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I had stopped blogging about the coincidences with owls everywhere that I go and since I last blogged I have a folder of about 100 of them !! (in only a few weeks)

but I thought that last night is worth mentioning

we took our son to hospital to have a heart trace, there was a pile of magazines in the waiting area, none of which I was interested in but I pulled one out of the middle of the pile and the first page I opened I came to an owl


then a bit later we were walking down a corridor to go to get my sons ECG done and saw these owls on the wall

I remember seeing these before but I am pretty sure they are no where near the childrens ward, they are in actual fact near the emergency department



that was a funny coincidence in itself but then we saw this art work, this is new, we had not seen this before

and of all trees to choose we found it amusing that it was this one

this is of gingko leaves, what a weird coincidence considering our experience with the gingko tree

click here to read about it

yet again another oriental link with us and hospitals, you can read further about my experiences with the oriental man that appeared during one of my operations if you go to “the oriental link” category

I am glad to report that my sons heart trace was fine

I totally forgot to add this owl pic, it is right near our house , it is a signpost for the Raptor Foundation bird sanctuary ! subconsciously for the 6 years I have lived in this area that sign post could of been pointing me in the direction of my power animal

as I write this, Orion the owl is outside, he has not been heard for about three weeks

when we got home we decided to quickly try the oracle cards that I had got free with my spiritual magazine ( I love the cards that they give away, I have quite a few sets now and they are pretty accurate, my first set predicted that my son was going to be a Father.

my husband picked this card, which looks very much like owl wings and talks of “flying” to see inner wisdom, the owl is seen as wise and as a power animal they are there to help you build your spiritual wisdom

in the library the day before there was an owl poster on the librarians desk and a dvd called “hoot” but i did not get pictures of them because I did not have my phone with me



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in the last few i have been getting cross with myself thinking that im being lazy when it comes to my buddhism study,that i havent been taking it seriously lately and that i havent been meditating like i should, it caused me a lot of thinking and soul searching

well someone else seems to have been dropping me hints…..
all in one day i found these items
a set of lotus place mats in a charity shop
this buddha in a different charity shop
this poster about a tibetan psychology course
this lotus on a shop sign
also that day we were stuck behind this van “indigo” as you know,im fascinated by indigo kids and i even have the word indigo in my private email
a few months i found this lotus painting in an antique shop,i thought it would be too expensive for me to afford but i was really happy when it was only £3

reddylaugh wrote on May 10, ’10
John keeps saying he’s going to the Buddhist Temple here but he hasn’t gone yet……..maybe I should give him a sign—like a kick to his ass!! Very unBuddhist-like huh?

readingsbyeevee wrote on May 10, ’10
lol what like the time i squished a spider with a buddhist candle holder haha

another strange hospital experience (my oriental link ) 20 jan 10

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i forgot to add this,which was another oriental coincedence regarding my op
the night before i was sitting in the street getting stressed out and worried and spotted this dalai lama picture on an electric box that had not been there a couple of days before
this is a small town and there are no buddhist temples or groups !! just seems an odd thing for someone to grafitti when usually the graffiti round here is swear words ! i often turn to the dalai lama when i am in need,im not a proper buddhist but i am very fascinated by it all

