that smoke riser tunnel is meant to work is that the door automatically opens if there is a fire so the smoke gets sucked into it and out of the roof,minimising smoke inhalation,there has never been a fire in that building (thank goddess) and something like someone burning their toast will not open that door !
There is NO handle on that door on the outside,you can tell there never was a fire because the fire brigade would of closed the door after,also there are doors to that riser on every floor, so I assume they should all be open,they are not

Once my research is over I will be writing a huge article about it so I’m sorry to keep you in suspence

But last night took the medal for one of the strangest episodes…

(From my Facebook)
Totally obsessed with my new research subject..found that I had got my tablet in my sleep and done more research !! HOW does my brain know how to do that ? Well in depth sleep tests on me showed my brain can be awake while my body is not ,but if my body was asleep HOW did I sit up,plug my tablet in,turn it on ,google search then find a specific video ,I’ve always been able to do weird crap like that #kindofeerieandsoisthesubjectiamresearching


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The other day I was at my sons place, I have blogged about it before, it is on the site of the prison from the 1500s and linked to the witches from my village

anyway, a friend of his works somewhere in the town that is another old building and he found some things in the loft when he was cleaning the place, he found some old items that must of belonged to someone who worked there long ago and I did a reading of the items, picking up on two fighting brothers, it was confirmed that two brothers were linked to the building and I also picked up on a will, before I was told that it was a solicitors office in the past

then my reading was interrupted by a voice saying “Thelma”

I explained to my son and his friend that I was getting that name but I did not think it was linked to the office and just to ignore me !

I was also picking up on the fact that Thelma had been moved to a care home and was not happy there

my son jumped about two feet out of his chair and left the flat for 5 minutes

he came back with a letter that he had found half opened in the pile of old mail left for previous tenants ( I could not of seen it on passing because it was at the bottom of a pile of junk mail)

and there was the name Thelma and the letter was from the department of social services that deal with old peoples care homes !

we could not tell from the letter if Thelma has passed on but it seemed that they had been trying to contact her for quite some time

it could well be that I was picking up on a “living residual” and Thelma is in fact alive but left her unhappy energy in the flat when she had to move (my paranormal group has proven the living residual theory on two occasions but I will not waffle on about it here )


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I must show this book to Nate, it is called “The Witches of Warboys” and is about the witches from my village, as you can see from the top picture in the book the photo was taken recently by the author , he was lucky enough to get inside the cell

this is my photo of the same window from the outside
the authors picture of the cell where Agnes and Alice Samuels the witches were held, it looks like the landlord of the flats uses it for storage because I can see black bin bags and a gas canister, wonder if I can get permission to go in there , that would be so cool

my photo of the alley way where you can see the prison cells, with Nates flat on the left side

Authors photo of the same alley

I still get a shiver when I think about how weird it is that I ended up in this village without meaning to and now Nate lives where the Witches were held before they were executed !
strange coincidence

the kids have been having possible paranormal activity in the flat, not surprising as Amber is pregnant and pregnancy can be attractive to spirits
they have found black hand marks on the wall in places they know they have not put their hands, Amber has been hearing voices and a bedside lamp was moved when they were both sitting on the bed, I cannot say for sure that it is paranormal, we are trying to arrange an evening when I can get in there and set my kit up

the prison was on two sites, this one and another one about 3 miles away (there is nothing at all left of that site but I did get lots of calls from people working in what is now the industrial estate reporting paranormal activity )

the prison under Nates building was mainly for debtors and would of been abysmal…probably up to 50 people crammed in that small cell in the photo , with barely any room to sit down

Amber has been doing some research and found a book at the library that said the prison had a huge record of suicide, no wonder then that the site is haunted, we all  know that spirits of people who have committed suicide are unable to rest

click for the story about the witches

it is also a cool coincidence that some of my most popular photographs that I have taken were of the Manor House and church, they were published on a post office calendar and the man who lives there now (a politician ) used it as an illustration for his personal xmas cards

my photos of the church and Manor house

the authors photos, The Manor house is where the Throckmorton family lived that accused the Samuels family of witchcraft, including the Father John Samuels, the Manor House is right next to the church

long before I lived here my paranormal group investigated the church yard when we heard the witches story..I never thought that I would end up here !!

