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Quick reading with oracle I won ,to help find lost plug of all things

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So ,my hubby went to clean out the ducks big bath,which is an actual bathtub you would have in a house,we have it in the garden,he tipped it upside down and lost the plug,for a week he hunted high and low …that area of the garden is overgrown and we throw our weeds and grass cuttings there,no luck,its an old bronze style plug not a plastic white one so we knew it would not be easy to see..he bought a plug,it didn’t fit.

I told him to try the new oracle set that he won for me,we nearly fell over when he got these cards

FAMILIAR: well the duck is my familiar, and for the past week a black cat has been appearing in our front garden.

CHALICE :symbolises water, we needed the plug to put water in the bath

Really hard to read but it says “something that has been missing will turn up” !! We both looked at each other and said “no way ” !


Really hard to read but it says the element for the west is water and the tool is chalice (basic Wiccan knowledge but interesting that both cards were pulled together)

when we went out in the garden we tried the lost object spell and I tried my pendulum, which has a high success rate of finding things,I filmed the test to show how a pendulum is used,it was going bonkers in the WEST !! giving a strong YES answer but it was getting tough to narrow it down in quite a large area …I did test all other areas where it clearly said no ,in the east,south and north, it was also pouring with rain …remember chalice=water as does west ! And the rain was starting to get in my tablet so we had to abandon.
The next day,the plug was found.!!! Slightly off from west ,I didn’t  film it because we could just be accused of setting it up as it was not a continuous video,but those who know me,know I do not lie

Familiars love

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I have been very depressed this week due to issues with our car that I really rely on with my disabilities,and a few other things,as usual I found that turning to my animal familiars helped.

Yesterday I had a good snuggle with my cat Goddess Freya

Scuse the bad photos,were taken on my really bad phone and my bedroom is very dark

Today I cheered up by spending time with my duck willow pillow,she is such a poser haha

Then I used some of mother earths gifts to make yummy smoothies

Lemon mousse,milk,lime juice,blackberries, elderberries and fresh mint

We could drink buckets of this stuff

That is Hubby’s “enjoying it’ face
Last night while meditating I attempted a reading to help find a missing cat in another country, loads of info came rushing at me,but I got a migraine, I’m hoping it meant my third eye was working extra hard, I was actually doing a third eye meditation,hope some of my info is helpful !!!
Really hoping that next week is better, have really missed babysitting our grandchildren while we have had no car 😦
We wanted to watch the perseids meteor shower last night (supposedly the best in a decade) but it was too cloudy


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I know I wanted Freya to be my witches familiar but this is ridiculous, she actually did this herself, decided to pick up my crystal bag and hold it, she is starting to freak me out !!

I know this looks like a set up pic but it really is not, I do not make things up, it is just a fluke pic

she is getting smarter every day, not only does she tap on me with her paws if my hubby cannot wake me but now she even knows what time I have my medication, at least five minutes before it is due, I have not even got my pills near me and she goes and gets a pack of Panadol for example and drops it in my lap !

the other day she was sitting on a box I had on my bed and my mobile phone was on it and started ringing, she knocked it off the box at me so that I could answer it,

I thought the episode with her choosing a crystal was odd ( scroll down when you get to this link


to read more about Freyas abilities !! )


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Following on from blog earlier about my psychic kitty, she has now after three months of living here decided that an antique hand coloured photo of a baby boy is truly fascinating !!

I wonder what it is saying to her !

she often watches that area of the room and I only just realised it was the photo she was staring at all that time


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Our cat Freya is becoming more and more like a “familiar ” every day

the other night I had finished making my Goddess runes and they were laying on the bed

Freya too great interest and you will see by the video that she just sat by my side staring at them, you may think that is normal cat behaviour and that any cat will look at shiny stones, true but she was showing a strong dislike to a certain stone and pushing it away, yet she pulled a different one closer to her !

2012-12-23 03.48.11

this was the stone she did not like, a bit odd considering it is pyramid shape and the fact that cats were seen as Gods and Goddesses in Egypt

2012-12-23 03.19.47

2012-12-23 03.19.53

here she is pushing the pyramid stone away

2012-12-23 03.01.39 - Copy

this was the stone she chose, the very same one that I had chosen way earlier in the evening, so no it was not seconds before and she could of been picking up on my body heat..the stone was cold

this stone symbolises HOME/HOUSE, we are hoping that Freya was saying she likes living with us (she has only been with us for about three months) she could also have picked that one because at the time we were having paranormal activity in our house which she was clearly picking up on, apart from her looking at a fly, there are parts where she is staring in the opposite direction and she moves her head to look in the same direction as a paranormal noise we were hearing

Cats are very psychic beings, they are great spirit detectors in houses

my paranormal group started taking dogs on investigations way before “ghost hunters” or “most haunted” ever did, shame we did not copyright that idea along with the other one we had that used EMF meters as communication devices (way before the TV teams) I also came up with a “living residual” experiment about 9 years ago that I do not think anyone else has done yet, I did not copyright it but I do have an email that I sent to Dr Ciaran O Keef the parapsychologist from “most haunted” telling him about it and also one of my theories about “the hum”

sorry, went off on a tangent there !

I have always wanted a cat that will be my “familiar” and sit in on rituals, Freya is already showing great promise and is fascinated with the tools of my trade, as you can see from this video she seems to be able to sit still for long enough too

click here for video

(text copied from my facebook )

the audio is loud..must learn to hold the phone away from me when I am using it !! so turn your speakers down, but you will see how Freya was seeming to get vibes she did not like from a certain stone !! she then proceeds to chose another one, then she chooses the very SAME one that I chose earlier in the evening, the rest of the video is us talking about paranormal activity that has been happening and at around 10.55 you will hear a voice under mine saying HEY, considering that we can get whole sentences when doing EVP it is not terribly exciting for us but some of you may like to listen, it sounds like our resident spirit Dennis