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Tattoo day coincidences !!

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On my 46th birthday and 21st wedding anniversary my hubby surprised me,I got up in the morning and he said “you know those tattoos you have been waiting years for…you are getting them today” !!!

I was overjoyed .

So off we went to the tattoo shop,I already had the designs in my head,they are of course in tribute to my music hero’s and they are not a “whim” I have loved both of them since I was a child

I did not get them too big because my advice to anyone about tattoos is always get them so you can cover them with clothing should you need to,I now have seven, yes it’s addictive

As usual the day was full of “coincidences”

Firstly when I went into the shop to discuss my design I told them I wanted a 1970s style font, while looking through the fonts one jumped out at me,even though I don’t think its a 70s one I said to hubby “oh,here’s the first link”

If you are a Bowie fan you will know about his “Berlin trilogy” he lived in Berlin for a while and it inspired these three albums

We then had an hours wait til my appointment so I decided to go charity shop hunting and yes,I found some items with links !

A peace sign necklace,peace signs always remind me of Bolan

(Note also the “Scottish witches butterfly” on that)

I won’t add all the lyrics he wrote that mention “peace” I will be here all day

A peacock ring,Marc was known as a peacock due to his showing off and strutting

He was also known for his “peacock” chair

He mentions peacocks in this song

I could not believe it when I went in a charity shop and found this strange leather pot,I think it is a dice shaker,I realised I could turn it into a Bolan hat but I needed a really thin belt to make a band…lo and behold, the very next shop had the perfect one ! What were the odds of finding those two things the day I was getting his hat tattooed on me ? And the pot is brown,like his hat

Its not perfect ,I wish the brim was wider but its the closest I will get

I opened a packet of sweets and laughed to myself because one looked like a crescent moon,its not meant to… Its meant to be round, that immediately put me in mind of Bowie’s “serious moonlight”

The moon phase for that day

Pub near marcs house

Marcs house and how close it is to Putney where the half moon is

A T Rex tribute band play there

“Let’s dance” from the “serious moonlight” tour …this demo recently released

When we got to my aunts afterwards we found her road blocked off by a fallen tree

And what was under it …a mini !!! That was kind of  eerie considering Marc died in a mini when he hit a tree

We watched as the tree was removed, amazingly the car was fine !

I then noticed that my aunt had new stickers on her fridge

That along with the lid of a tin of posh biscuits my son had given me reminded me of Bowie and Bolans “prettiest star”

(This song always makes me cry, it’s the only song they did together)

This is the last time they were together, Marc fell off the stage,David felt bad about that because he joked “Marc needs a wooden box” he meant to stand on,but considering Marc died a week later that is quite spooky,also spooky :spot the black star t shirt in the cartoon at the beginning ! apparently David got an electric shock off his mic during rehearsals, interesting that he then went on to play Tesla in “the prestige”

You can see how distraught he was at Marc’s funeral 😦

That lid also reminds me of the “black star” although its not black

On the way home a van with a union jack bonnet passed by,I didn’t get a picture because it was too fast but it looked like that

We saw not one but two rainbows

There was this one on the way home

And this one later that we could see from the bedroom

Not only are there the rainbow links with our youngest grand daughter but also with my two heroes

(I used to work in Finsbury park at a dentists)

(Note the bluebirds …kind if eerie considering Bowie’s last song)

Then I noticed my grandson had a top on that said “beep beep”

I read my book about Bowie in Beckenham, it was very interesting to read especially now we have been to the places it talks about

I noticed this in the book

My daughter in law had made me a birthday cake which was unintentionally very 1970s looking especially with the plate she had put it on

Then there was much hilarity about my choice of jumper that day,

I have never worn this before in my life, its something my aunt gave me,anyone who knows me knows that I do not normally do colours, at least not “block colours” I wore it because its old and it wouldn’t matter if it got tattoo ink on it,on the way in the car I was researching some Marc pictures and found this 

I have never ever seen this before

Hubby was laughing so much and told me I wasn’t helping myself ,I get accused of looking like Marc enough as it is (you may have seen the blog where I show loads of photos where I look like him), that’s why I don’t curl my hair and our poor grandson swears that photos of Marc are actually me !

