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Newman’s stores ,building stuck in time

Posted in spooky buildings, urb exing on April 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been trying to find out about this building for ages !

I photographed it for my URB ex project, it’s in my village ,an old lady who lived in this village all her life who has since passed away told me it shut down in the 80s and workmen downed their tools and fled due to a haunting, not sure how true that is but in this day and age it is very rare to see a building derelict like that for so long when buildings are snapped up for renovation or bulldozed and three or four tiny new builds put in their place due to housing shortages.

What is also curious is why someone seems to have gone to the bother of building a modern conservatory on the back ,surely you would do the building up first and a conservatory would be a finishing touch,it doesn’t make sense to me.

I do get psychic vibes from it that I won’t state here but I get very eerie vibes from the Georgian looking building next to it that I know is flats now

What is with that new conservatory !?

What I also find odd is the lack of graffiti or attempted break ins ,I do enough URB ex to know that is what usually happens ,especially in a village with bored teenagers daring each other to go into the local derelict “spooky” house. I am glad of course that it hasn’t been vandalised.

I have tried researching it but due to this secretive county this is all I found

If its true that its haunted it must be something truly terrifying to leave it untouched for so long and I would gladly offer my services to investigate (discreetly of course)and do a cleansing because surely whoever owns it wants their building back !

If it is not haunted then I would love access to photograph the inside for my photography project because I am very into “normal” history too and think it would make for a fascinating photo journalism set.

So if anyone has any info please feel free to contact me confidentially

(No time wasters please)

If you are the owner and would like me to remove this blog then please let me know.