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Mini viking (built in heritage)

Posted in ancestors, heritage, vikings on January 1, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I thought this was so cute

Our grandson Isaac yesterday decided to be a Viking, we have Norse ancestry ,he didn’t have an axe though so he used a pink plastic picnic fork,terrifying !! 😉

Our family has Norse heritage from our Scottish ancestors, when Norwegian Vikings settled in the Scottish highlands, I often get accused of being a “berserker” or going “berserk” my son looks sooooo Scots Viking with his build,Scottish brow and auburn coloured beard.

My son and Isaac when he was a baby

We also have Irish traveller and Polish and Romanian gypsy heritage so it explains the volatile tempers we have lol and explains being drawn to Paganism and witchcraft,The Norse and Highland heritage explains being drawn to Celtic methods such as runes and sacred trees,I was always fascinated with the Callanish stones in the Isle of Lewis where my grandad was from,I already did a blog about that (hubby is Greek Cypriot/Irish)

This has always been a huge joke in our family,how I look like Braveheart,and that is why I don’t have my hair long !

Rushed photo edited just for a joke 😉

At least I don’t look like “ming the merciless” hey hubby hahaha hahaha