Spirit box knew about quake !

I was doing a spirit box session with some antique items that a client asked me to do ,I got a lot of random words that didn’t make sense,that often happens,it wasnt until the next day that I found out that a quake had happened in UK ,that is quite rare ! Surrey is in […]

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Two more passings !!

I don’t know how much more my husband can take, he found out there have been two more deaths in his family this week 😦 I am freaked out because before they happened I was on the spirit box talking to a rock star friend and all THREE of these relatives were named, (well actually […]

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a light HEARTED blog because I need some LOLs today spooky…I dribbled on my bed in the shape of a love heart, the very next morning my son announced his engagement !! I dribble everywhere at night because I have to wear gum shields on my top and bottom teeth