About me/psychic history

About me

for those of you who are interested (or cant find these details on my official site,,,which is HUGE lol)

I am 46 yrs old, happily married for 21 years with a 28 year old son ( we are all investigators and my son is also a psychic ) My long lost dad who I did not find until I was 27 also had the gift, he sadly passed away a couple of years ago.My oldest grand daughter is an indigo like me, I am an INFJ ,which is the rarest personality type (you can find a blog about it in the index)

My first spirit sighting was when I was 6 (of my great Grans spirit)

I started my first paranormal group age about 9 after seeing a ghost at school.

I dabbled with a ouija board when my son was age two and had been “smacked” by a ghost,not knowing how to do it safely at that time it backfired in a big way and I was left with a rather charming poltergeist, I had to call out the top poltergeist expert in the UK and his advice to me was to learn about it and then it should tail off…he was right ! (we were filmed for the BBC but due to my sons age I did not want to appear and backed out)

I have been a member of London UFO studies (and was on a TV show  along with my son) my family have had some UFO related experiences.

I ran North London Spirit Paranormal Group.

I discovered I was a S.L.I.D.E.R (the ability to effect lighting and electricals with psycho kinesis) and a sensitive about 9 years ago and have been having psychic classes ( I am on my way to being a medium)my psychic accuracy has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 2 years (there is a section titled psychic accuracy on the website about my “hits”) I have passed a psychic development course.I do not always get spirit contact in readings but I make this clear from the start, while doing readings I also run EVP recordings because I can often pick up loved ones of my clients during the readings.( update 2017 I am now at the stage of development that I am classed as a semi professional psychic medium)

I am mainly a clairsentient (sense spirits) but I am now starting to be clairaudient (hear spirits) and clairvoyant (see spirits and see the future)

I am an empath which can be quite distressing

Spirits often visit me in my dreams with information about themselves and other people and I also have recorded and witnessed premonitions

other methods I use are automatic writing,psychometry,spirit art and pendulum

I have successfully remote viewed and read for houses in other countries by photograph (there are examples on my readings blog)

I was hung in a past life as a witch ,and that is why I unexpectedly ended up living in the village I am in (to come HOME) this explains my neck problem and my huge fear of water. (this also explains why I was drawn to study witchcraft, Paganism and Wicca)

I also believe that I died on the R101 airship disaster in another past life and have loads of proof that you can read in the “past life ” category (update 2017 I have now found other past lives)

In a past life my hubby was a highway man which is odd considering my family is actually related to Dick Turpins partner in crime !

My spirit guide is a WW2 soldier called Vince who was burnt when the tank he was in caught fire, I have known him for six years,and because he is still a relatively new spirit he is still learning.When I almost died of pneumonia someone else saw Vince standing guard outside my hospital room. I have since found new guides, one of whom was a famous medium, you can read about that in the “spirit guides ” category..I also now have the guide of an old Chinese man who is with me during hospital procedures and you can read about him in my blogs too.(update 2017 I have now found other spirit guides including Tesla !!)

As I am a qualified photographer too I specialise in spirit photography and analysing ghost photos.

EVP is my main area of study. followed by poltergeists,private house cases and helping psychic children

I am fascinated in Indigo children / crystal kids because all the kids in my family seem to have inherited that.

My psychic info seems to mainly come from dreams and also remote reading of photographs,

I think the things that made me more open spiritually were (a) almost dying from pneumonia and having a near death experience,a strange encounter with the magician David Blaine and also being hypnotised to give up smoking…it didn’t work but it did seem to open a doorway in my mind,a lot of meditation had also helped !

My group HGH UK PARANORMAL has been running since 2000 and we have had some amazing cases (many of which were top secret) we have successfully solved a lot of cases and also moved on some troublesome spirits.We have investigated everything from outdoor locations, private houses, pubs and hotels, mansions and military bases, I like to keep my team small and we do not rely on fancy equipment, we find we get better results with the more basic kind. (Please see “contact our paranormal group” for further info)

My son has been an investigator since age 13 and he is also a sensitive !! Although he has now given it up to be a full time daddy and musician

I have been “taken over” three times so far (a) a little boy who would not stop giggling(b) a very distressed woman who would not stop crying (c) a violent male.

