Bran the black bird

It seems that our little friend munnin the jackdaw may be gone: ( we have not seen him for months and months and he was extremely old but we now have a new friend,a little blackbird who I named Bran The strange thing is ,we never saw him when munnin was around and he has […]

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Present from Munnin the jackdaw

Munnin has been getting very close 🙂 Now he is literally waiting on the doorstep every morning to see if we have food ! We spent a while watching him yesterday after we treated him to some prawns ,he was not sure about them at first, probably because they were cold from the fridge. Jackdaws […]

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Munnin the jackdaw

I may have mentioned our jackdaw visitor before, he visits every day,he is very old ,you can tell by his arthritic legs, the colour of his head and his unusual white feathers, I finally managed to get some proper photos of him I did laugh though ….. Please do not share or re blog thanks

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Lights in the fairy forest

The fairy forest we made is so magical now, I bought some solar fairy lights and weaved them through the trees, I wish these photos were better ,I will do some more with my proper camera soon. I chose bright white to make it look like “will o the wisps” and also I thought coloured […]

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