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NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCEIn 2004 i nearly died of pneumonia,i was hospitalised with it for a week on huge amounts of anti biotics and 24hr oxygen.
i started off on a normal ward then after a day i was moved to a private room,but it was free,i didnt have to pay a penny.
no one could understand why i was so angry to be put in there and they kept pointing out how the food was better and i had a tv and an en-suite bathroom,i didnt care,i was upset and kept saying “im not going in that bathroom thats where they take dead people” obviously people thought i was just delirious but i knew better !!

one night i stopped breathing and i saw the door to the bathroom open, BUT it wasnt a bathroom,it was a long dark windy corridor,windows running along both sides were smashed,the bulbs in the lights were flickering and buzzing,there was dripping water and the noise of a squeeky trolley …lined up either side of the corridor were rows of black shadow people with their backs to me and i knew that if they turned round and looked at me i would be gone !!

something made me turn round and i was in my hospital bed with three nurses helping me to breath

i think i know what made me stay….around the same time one of my friends turned up to visit and asked me who the soldier was that was standing outside my room,they asked if it was a relative of mine…”kind of” i said , smiling to myself,i knew they were describing my spirit guide Vince who had been in the army in WW2 and had burnt when his tank crashed !

i do not know why my near death experience was not nice,most people describe seeing a nice tunnel and angels etc,not me !! it took a long time for me to get over that and on discussing it with my gran she told me that when she had an operation once that she had an NDE that was so horrific she wouldnt even discuss it with me
i have read many books on the subject and it is rare to have an unpleasant NDE
so i wonder if certain people have them as a test to see what they can handle ?

have been thinking about this alot and i now believe that the people who see NDE as something bad are the people with abilities who are needed to stay on this side to learn more !!! in other words they dont see angels and rainbows etc because they are not meant to go over to that side yet and the only way to stop them is to show them something horrible,
most people who have the nice type of NDE usually say that they were dissapointed to find themselves back in their hospital bed.
on discussing this last night with my husband we were rather shocked to turn on the TV and see a film on that had a corridor very like the one i described…yet another strange coincedence !!


i have had an out of body experience before,i went for hypnotism to stop me smoking (it didnt work) but i was given tapes to listen to at home so i could put myself under,i felt i was floating above my bed and could feel a small child holding on to my finger so i asked my husband to film me the next time….
i wasnt really floating but on the film it goes out of focus the whole time i am “under” yet it is in focus before and after.
i also get this vibrating feeling at night that starts in my stomach and runs through my body,it is quite disturbing and many a time i have asked my husband if he can feel the bed vibrating and he cant (apart from the one time that i woke him to tell him it was really bad ,before i even said anything he told me he had been dreaming that we were in the car and it was vibrating)
i think that this vibrating may be spirits trying to connect with me and get me  to visit their “plane” but i wont let it happen,hence the vibrating…its kind of like a struggle against some sort of energy

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if you have had a NDE or OOBE please let me know you can leave messages here or if you prefer you can email me confidentially

reddylaugh wrote on Dec 31, ’08
I never have but my grandfather did and he described it as many do–a light, a sense of calm, the feeling that he didn’t want to go back to the real world……

readingsbyeevee wrote on Dec 31, ’08

I never have but my grandfather did and he described it as many do–a light, a sense of calm, the feeling that he didn’t want to go back to the real world……

he was lucky to have a peaceful experience : ) mine was horrible