I have trained up another paranormal group.

My scariest happening on location was when I was pushed over by the spirit of a nun in a mansion and had to be seen by a paramedic ! I had many injuries….apart from that , not much else has scared me.(although my hits on the recent Suffolk murders did freak me out a bit)another thing that could have been scary was when our co founder who is a huge guy was taken over by a disturbed and violent male spirit and tried to attack me,it was only us two in the room and I had to think quickly to diffuse the situation.

I would like to specialise in unsolved crime readings after being very accurate in regard to the Suffolk strangler murders ten days before it was in the news and also I helped a lot with a murder case in Canada simply  by seeing a photo of the alley way where it happened, I came out with things that only the police knew, including the mark of a dice on my face which turned out to be very relevant to the case.. police really should use psychics more (update 2017,I am doing more and more of this work now, with everything logged and proven)

Mediums that I admire are Gordon Smith, David Wells, Deb Webber, Kelvin Cruickshank ,Tony Stockwell ,Ian Lawman.

I am fascinated with (and I must admit , a bit scared of ITC ( instrumental trans communication : using TVs to pick up spirit images) and reverse EVPs which can be very scary !

my group do not ANTAGONISE spirits to get a reaction, we find that to be rude and disrespectful ( the investigations that you see on TV are nothing like real investigations ) we are one of the rare groups who keep paperwork, my office is FULL of case files, I start the investigations with an in depth history questionnaire, I can usually tell straight away from the answers what is going on.

Funniest ghost investigating moments : (because you need a sense of humour at times)

my son falling through a loft,my brother running into a plank of wood,a saucy spirit at a seance who kept touching people up ! , my son jumping six foot into the arms of another investigator during a vigil in a private house,Yvonne constantly farting on video ,me running like the wind when confronted by the nun at our local haunted hotspot ( I really really hate nun and monk spirits LOL)

I had three spirits in my previous house a man who had died of a drug overdose,a woman who had died at a party there and been hacked up and disposed of in my bath,and a little girl.(probably a daughter I lost) lots of contact and evidence regarding these spirits was logged

In my current house I have an old lady called May and a man called Jeff who can be quite unpleasant at times ! but luckily for us he spends most his time in the garden LOL

I am currently researching the HUM and its possible links to paranormal activity.(my personal theory on that has been proved by my 30 day evp experiment which you can find on the main HGH website) I am also studying the possible links between the illnesses I have and psychic ability (update 2017 ,the main website is no longer available)

I am now having possible out of body experiences which always starts with the hum

I am fascinated by the chupacabra, D.U.M.Bs (deep underground military bases ) black eyed kids, the rake, owlman and the mothman. and read anything I can get my hands on about them.

I do not believe inl och ness monster, unicorns or angels,or that the earth is flat

I am currently writing a book which I have publishers interested in  I have had many many very weird things happen to me but you will just have to wait for the book to find out stuff that is not on the website ha ha (shameless plug there !)

I came “out of the closet” as a Pagan/Wiccan 6 years ago but have been studying it for years, I only do GOOD spells

after a year of strange coincidences with owls and visits from one I realised that they are my power animal

I have a “familiar” who is a female cat called Goddess Freya and a duck called willow


I now do Celtic moon astrology charts, rune readings,witches runes, moon oracle readings, earth magic readings and I am learning the witches tarot, I do psychic art , automatic writing ,Celtic tree oracles,and scrying,tyche dice and many other methods

I am often inventing experiments and coming up with new theories all of which are logged as are my dreams / premonitions , some of my experiments that were logged way before other groups did them on TV are : using dogs on investigation, using EMF meters to get answers when they flash, 30 day EVP experiment, gaining a murdered spirit womans trust by repeatedly visiting her with only one other woman and none of my male team members, an anger experiment and a “living residual ” experiment proving that not all hauntings are caused by dead people.