When I showed our son this photo of Marc after he complimented me on being brave enough to wear something bright for once ,I told him I probably would not be wearing it again,he tried so hard to stifle a snort and asked “did you do that on purpose ?” 🙂

What a lot of “coincidences” again,I like to think my heroes were letting me know they approved of my tattoos in their honour !

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The big pilgrimage day part 2

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For my early birthday we went on our Bowie/Bolan pilgrimage part 2 which was started on my birthday last year and that became the day that the rock star contact started !

We still had more places to see (and we still have not finished)

We left here at 4:30 am

We went back to Bolans crash site

When we parked up the car a fox ran across the road and that was the start of the many “signs’

It wasn’t til about an hour later we realised ….” Fox” was part of the number plate of marcs car and it crashed the other side of the common where we saw the fox

This road is nearby, it becomes important later when Bowie made me find a rock !

Near the common I found this ,something told me to keep it because it may have links to Marc

You can see how long it must have been there due to how dirty it is

click on photos to make them readable

Part of (“unicorn “)

When we got to the witchcraft museum,this was one of the first things we saw

Swan I left for Marc this year

Flowers I left for Marc and Mickey the bongo player of T Rex ,whose anniversary is in January.

A purple mini did not mysteriously appear near the crash site this time but we did see a blue one (however, a purple one did appear later)

My little swan

My flowers


My two heroes

While I was there I got some truly amazing EVP and spirit box contact again and also a photograph but I will not glorify it and it will all stay on my private Facebook but those who have seen it have been as amazed as we were.

I “smudged” the location with sage to give Marc peace and protect the memorial from vandalism.

We then went onto marcs house,the one that he didn’t make it home to 😦 we missed it on our visit last year

What a beautiful house it is.

We then stopped off at a witchcraft museum which I will do a separate blog about.

I was in tons of pain and considered going home but something spurred me on….

We went to Beckenham which is where Bowie started out,he played a free festival in a bandstand just before “space oddity” made him famous

My flower for Bowie

We were very sad to find it locked when we got there ,the website said the park would be locked at 4, we got there at 2 !! Hubby had to climb the fence and hurt himself ,to put my flower down and get some pics for me

These photos were taken of Bowie when he actually played in the bandstand

He wrote this song about that day

Note the RAINBOW link again !!?

Then our last stop was the “three tuns” pub which is now an Italian restaurant called “zizzis”

Beautiful murals inside

Note the birch tree which is both mine and Bowie’s birth tree

I am only smiling because of the Bowie links,not because of the food ,in fact I was so not impressed I left this review

It really was disappointing considering that Beckenham is somewhat of a Mecca for Bowie fans I think it should be turned back into a pub and recreated to look how it did when Bowie had his art lab there, they could run it as an art lab again and have open mic nights for up and coming talent (Bowie would approve) they could also have a Bowie museum there, people would come from all round the world because the mural in brixton has now been ruined,it was bad enough that it has to be covered with perspex but now fans have written all over the perspex so you can’t see the mural,I ask myself what kind of fans would do that !? They have ruined it for everyone else ,that mural will probably be painted over now and it’s so disrespectful to the artist 😦 

There is to be a Bowie statue in Aylesbury which is ridiculous, just because he mentioned the market place in one song,the statue looks way over the top and the last I saw of it I didn’t even recognise it as Bowie, it looked like Pierce Brosnan ! There should be a life like statue of him in the band stand. Beckenham is THE most important location

Bowie inside the three tuns as it was then

As usual I got some signs on the day

Not only was there the fox in the road and the blue mini near the crash site but also these :

Stuck behind another mini

Remember I said “rocks road” would be important… At the bandstand I stood on this !!