we are not sure exactly where they were hung but we think it is in the “cow field” in the centre of town..another coincidence : Nates ex girlf lives in a house on that field ! there are only three houses there, her house is very old and was once a girls school, she had paranormal activity too

I had always had a slight interest in Pagan and Wiccan ideas but it was not until I came here that I got into it in a big way, I have only come out of the “broom closet” lol in the last year , I have been studying those subjects for the last six years, seems like someone is pushing me to be a “Witch” …wonder if it is the Samuels family ?
I have had contact with the daughter but that is another story, more suitable for my psychic site

I only just realised too that there is a reason I became Pagan and that is down to my heritage, you cannot get more Pagan / Celtic than Scottish and Irish, and especially the highlands of Scotland where my Grandad was from, and I recently found out from the family tree that the Highland Scots side of my family were originally Norwegian, Scandinavians were Pagan and had belief in Gods like Thor, they used runes which are the divinatory tools that I have been heavily drawn to in the last three or four years ..having tried all sorts of tools they are the ones that I keep going back to, along with moon and tree oracles, as we know..Pagans are governed by the moon phases and trees, I can truly say that at last I am comfortable in my beliefs : ) and if people think I am weird then so be it. oh and isn’t it funny that we have a Norwegian forest cat lol

this is all linking up like some kind of chain

odd isn’t it ?

the book , one of the few books that I have bought brand new, I had to order it in, I have had it a few years but only recently read it again

jillys wrote on Jul 20
Wow, this is absolutely fascinating. So many coincidences in your life too. Thanks for telling us about it. That sounds like a good book.

bellemai wrote on Jul 20
That is wicked cool!

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 20
jillys said

Wow, this is absolutely fascinating. So many coincidences in your life too. Thanks for telling us about it. That sounds like a good book.

I am glad you found it interesting : )
it really is a great book
I have so many coincidences in my life that there is a whole section on my psychic website !!

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 20

That is wicked cool!

: )

mitchylr wrote on Jul 20
Some really interesting history. Hope you get permission to explore parts of the building more.

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 20

Some really interesting history. Hope you get permission to explore parts of the building more.

me too, that would be excellent
I would have to pretend it was just for my dereliction photography and sneakily throw in some paranormal investigating ; )

tess1959 wrote on Jul 20
Not sure if I’d want to be living in that area. Would scare the bejeebers out of me. lol

nancywho wrote on Jul 20
I’d be suicidal too if I was crammed into a cell with a bunch of other people, I imagine it would be like living in hell.
I thought all Irish are Catholic religion.

nylabluesmom wrote on Jul 21
What a coincidence…or maybe it is timing…things are coming full circle; answers to questions or ideas not yet answered….remnants of the other lives being fuliflled…..amazing….

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 21

I’d be suicidal too if I was crammed into a cell with a bunch of other people, I imagine it would be like living in hell.
I thought all Irish are Catholic religion.

no some of them are protestant

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 21

Not sure if I’d want to be living in that area. Would scare the bejeebers out of me. lol

you are not the only one to be scared of it
it is just my son and I who are weird and like living in places like that : )

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 21

What a coincidence…or maybe it is timing…things are coming full circle; answers to questions or ideas not yet answered….remnants of the other lives being fuliflled…..amazing….

I do not need to add to that, you have said it perfectly !

nylabluesmom wrote on Jul 23

you have said it perfectly

Great minds think alike my friend….

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 24

Great minds think alike my friend….

: )

chrisjasmine1 wrote on Jul 25
gives me shivers! but very interesting ! nates got the best of the best to investigate for him… I’ll be anxious to hear how it all goes.;)

eeveefoo wrote on Jul 27

gives me shivers! but very interesting ! nates got the best of the best to investigate for him… I’ll be anxious to hear how it all goes.;)

I will certainly blog the results : )