I am fascinated in reincarnation and also coincidences, I have loads of examples on my blogs

When my favourite rock star died in 2016 I discovered I had a strange link with him and other passed on rock stars ! I have done a lot of work with them,but like my murder cases work I only post that on my private Facebook,all of it is logged and research backs it all up,it is so much part of my life now that I get called the “rock stars medium” I think they trust me because I have been around bands and musicians all of my life.I use various methods to contact them,spirit box /ovulus/tarot/oracle/dreams and a whole lot of weird coincidences.

this is in my blood, I have Celtic blood from the Scottish Highlands ( where Paganism first started in this country) and I have Norse blood,Irish blood and Ashkenazi Polish- Jewish gypsy blood so I guess I was born for this.


if you want PARANORMAL ADVICE or discussion please remember to contact me via the website or hghukparanormal@hotmail.com

(if you want a psychic reading then please see the ABOUT blog or contact


(Mrs DOT eevee DOT Vachos @ gmail DOT com)


you will be able to find testimonials on my site here in a category and also spread out in the readings




my day to day life :

I am disabled and can be bed bound at times and use crutches or a wheelchair so I have cut down on a lot of my

paranormal work, (my husband had to quit work to become my full time carer )

I am a qualified photographer ( I specialise in urb ex / dereliction and graveyard photography : my work has been published and used in a few countries ), I read and study a lot ( I have over 2000 paranormal books) I

love writing and blogging, singing, supporting my sons band, nature walks, tree hugging, urb exing ( investigating and photographing derelict buildings..if I am well enough) I love animals; I have three cats : Chili, Jasper and Goddess Freya and a huge white duck called willow .

I make homemade crafts ,mostly Pagan inspired items.


, I like sky watching for UFOs with my husband ( we have had alien experiences but I am saving that for my book) I like learning about trees, I like reading true crime books, watching documentaries and we have a horror film mission : to find one that actually scares us !!

I love spending time with my  Grand daughter Arwen-Rose ( yes,named Arwen after Queen of the fairies) she was born on 6 Oct 2012, My grandson Isaac Rolfe born 22 Feb 2014 and our newest grand daughter Eva Roisin born September 2017


I am forever learning more psychic development and continue to learn Wicca and Paganism

I use  meditation and nature grounding

I like rock music

I am into conspiracy theories but not the really bonkers ones

I used to be a dental nurse and dental health educator before my disabilities took that away from me

I love charity shop and antique shop hunting and kitted my WHOLE house out like that !

I love owls and lilies, I collect lots of things and I am a bit of a hoarder

I would like to be a parapsychologist but a rare one who believes


PLEASE SEE links on the right hand side of homepage for my other websites and see the PAGES section for more info

PLEASE SEE my price list in the “about my work” category


feel free to have a good look round this website (or any of my others) I hope you will find something interesting to read

I have no interest in lying or making things up, there is nothing to gain from that, I would be willing to be tested by any parapsychology lab





5 thoughts on “About me/psychic history

  1. Wow what an impressive CV so to speak!!! sEriously you have ALOT of talent & experience…..my Nanna would have loved you. She was an empath also & so psychic…my Ma was also but didn’t always use it for good like Nanna & I.
    You know, all in all you have had & still have an amazing Life….
    It is funny how we think we are just specks until we write about who we are & then it becomes clear we are much more than a job or title….
    I truly admire you & respect you & am so glad we found each other!!!!
    xoxo Sherri-Ellen.


    1. well thank you, that means a lot
      I guess I have achieved quite a lot. like you say , until it is written down you never really notice
      I bet I would of loved your Nanna too (( hugs))
      I am very glad we found each other too, I do not trust many women that is why most of my pals are male
      but there are a couple of trust worthy women and you are one of them, anyway …you are not just a female friend to me
      you are my sister


      1. And I missed this reply…good grief!!! It is true we do not realize what we have accomplished until we write about ourselves! We may not be famous or have lots of money but we have life experiences & wisdom & knowledge many do not have Sis!
        My Nanna was a feisty woman an loyal to a fault.
        Like you, I’ve never had many women friends. You are the Yin to my Yang I can tell you. 😉
        And you are definitely my soul sister! No doubt about that!!!!
        Love you to Saturn an back 33,333,000 times….
        ((((hugs)))) Sherri-Ellen


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