Just as I switched on Bowie’s “low” album we came to this bridge,the first low bridge we saw all day

At the witchcraft museum,a Buddhist tulpa skull,Bowie (and myself) studied Buddhism, I think the skull in the black star video may symbolise one of these

At the witchcraft museum “put on your red shoes and dance the blues’

Our sat Nav suddenly diverted us and took us past the eye hospital where surgeons tried to save Bowie’s eye when he was young

This was where the witchcraft exhibition was,Bowie had a song called ” love you til Tuesday”

I stopped off in a charity shop and got this,it reminds me of “black star’

I also got this,it reminds me of the ” labyrinth ” owl

And I’ve saved the best til last

I took a photo of this shop because it has “fox” in the name

……and I did not notice til we got home….THE PURPLE MINI !!!

we aim to do part 3 of our pilgrimage in the summer

Here is the blog about part one


hubby got me this book for my birthday which is all about Bowie’s time in Beckenham

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Bowie 2nd anniversary spirit box part 1 Bath time ? What the heck !

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Well that’s the first time I have cut Bowie off !!

I just was not expecting this, I know I like proof that my rock star friends are here but this was a bit much ,I had just had a bath then did a quick spirit box session

I was using a new sponge !

RASH I have eczema and just got cream from the chemist

STRIP when he said that I ended the session,not sure that I like him seeing me naked lol

Proof I had been in the bath just before

My eczema cream

Seems I may have offended him because I tried again later and he did not say much !

Well since he spied on me in the bath, let us spy on him lol

Nice bathrobe David !! 😉

That reminds me,hubby and I used to really laugh at this comedy song “bath time for Bowie” maybe he was letting me know that he has seen us laughing at it ?

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Bowie 71st birthday spirit box ..amazing :) Lazarus lyric

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I was not going to do spirit box on Bowie’s birthday, I was going to save it til his anniversary on the 10th but something told me to do it

He said BLUEBIRD !!

That is from the lyrics of ‘Lazarus’ from the ‘black star’ album

I then realised, it was released on his BIRTHDAY the year he died

Happy 71st birthday David, I hope that you are free like the bluebird (he is always happy when he communicates)

Other relevant words from that particular screenshot

NAT my sons name,he is a musician

SAILBOAT Bowie’s internet name was ‘sailor’ he proposed to his wife on a boat

DOPE I was smoking a roll up cigarette, my husband said it smelt like cannabis

ACHE and BETTER I was telling David I could not talk for long because I was in a fibro flare and had a migraine

CLAP I actually clapped when he said bluebird !
I used four different spirit boxes and normal EVP, I will update when I have been through them all, I just had to post this because it blew me away !! As usual the video proof will be on my private Facebook

a few days  before this I got a box in a charity shop that I wanted to turn into a memory box for my dogs 

Someone had put a homemade bird inside it,it was days before I realised that the bird was BLUE !!

I painted it a better blue,gave it a beak,eye and wing and wrote the line from “Lazarus” about the bluebird on it and put it in a frame


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The scorpion dream

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This was weird..

I dreamt I was sitting on the sofa ands David Bowie had his head in my lap and he was dying,I was stroking his hair and all of a sudden he jumped up and picked up a scorpion that was on the carpet and he threw it out of the room !

Later I was talking to hubby and I said “I think he’s warning me about someone” we both looked at each other and said at the same time “THE STALKER” (long story short but hubby has a bit of a stalker, I won’t go into that here)

Either that or its a warning about someone we do know who has been causing trouble and I just worked out that their star sign is Scorpio !

So I looked up if there are any Bowie/Scorpio/scorpion links

When I woke up from my dream I checked Facebook and saw this, I was going to have pizza for dinner…I changed my mind

Width of a circle lyrics : venom /horned and tailed

Sweet thing lyrics : poisonous people spreading lies…this applies to the trouble maker we know

Wow !! I have never seen this before

What the heck ? A weird comic with Bowie on it

I often say these things with my rockstar friends do not surprise me anymore, but I have to admit,he surpassed himself this time !!!

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