Wonders of the moon BBC TV programme

We watched a fascinating programme called “wonders of the moon” I found it interesting to learn that Muslims like to moon watch when the crescent moon arrives, they place religious importance on it,and it was fascinating to learn how the Chinese celebrate family around the full moon…  but please tell me how Pagans and Wiccans […]

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Trifecta moon /justice spell and David crow

31 Jan was a very rare occurrence ,it was what is known as a trifecta moon : a blue moon /blood moon and lunar eclipse all in one ! (From shareable Facebook info) We did not see the lunar eclipse here but we decided it would be a powerful time to do a spell to […]

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Full corn /sturgeon moon

As usual the batteries where dead in my proper camera but I went out and took some pics with my tablet so they are not brilliant, its meant to be a lunar eclipse but I am too dizzy to stay out 😦 the moon had a slight pink tint ,not visible in the pics. We […]

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