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Ancestor dream coincided with TV programme !

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, dreams and premonitions, heritage, witches on September 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Hubby and I were watching a paranormal programme,just as I was telling him this dream :

“We were investigating an ancient pub and the owners said they had found old bits of paper inside the walls,one had a name on and it was the same as my maiden name,I told them how strange that was because my maiden name is not common,the owner then told me they found out the woman whose name was written on the paper was once a witch who lived in Stornoway in the outer Hebrides and said her name was Aileen,its very likely this was an ancestor dream and one of my ancestors was actually a witch in Stornoway ! would explain why I was drawn to studying what I do”

At the EXACT same time I was telling him this they pulled a shoe out of a wall on the programme and mentioned a witch who was supposedly haunting a whole town ,shoes hidden in walls were charms against witchcraft.

in fact ,it was the EXACT same time almost word for word because he told me to rewind the programme so I could hear exactly what they said.

From my psychic log

Screenshots I took today “ghosts of shepherds town” which luckily I had saved on the “sky” box
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Very accurate message from a moth

Posted in animals, butterflies, mother shipton, moths, power animals /totem animals, witches on May 31, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday I was sitting at the garden table and noticed the most beautiful moth (sitting on grand daughters power bird !)

I wish I had my proper camera with me so I could of got a photo of it’s lovely furry face, it looked a bit like this

So cute ! (Picture Google search)

I tried to identify it,I always call white moths “moon moths” because they are so bright and ethereal compared to most.

I couldn’t find it but these were the closest I got

Too patterned 

More like it but not enough pattern

Very like it but this is in America and I can’t find these listed for Uk

I found this fascinating ,Mother shipton was a famous witch, i really want to visit Mother shiptons cave ,objects left there petrify

I looked up the totem meaning of moths : (info from

Although moths have symbolism that is similar to that of butterflies, there are several distinctive differences. Because moths are nocturnal animals, they represent several elements that directly contradict those of diurnal butterflies: wisdom of the other world, knowledge, clairvoyance and and secrets.

Nocturnal creatures have nighttime inclinations and tendencies that have specific spiritual and philosophical meanings themselves. Because they conduct their life-sustaining activities and practices in complete darkness, they are highly reliant on sensory perception and are vulnerable. They navigate the night by using their awareness and inner-knowing.

For humans, the moth animal totem is a sign to recognize our own vulnerabilities and utilize our own instincts and intuition, rather than relying solely on the concrete things that we can see in the daylight.

We are also called upon by the moth spirit guide to pay attention to the symbolism in our dreams, interpreting the information and applying it our lives, specifically during dark and difficult times.

(I am going through a difficult time at the moment)

Moth Insect Associated Traits

Psychic Abilities, Wisdom, Attraction, Faith, Determination, Secrets, Fragility

(I have been very fragile physically and mentally with my huge health flare up)

Symbolic Meaning Of Moth

The moth symbolizes determination, attraction, psychic abilities, and faith. Although moths are nocturnal, they are driven toward light for some unknown reason.

Even when its efforts toward light prove dangerous and futile, the moth continues to drive forward, demonstrating its faith and determination. It is vigilant in following the path toward light, teaching us that we, too, should be. We must remain vigilant in all of our pursuits, while keeping our intuition and judgement in tact.

Faith is important, but blind faith with no grounding is foolish. We must pay attention to the signs that are attempting to speak to us. In all of our quests, we need to take care not to fall victim to blind faith and ignorance. The moth teaches us that adjusting our course when necessary is equally as important as driving forward on the path.

When a moth symbol presents itself to you, it should be interpreted as reminder to be be aware of how you are carrying yourself. Moths are symbols of concealment, which can be interpreted in both good and bad ways. As a master of disguise, the moth meaning symbolizes that you could be hiding from yourself. 

(Yes,I’ve become a master of concealing my health problems ,which has now backfired on me)

You may be disguising your emotions, keeping yourself hidden from others.

(EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING !! pretending I am not as unwell as I am and always laughing and joking to hide it,I hide away at home when at my worst so no one can see,in turn people have a hard time believing my disabilities)

 If this is the case, you must develop faith and trust in yourself and allow your lift to emerge from the darkness. Our hearts are our ultimate guide, and the moth reminds us that we should not disguise it.

