Mini tree conservationist

Our grand daughter likes to do the things I do and now our grandson is getting older he likes to copy my husband,yesterday we went to my aunts and my husband helped her to break up an old tree,Isaac really enjoyed helping,hubby does voluntary tree conservation during the winter as well as the owl work. […]

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Learning trees

Our grand daughter is learning to recognise certain trees,she calls these “grammis birth tree” because in Celtic astrology I am a birch,she is ivy but insists she is rose too because that is her middle name,she recognises my hubbys birth tree ,the willow because she says it looks like it has “Elsa hair” We were […]

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Druid girl?

I really wish I got a photo or video our grand daughter picked up a large branch in our garden and walked around with it like it was a druid staff and even tapped it on the ground like she was doing some sort of ritual calling up earth spirits ,then minutes later a […]

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