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Eleven (master spiritual number on an important date)

Posted in eleven, INFJ, numerology on January 11, 2018 by Psychic eevee

Today I looked at my clock at 11:11 on the 11th of 01 2018 ….2018 in numerology is an 11 year

Eleven is the master spiritual number and my birth number/name adds up to 11 no matter if I use my real name or my “nickname” it means that people with the 11 number are highly spiritual and psychic, there is only one other double digit number in numerology and that is 22.(although some numerologists count 33 too)

I often look at the clock or wake up at 11 or 1 something, this is a sign from my guides that my psychic ability is on the right track

(Images from shareable public Facebook pages)
Some people attribute these numbers to angels,I do not believe in angels myself but if you do there is a plethora of information out there on the net about angel numbers

I am big on justice as you will see by my INFJ blog, I spend my life fighting for it,I am self sabotaging

I suffer anxiety and one of my health issues is central nervous system related

(Info found on google and pintrest)
This is ALL so true about me,especially the devastating experience, I had a horrific childhood which I now know was for a reason,in order to make me an empath.
An interesting link about repeatedly seeing the number 11

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Me and wolves….I was a bit slow there !!

Posted in INFJ, power animals /totem animals, wolves on January 4, 2018 by Psychic eevee

You can have more than one power/spirit animal,they can appear at different times of your life or you can keep them all throughout your life.

My main one is the barn owl ,but also important to me are swans, ducks, moths,bats, cats and crows/jackdaws.

Whenever I do those “what are your spirit animal” tests I always get the wolf,and I could not understand why…

Well the penny just dropped

I was born in January, the full moon during that month is known as the wolf moon !!

(Images all shareable from public facebooks)

I looked up wolf meanings

All these things perfectly fit my personality ,especially the INFJ part of me (see my “rarest personality blog” in the INFJ section)

I was particularly interested in the Celtic and Norse meanings due to my heritage

Yes to all of these

Cernunnos is one of my patron Gods

My Norse/Celtic/Scottish Highland ancestors actually were warriors

I do not trust many people,I am known for my wits and words (I do have a “rival” at the moment,I mentioned a “stalker” in previous blog)

Nature is such a big thing to me, I do crave freedom, but its freedom with knowledge in my case rather than physical freedom, I am extra vigilant

I do like to be alone,I hate crowds,I am always searching for like minded people,but keep my circle really small,my home is so important to me that I hate to leave it and do not like letting people in

Yes I can attack and it’s nasty when I do,I did have a bad name for that in the past but i have to be really threatened first !

I will NOT back down and I will fight to the death, be that physically or with my fights for justice that have been known to go on for over 20 years 

This part is SO ME

Yes ,I am a comic 🙂 and 100% committed to my family,I have a hard time saying “no” when sometimes I should 

Yes I am misunderstood, and yes its taken me a long time to learn how to make a stand without causing fights as I can be very explosive and will not back down for justice

(Info from what is my spirit animal website)

So accurate ,as a ‘truther’ I cannot be influenced, and I cannot abide group pressure

This is fascinating because I literally would push my husband out the way and deal with it if anyone confronted him,its not that he can’t look after himself, far from it…he can,he’s an ex kick boxer, it’s just inbuilt in me to protect my family !! I would push my husband or grown son out of the way and be the one snarling and growling !

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When being psychic is traumatic

Posted in comments and testimonials, INFJ, missing and crime readings on November 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

(Image google search)

There has been a case here of a missing girl who I will not name out of respect as it was very very recent,unfortunately she was found deceased, the night before I had done a psychic reading and a spirit box to gain information, it was one of the most detailed sessions ever ! I had also done a card reading

Before I even had a chance to post my videos of the spirit box on my private Facebook (although I had posted quite an in depth intuitive  reading) I saw the news,that the girl had been found exactly how and where I had predicted ! So much of the sessions had turned out to be accurate that I already have over 80 “matches” ,one day I may post it here but right now it would seem inappropriate.(as usual it is all dated and logged)

I went into a depression, because I am an empath, it just distresses me that there is nothing I can do with the knowledge that I have and I have to live with that, thankfully I have kind friends who know me in real life who support me and know that what I do IS accurate

I cried a lot since the girl was found, some may say why don’t I just stop what I am doing ! But I can’t, when you are given this ability its for a reason, also I am an INFJ and its built into me to help get justice,spend my life researching and to be intuitive. That is not something I can just stop !! Because it is my personality and the way my brain works.

And it angers me too because it is yet another example of why the heck do police not consult reputable psychics in this country,I am not talking about everyone and their dog who think they are psychic, but ones with provable history,who really can help,ones who are not after the glory and fame (because I think that is what the police are actually scared of) ones who want to help, who don’t charge and do not even care if their names are mentioned or not,it would save so much tax payers money, police man hours,wasted time and in some cases could even find some of these tragic victims BEFORE it is too late 😦

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Grand daughters new spirit animal ?

