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Litha (summer solstice) 2017

Posted in animals, duck, litha/summer solstice, spells on June 22, 2017 by Psychic eevee

We were unable to go to the woods and watch the sunrise like we normally do due to my hips 😦 even if they were mobile I would not have made it,we are having an unbearable heatwave which I cannot cope with,I have seizures in the heat,so we just did a little ceremony in our garden before it reached midnight.

We also decided to see what it would look like with most of the lanterns and fairy lights lit (this is not even all of them !!)

I put the various fairy jar lanterns I have made all over the lawn but you cannot see the fairy’s in these pics

Fence in front of pond with candles on it

Roses and fairy lights basket light I made

The ornamental trees we repainted that are in our garden henge look magical all lit up

I cannot wait for our grandkids to see the garden at night 🙂

Repainted candle holder I did on the left.

We did a simple healing spell using just a blue candle for the victims of the terrible fire in London (as that is where we are originally from) being an empath it has hit me really hard and I have been having really bad nightmares so I do not wish to discuss it much ,but it was a preventable tragedy and I know that nothing we can do can really help but it was all we could think of (I was going to arrange sorting out clothes donations but apparently they have enough so I am going to donate as much money as I can)

We also did a weather spell and asked mother nature to turn the heating down,probably a coincidence but after nearly a week of a heatwave the next morning we had a storm, lots of rain and a lovely breeze 🙂

Rain finally !! (Excuse messy garden)

Willow duck doesnt like the heat much and has been insisting on lots of cuddles,she likes to sit on me like this,it reminds her of when she was a little yellow duckling awww,she is really heavy though !

Thankfully we have our pool that we got from “freecyle” that has been a literal lifesaver for me and we have been having lots of fun being silly

We made willow a shower over her little pond,she likes to sit under it and soak her back #spoiltduck

I JUST WANT SUMMER TO FINISH I am not a summer person,it makes me really unwell… Bring on autumn and winter !!

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Message from a barn owl

Posted in animals, coincidences, litha/summer solstice, owls, owls my spirit animal, power animals /totem animals on June 20, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Lovely day with the grand kiddies today and it was finished off nicely by seeing my power animal a barn owl fly over our car @v@ why oh why didn’t I have my camera !! It sort of makes up for not being able to do our usual hilltop sunrise watching cos its been raining so much every where is marshland, i was just saying on the way home what crap wiccans we have been lately as we didn’t get to do Ostara or Beltane properly this year, i was wondering if we should just quit, then I saw the barn owl,obviously telling me that its OK,we are still on the right path and that we are forgiven for not taking part..pretty amazing as I have not seen a wild barny for quite some time !! #thankyouowlie #wewillnotquit

Such a shame we couldn’t take part this year as it is a really special solstice



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Image : Wikipedia found under “free barn owl pictures” search
This is exactly how it flew past and was this low

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