(I have finally started to tell people the truth whether they like it or not)

The moth spiritual totem associates itself with optimistic people who can find the silver lining in any situation, however dark it may be.

(I have always been like that thankfully, until recently, when its all got too much !)

 Its presence encourages us to develop the ability to seek out the positive in any situation, using our intuition and psychic awareness. We can do this by paying attention to small details, practicing good listening skills, and being a solid companion to those in our lives.

Like many other spiritual animals, a moth spirit guide’s presence in your dreams serves as a signal. Generally, it is a signal for you to pay attention to minor and seemingly unimportant details and take care not to overlook things.

 Small things can quickly turn huge and catastrophic if not given due attention.

(That could mean my health issues,some of them could turn catastrophic I continue to ignore them)

The moth symbolism may also be suggesting that there is some unseen irritation boiling inside you. If you do not dig deeply into yourself and identify it, it may not surface until it is too late. 

(I’ve been irritated with myself and family but finally I’ve started to talk about it)

Along with this, the moth sometimes symbolizes a weakness.

(Well that’s my body full stop right now !)

It can be a flaw in your character that can lead to your demise if you allow it to. 

(I have a weakness to medication and my big fear lately is that I am going to die from it !!!)

As a fragile creature, the moth symbolizes a fragile state of mind and attempts to encourage us to take a step back, allow ourselves to heal, and move forward toward a positive life.

(This I am planning right now)


This was so accurate it gave me the shivers !!

Looks like I now have another power animal 🙂

I have always been attracted to moths and never understood why most girls scream if they see them,I had a pet one called Marvin,in fact I had quite a few ,Marvin,Marvin 2,Marvin 3 etc 

One of them would sit on my desk while I was writing 

Animals always have messages for you if you are prepared to “listen”




Some lovely “spooky” moths ,I would love to see these

found this in my Facebook “memories”


found some photos of my “pet” moth Marvin,who used to sit on my computer monitor while I worked

UPDATE SEPTEMBER found these old photos ,just how cute is this !! :


My crafts : new book of shadows and new scrying mirrors

Posted in book of shadows, Haunted items, mirrors, my handmade crafts, pagan and wiccan, scrying, wiccan clothes and items, witches on May 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting my homemade crafts on here anymore as I am running out of space but I will post the occasional thing that is to do with my work.

My old book of shadows is full up and falling to pieces so I made a new one.

A book of shadows is what a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch writes what they have learnt in and any spells they have performed etc.

I found a huge fabric binder that has a nice section on one side with a filing compartment ,which will be handy for keeping things I cut out of magazine’s in.

I decorated the front with a pentacle sew on patch, lots of charms,fake ivy leaves (to symbolise the feminine) barn owls as they are my power animal and a feather from my duck because she is one of my “Familiar’s”

The back : an eagle owl feather and a black eagle feather that my hubby got me from the bird of prey sanctuary he volunteers at, a wooden crow because that is his power animal and the beautiful Victorian style owl ribbon was sent to me by my lovely friend Lois in America.

Ribbon detail: witch charms

Ribbon detail: my name

Divider pages : images courtesy of google search

The good thing about using a binder is that you can take pages out and about with you if you are doing outside rituals ,but I would advise using those plastic page pockets

The cheap frame I got for 99p
I got this really cheap frame in a charity shop and sprayed the back of the glass black and added charms

This is my haunted mirror ,this is when I first tried to make it into a scrying mirror ,because it didn’t have plain glass I had to spray the front of the mirror but it was too dull,so I was going to get some very high gloss lacquer to coat over it,unfortunately the glass broke !

So I had to put new glass in it,I couldn’t afford to get some glass specifically cut for it because that is really expensive, the only glass I could find didn’t quite fit which was really annoying, so I had to cover the gaps with fake black orchids, I don’t like it but I guess it makes it a bit gothic and spooky looking.

This will be interesting, now that the original glass is broken will it stop the mirror being haunted ,or will it release the spirits into my house ? Will have to wait and see (with sage at the ready !!)

