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Eye nebulas

Posted in aliens and UFOs, eyes, stars space nebulas, telepathy on October 16, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I do not even know how I came across these .

Nebulas in space that look like my eyes !

Its interesting because a few psychic people have eyes like that (usually ones that can remote view and are telepathic),here are mine

I have blogged about them before (no I don’t have Wilson’s disease) I am yet to get a really good photo of my grandsons eyes,he has the same gold ring but here is one for now

As he gets older the ring will get bigger and brighter,his big sister has the huge “old soul” eyes but not the gold ring.

Some people think that “light workers” /indigos  and certain psychics are “starseeds” that means they have some kind of DNA from other planets,not sure I believe that myself but I have read a fascinating book called “star children” it may explain why people like that often get “alien” experiences ! Could it be that they are being monitored because of their DNA ?

Is that why they have eyes that mirror these “eye nebulas” in space ?

I don’t know,truth is stranger than fiction as they say.

And here is a human eye nebula side by side with one in space 

Here is a previous blog about my eyes

If you have psychic ability and strange eyes please let me know 🙂

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


Druid animal oracle test with grand daughter #1

Posted in ancestors, animals, druids, experiments, indigo kids, oracles, symbols, tarot and oracles, telepathy, zener cards and psychic tests on May 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I had been wanting this Druid animal oracle for years and finally managed to get a cheap copy second hand,my grand daughter always has success with a smaller animal oracle set I have which she has been familiar with since she was tiny so I thought she might like to try this one.

First I explained to her about Druids ,she has heard them mentioned in Marc Bolans song “ride a white swan”

Wear a tall hat like the Druids in the old days

Wear a tall hat and a tattooed gown

we sing that song a lot.

Then I explained about the Awen symbol that is on the back of the cards and very like her name…she liked that.

I explained that the names of the animals on the cards were in Gaelic in the explanation book which comes from Scotland and so do some of her ancestors.

Taking it very seriously as usual.

She wanted to make it an ESP /guessing test like when we used the zener cards.

So I shuffled the cards and at first just let her pick them randomly after we decided :

I predicted she would pick the owl and the dog and she predicted she would pick the dog and the horse.

After quite a few tries of just quickly picking at random she had not found them although it’s interesting to note she had found :

The raven which is my husbands power animal

The wolf which is technically a dog

The fox which is her brothers favourite toy that goes everywhere with him

And a wren which she insisted was a robin because that is her special bird.

She finally got the dog card after she started talking about her dreams,if you saw the zener card test you will know that helped her that time too.

Then I decided to “send ” her the horse card,I told her to imagine stroking the horse….she found the card straight away !!

Then she wanted to play hide the cards,she went in the living room while I hid them in the kitchen, my kitchen has a lot of stuff in it,she found them straight away.

Here is another blog about her being Druid like !!

And her previous psychic test


Grand daughter zener card test number 1

Posted in experiments, indigo kids, phases and development, psychic exercises, telepathy, zener cards and psychic tests on March 27, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Today I tested my grand daughter with zener cards ,which are a method of testing psychic ability, they are a pack of 25 cards ,they have the following symbols : star,wavy lines,square,cross and circle.(you may have seen them in the film “ghost busters”)

They have been used for a long time under controlled tests by parapsychologists and I often test my paranormal clients who I believe may be having activity due to latent psychic abilities.

My granddaughter blew us away last year with the coloured balls hidden behind someone’s back test,she got about 85% success rate (video only available to Facebook friends)

Since she was about 20 months old she has always without fail picked the robin (her power animal) and barn owl (my power animal) out of my animal oracle cards without looking.(videos also only available to Facebook friends) ….interesting to note she was wearing leggings with her power animal on today,I wonder if that helped ? You never know.

What fascinated me about today’s tests was more what she was saying than the actual success of her card reading (she got 6 correct, which is higher than chance for a four year old)

I had to draw all the symbols onto a note pad just to remind her of the symbols being used as she had not used the cards before but there was no cheating whatsoever.

She got a couple right ….

I then decided to tell her how to use the TV screen third eye visualization technique,I thought she wouldn’t understand that but she shocked me by saying she already sees like that ! It worked and she got two right straight away.

I then decided to project the images to her by me looking at the cards and sending the images telepathically, this worked well too,when her daddy was young we were actually able to do this through walls to each other,with one person acting as the sender and the other the receiver is normally how this test works.

She asked if she could say “dreams” to help, which I found interesting ! And she proceeded to tell me that she dreams of scarecrows in pools,well I’ve always dreamt of statues in pools since I was little (you can find that on blogs going way way back on here) I’ve never told her about that.

But the most interesting part to me was when she read that one of the cards was wavy lines but she saw them as white not black how they are on the card ,that is exactly how my psychic visions come through…like looking at a negative rather than a photograph,I always assumed it was because I am a photographer !

We tried one card while she held a spirit quartz, it didn’t help on this occasion, its probably clear quartz she needs to hold, but being a girlie girl she wanted to hold a sparkly pretty one.

Very impressive first try,if she had been concentrating properly she would of done even better,but she found it all strange and exciting, going to try again in a few weeks

You can view the video on Facebook if you are friends with me on there, it makes for interesting viewing

There is nothing dangerous about these tests, they are similar to memory games or psychological cognitive tests and are a good way to exercise the brain.NO they don’t attract paranormal activity in the slightest,if they did I would not put them near children !

In an adult getting a score of about 12/25 is seen as more than chance, she tested me,I havent been tested in years ,I got 17/25 I am a bit rusty !

test with druid oracle cards

Link with Arwen ?

Posted in coincidences, indigo kids, telepathy on March 4, 2016 by Psychic eevee

link with my grand daughter Arwen ? I just randomly sent her Mummy Amber a “frozen” sticker on facebook,never seen them before until now and it turns out Arwen was wearing her frozen dress at the exact same moment,she has not worn that dress for months and it was about 8am,it is a preschool day so I know she randomly put the dress on as she cannot go to preschool in that.

A random coincidence or a telepathic link (I used to have those with her Daddy all the time,even when seven miles apart)

Here are screenshots of my Facebook,you can see the frozen sticker that I just discovered and Amber saying “this is her right now” with a photo she sent.




Posted in indigo kids, psychic families, telepathy with tags , , on March 1, 2014 by Psychic eevee

The other night I had that very weird feeling in my hand that I have had only once before. you can read about it in previous blog

last time it was linked to my son and again it was linked to him

here is my text to him


and here is his FB status


it is a few days out but I will class it as a premonition because of the odd thing with my hand and the fact I have only had that

once before and it was linked to him,

I cannot explain it, my husband was witness both times but you can actually see my fingers being crushed and bent !!



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