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my local newsletter have printed a story about the tedious “gravity hill” in our area, I felt compelled to write more as their article was only short, I am hoping they will print this


In regard to your article about magnetic hill

I run a local paranormal group and have to say that the fact you have called it a “magnetic hill” is quite correct , they are also known as gravity hills,

Anyone willing to do internet research will find that these magnetic hills exist all over the world and are in fact caused by as you correctly stated, optical illusions, however our research has shown that some of these hills ARE not illusions and they are actually uphill, a bit of common sense showed us that, by getting out of the car and walking, to see if we got muscle strain in our legs, and if you will excuse the pun, we used spirit levels, in those cases we believe that magnetic faults in ley lines, (naturally occurring fault lines in the earth) are running under the hills and attracting cars, they could in theory be actually moving them, because after all a car is a giant metal can, so if there is a magnetic field under the car then it could be moved ! it is nothing to do with spririts though.

To add to the spookiness of it we have noticed that the energy is stronger during a full moon ( of course this will excite people who like to believe these hills are haunted ) this is merely because the moon gives off energy..after all it controls the tides of the sea so why not the magnetic fields ?

Research showed us that often at these hills a ghostly story involving childrens hand prints on the car roof would appear in talcum powder because the children were either hit by a train or their school bus hit by a vehicle, this just adds to the scare of the story and there is no basis in fact,

Also many of these hills come with the story of a headless spirit banging its head on the car roof , or an axe maniac banging his victims head on the roof !! as  we were told when researching the gravity hill at Epping Forest in London, near to where I used to live… sure that makes a good horror movie, and many movies feature this story, but it is not true,

These gravity hills are simply “Urban legends” and that is the reason these stories are found all round the world, an urban legend can be compared to “Chinese whispers” they quickly spread

this is a great website because it lists the hills all round the world

it is a shame that people do not do research first, these hills are recorded all over the globe from America to India, there is nothing paranormal about them and I do hope that groups of people coming to Warboys to get a fright are not the ones throwing rubbish under the railway bridge ! you will note that a lot of rubbish there is of takeaway boxes and beer cans, a lot of people who come to these places looking for thrills are often not taking it seriously and leave behind a mess ! people often dare each other to visit these spooky locations when they are in large groups and have been drinking…not at all a good idea if paranormal investigating !

Extensive investigation of Warboys bridge by my group showed it to be nothing more than an illusion and there was no evidence at all to suggest a haunting, (unfortunately for all those people rushing to try it out !)

We collected no evidence at all using cameras, night vision, emf meters, EVP recorders and all manner of other equipment that we routinely use, over a period of weeks. These investigations were carried out both at daytime and night time, at different times of the year

We have heard no stories of any ghostly reports there at all, but if anyone can tell me something that I do not know I would be glad to  hear more, I would also be glad to hear of any other reports from the area.

The only stories that come my way about Warboys are about the hill and if I had a pound for every time I have been told this story I would be rich

I have run my group (my most recent one) since 2000, we have won a few awards and been in the paper, we are an unusual group because we record everything on paperwork (not many investigative groups do ) and I am a woman, usually teams are run by men !

I have helped other teams in America and I specialise in spirit voices and spirit photography because I am a qualified photographer.

I am more than happy to discreetly investigate anyone’s home or business premises, nothing is publicised at all and everything is covered by a strict confidentiality agreement, so if anyone local is having any paranormal trouble I would be happy to help them, I deal with everything from poltergeists to helping psychic children, 8 times out of ten I find an environmental or psychological reason for a haunting,

The investigations are free, we are a non profit group who fund ourselves with limited resources.

I am also looking for local people with an interest in the paranormal or psychic world as I would like to start a friendship group for those with the same interests


Please contact me at hghukparanormal @

So if you could print my letter I would be most gratefulImage

photo by me of the hill in question