That awkward moment when you walk past a mirror and think you have turned into a vampire !!! Because you forgot you turned it into a black glass scrying mirror and you can’t see your reflection!!! LOL 🙂

See previous blog about this mirror

Also,I think I have finally finished updating the strange Bowie monument I didnt even realise I had made !!

My old retired book of shadows that was getting ridiculously huge !
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Revisit to the witches prison

Posted in indigo kids, paranormal, sons place, witches on April 9, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Today we passed by the basement of the old prison where the witches from my village were held hundreds of years ago,and where my grand Daughter lived in a flat opposite as a baby, when she was about two I took her there and she waved at something that wasn’t there and acted like she could see someone,I did blog about it at the time and post a video on my Facebook,

I wanted to see her reaction now that a couple of years have passed :

She couldn’t remember seeing it before but stated it was scary and didn’t want to get too close,she didnt want me to poke my fingers in and said I must not go in there or I would end up at the stars (dead)

I explained it wasnt scary,it was actually sad, that they were good witches who only tried to help people but people were mean to witches hundreds of years ago and put them in prison (she is way too young to know about the hanging of witches yet)

She decided that was sad,she asked where are the witches now,I told her they were at the stars because it was so long ago,she amazed me by saying “they are not dead,they are alive”

She then proceeded to tell me that they hold on to the bars, that is VERY interesting because there have been many reports of people seeing their spirits holding onto the bars !! And begging for food, because some kind people at the time would feed them bread ,how did she know that ? Ive not told her !

She asked if we had met the witches before ,I said we may of done a long long time ago (a bit hard to explain past lives to a four year old)

I asked if she knew their names but she didn’t,I think she is not progressed enough to have reached that stage.

She asked if anyone dreams about them ,I said that I do sometimes, she said that if she has any dreams about them she will go in her mummy and daddy’s room to be safe.

It was interesting how she was scared to start with ,just by looking at it,but explaining the history to her and telling her that witches are not bad (she still doesn’t know that I am one) changed her mind totally. Which is often how I deal with paranormal clients,once they know the history of their home or the spirits in it,it usually eases their fears and the activity lessens or ends completely.

All that is left of the prison is the basement cell where the witches from my village were held, newer buildings were built on top, activity was reported in the newer building (its still very old but not as old as the cell) but it was difficult to arrange an investigation as people with learning difficulties use the building and I didn’t want to scare them, my sons flat had a lot of activity and I did investigate that.

I would so love to investigate the basement cell though !

Strange how I ended up living in the witches village without knowing why,our first investigation in town was at a pub that has the gates from the prison on it now,my son then moved to the flat opposite the prison and now lives in a flat with views onto the meadow where they were hung,I believe I ended up in this village to steer me onto the Wiccan path.

Explaining to me how they hold on to the bars !

Outside her old flat opposite the prison that she remembers although she was one when she moved from there

The alleyway at the side of her old flat that was in a spooky Georgian building ,with the prison cell visible on the left

Looking in the old curiosity shop across the road from her old flat that is also very very old and now derelict,I loved that shop and got lots of weird and wonderful antiques in there  ,I sensed it was very haunted and left them my details ,but the trouble with places like that is insurance, they don’t want investigators stumbling round in the dark possibly breaking expensive antiques.

Today’s videos will be posted on my Facebook for friends to view

You can read more about this location and the witches link in the “witches” category,in the index,right hand side of main page

The egg coincidence

Posted in coincidences, duck, fairies and fairy garden, witches on December 11, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Well I never,

Our duck laid the tiniest egg ever next to one of her huge ones ,we’ve never seen this before so I looked it up incase it means she is unwell or something,she’s fine,it can be normal

Duck eggs are much bigger than chicken eggs anyway (and much tastier) but girl chickens and girl ducks can both have this happen

FAIRY egg !! well our duck laid it in our fairy garden

WITCH egg !! we practice Wicca and have witchcraft items in our garden.

I blew the egg so I can keep it along with her very first egg I kept and one of her giant eggs I kept,it had no yolk