Litha (summer solstice)2018

This year we got to go out yay 🙂 We went to our usual place,which is a field near the woods,it is a long walk for me due to my hips but it is worth it,we always allow hours and sit there in the dark for a couple of hours first,it is a good job […]

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Litha (summer solstice) 2017

We were unable to go to the woods and watch the sunrise like we normally do due to my hips 😦 even if they were mobile I would not have made it,we are having an unbearable heatwave which I cannot cope with,I have seizures in the heat,so we just did a little ceremony in our […]

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Message from a barn owl

Lovely day with the grand kiddies today and it was finished off nicely by seeing my power animal a barn owl fly over our car @v@ why oh why didn’t I have my camera !! It sort of makes up for not being able to do our usual hilltop sunrise watching cos its been raining […]

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