Posted in indigo kids, INFJ, power animals /totem animals, unicorns on October 3, 2017 by Psychic eevee

(Starlight unicorn by Lisa Parker,who made my lovely new tarot cards)

Our oldest grand daughter seems to have a new spirit animal,it is not uncommon for people to have a selection of different spirit animals at different times in their development.

She has always had the Robin and that still visits her in our garden but now she is crazy on unicorns ! I know they are currently fashionable but she has actually loved them since she was tiny,way before the unicorn craze started recently.In fact when she had just learnt to walk she was fascinated with my novelty unicorn slippers 🙂

The other week,you can see by this picture that she insisted that we all take unicorns out with us,including me !

We even had to strap the unicorn into the car to make sure it was safe 

At the weekend she came over for the day and was looking at my new cards,she was overjoyed to find a unicorn

It is her 5th birthday today,I have made her this for her new unicorn themed bedroom,that she had designed around a unicorn snow globe I got for her

I have got her lots of other things too but I bet she will just LOVE these unicorn fairy lights 🙂

This is the globe I gave her that she designed her room round

She even has slippers like mine

unicorn stuff in her room,I had to take these pics in the dark

Border on the walls

A cushion

Painting her mummy did

she has got lots more unicorn stuff

Anyway, here is some symbology behind the spiritual meaning of the unicorn as a spirit animal

I find this very interesting because she is very creative ,she is very in tune with mother earth and the environment for someone so young and although it mentions working with psychic/intuitive kids this is written for adults.

She is an indigo…..psychic and intuitive !!

And the part about seeing past illusions until the truth is revealed is something that an INFJ is good at ,I am one and I suspect she will be when she is older (see my INFJ blog)

The unicorn horn = “to the point” she already doesn’t hide how she feels and tells it like it is, another INFJ trait

An interesting article on unicorns


Even I had to join in and try on the unicorn Head band

She had a surprise birthday meal in a restaurant with family on Friday ,which we all managed to keep secret,and on Saturday she had a party at home with her friends

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Need to find this author to warn of possible plagiarism !!?

Posted in books, INFJ on September 7, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been ordering books about INFJs like a crazy person because that is what us INFJs do,when we want to learn about something we need to know EVERYTHING about it.

I read this book which was pretty good and this morning another book arrived ,I am not going to name it as yet,incase I am wrong,but on opening it ,I thought : this looks very familiar and I realised that I didn’t need my idetic memory to notice that ….

It was a very short book,basically just a book about 13 famous INFJs ,The book in the picture also has a section about 13 famous INFJs ….

Both books are EXACTLY THE SAME…. word for word ,paragraph for paragraph, heading for heading, title of page for title of page !! Even the order the famous people are listed in is the same.

Now it could well be that the second author had permission to take a whole chunk of the first book and copy it but I really doubt it because as I said,its about a fourth of the first book, and anyway it should be mentioned something along the lines of “taken from Diana Jacksons book with kind permission ” and with the name of her book and ISBN number for further reference.

Also suspicious is that the second book is a badly “self published” book with no publisher to contact.

The first book is published by amazon so I have more chance of tracking that author down although my preliminary investigation this morning has yielded nothing apart from another author with the same name who funnily enough is not far from me, but I do not think she wrote it.

I am angry and find this really ironic IF this second author has plagiarised because INFJs are known for writing (their own work !!) Justice and morals, and obviously INFJs were going to buy the book and possibly the other book too !!

Even at college when doing assignments or essays I was told that you MUST include a bibliography at the end ,stating every book, newspaper and magazine you had read during your research and even list any TV programmes or films you had watched.You must also list any people you had spoken to or interviewed, you could quote people but it must be in quotation marks and italics,and you must name and date their quote.

Even copying someone’s homework at school was a no no and you would at least try and have the sense to totally rearrange the structure and sentences and hope it looked different.

I am also angry that I wasted money on a book that is a carbon copy of one I already had !!

Just a paragraph as an example (the first book)

The second book
I am on a mission to find this author and let her know,just incase she knows nothing about this and if she does know then fair enough but I think the second author needs to make it clear it is duplicated from another book so that people do not waste their money.

Having had my photography used without my permission before I know how demoralising it can be especially when you have studied hard to learn your craft,most of us “artists” do not mind our work being used if we are asked first and our name being credited !
UPDATE *** I think I am correct because I contacted the seller on eBay who is the self publisher and said I was not happy the book is word for word the same as part of another book and I found it suspicious there are no contact details,I was refunded in FULL within MINUTES ,well that is not the end of it….

So if anyone knows how to contact Diana Jackson ,author of 33 secrets from the life of an INFJ please email me !! And I can then tell her the name of the other book

mrs . eevee . vachos @
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