on 16 december 2009 i was admitted into hospital for a rather horrific operation
i suffer with neuropathy which is a neurological disorder that affects the nerves, it was decided that my arm couldnt be left any longer and i was to have a ulnar nerve transposition which is where they open the arm,separate the arm bones and move the nerve from the outside of the elbow (its this nerve when hit that causes strange sensations and is called the “funny bone”) my funny bone is no longer on my elbow like normal people but running along the inside of my arm !
due to my previous creepy experiences when in hospital such as the near death experience that you can read about in the near death blog i refused to be knocked out under a general anaesthetic and said i would prefer to be awake,the surgeon was not happy and said it was really not something he would advise as moving the nerve was horrifically painful
i said i didnt care
the day of the operation i put some tibetan meditation music on in the car and tranced out (no i wasnt driving !),getting ready for what i was about to face,in my meditation i saw a little tibetan monk and i sat with him under a cherry blossom tree where he rubbed my arm and told me his name was Thupten or something like that,thats nice ,i thought,feeling chilled out and ready for what i had to go through
In the hospital they were still trying to talk me into being knocked out but i wouldnt listen
let me just say that it was the worst thing EVER and i would rather give birth ten times over !!
the only thing i didnt feel was the incision,everything else i FELT
they said that local anaesthetic doesnt really work once they are rooting around in arm nerves and thats why i could feel it
what was meant to be a half hour op turned into over an hour because the surgeon said he was amazed my arm wasnt totally crippled and it was the worst case of nerve compression he had ever seen,he said that the nerve was fused to the bone,and yes i felt his scalpel slicing under it to release the nerve,i am amazed that i didnt pass out with the agony of it,
strangely i didnt move,well my left side was twitching but my arm wasnt,just as well cos the slightest twitch and the surgeon could have severed the nerve or an artery
the surgeon kept asking if i was alright because i was so quiet !!
no i didnt have any drugs of any kind,i had no sedation,no gas…..nothing
what saw me through was this….
i had my eyes shut as a reflex throughout the whole thing but during a particularly nasty bit i felt someone stroking my other arm and my hair and you could have knocked me over with a feather when i saw an old ORIENTAL MALE NURSE by my side,i thought ..thats strange considering what happened in my meditation,then thought,oh just a coincedence
seriously,it was that old man that got me through the whole thing
there was much talk afterwards among the hospital staff that i was (a) mad (b) ridiculously brave
i sent my husband to look for the old man afterwards so i could thank him and he couldnt find him,maybe he had finished his shift but who knows…maybe hes my guide, i have seen the oriental man in dreams and during meditation before and he looks uncannily like the nurse in the operating room
guess what…i need the other arm done soon
will i be mad enough to be awake again ? …yes probably !!!

my oriental link, my strange tree 20 jan 10

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when we originally viewed this house we were not going to take it because we felt too far out of town,but i was drawn to this tree in the front garden,the tree made me feel happy and it sort of was one of the deciding factors,apart from the fact the front door was wide open,on a friday evening ensuring we went inside the house to view it !!
anyway,our old neighbour mentioned that the tree was rare,we didnt think much more of it until we had been here 3 years and i decided to find out what it was
it turns out that it is a gingko biloba which is a rare oriental tree hardly ever found in the UK (although getting quite common in the U.S) i researched it and could not believe what i was reading…
the tree helps with TWO of the illnesses that i have (which going by my study are linked to psychic people) the tinnitus / hum   and vertigo
i have been suffering with those for years and the vertigo at worst made me bed bound and the hum at worse had me crawling the walls in despair,many drugs had been tried on me to no avail and a white noise generator worn in my ear only masked the hum,i was still being disturbed by it
after researching,i hot footed it to a health store and bought some gingko pills,it was worth a try…touch wood,after being on them for only three months there is a HUGE improvement,i no longer get vertigo and the hum only comes about once a month instead of every day !!!
maybe its a placebo effect and i WANT it to work but i wanted the other things to work and they didnt,whatever is going on i find it very very strange that we should move to a house with the answer to my problems right outside my door
i gave thanks to that tree every day and i will never ever let anything happen to it,in fact i have had a preservation order put on it
in thanks (yes i know i sound mad) i have put a buddha head  by it and two large rocks,since the gingko originally grew in rocky areas,since i left the gifts for it,it has doubled in size
another thing research showed is that it is useful for cognitive ability which is what is needed to be a psychic….another coincedence maybe but my dreams are even more symbolic now
there are more oriental links coming up in future blogs ( i have always had a fascination with feng shui,buddhism etc and now i have had a wierd experience in hospital with an oriental link…coming soon)
i would like to thank my U.S friend Jen who is the person who told me what the tree is
xxx i would never have known if she hadnt told me
this has to be one of the strangest coincedences i have had in a long time
if you are wanting to develop psychic ability and fancy giving gingko biloba a try,check with your doctor first !! and if they say its fine for you to take it,do please let me know how you get on with it