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To dream of whales

Posted in animals, dreams and premonitions on March 5, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My husband has been dreaming of flying whales a lot lately which he finds a bit freaky,but on looking it up it all makes sense !

It was a bit freaky to see two pictures of flying whales on Facebook the same day though

Not a very nice subject but this is how his dreams look

I have lucid dreams and have been having them for years,I only get them in the afternoons,he hates to have afternoon sleeps but since we’ve both been unwell with scarlet fever he has had no choice and his dreams have been lucid.

He never used to be psychic at all,although he investigates with me and is a believer he had not witnessed much for himself,since the whale dreams all that has changed !

Here it mentions spirituality and intuition, his is most certainly more open, we are having a lot more telepathic moments.

Cosmic consciousness, he is suddenly really into this and is known to try a spot of “cosmic ordering”this mentions knowing that what is seen is not always the truth, TRUTH jumps out, well we are both ” truthers” community: we are members of a “community action group” that stands for peoples RIGHTS,the only thing that doesn’t fit him is the business thing as he cannot work due to being my full time carer and the creativity,he doesn’t have the patience for that, i am the creative one.

Its interesting how the whales fly in his dreams,is this because his intuition is suddenly “taking off” ,feels out of reach to him and he doesn’t feel grounded ? Time to show him how to ground himself methinks.

Seems like he now has the whale as a spirit animal alongside the crow,I think its fascinating also because his mum who passed away about 8 years ago collected ornamental dolphins and whales.

Peruvian dream doll

Posted in crystals, dolls, dreams and premonitions, indigo kids on February 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday the grandkids were here,my grand daughter insisted on following me up to my bedroom while I had a rest,her brother stayed downstairs with their geedee,she found my Peruvian dream doll and was very interested

So I said she could have my smaller one

With my dream doll

With the small one I gave to her

I gave her a pouch I had made and a labradorite crystal and showed her how you can see the “northern lights” in the crystal, i put lavender oil on the bag for peaceful sleep and told her to tell the doll her worries and wishes,and that it would take away bad dreams,she decided to call it tiger lily.she has been talking a lot about her great Gran lately who died when she was barely a toddler,I know why ,but cannot say at the moment 🙂 so maybe she will see the doll as a personification of her gg and feel like she is watching over her.

My husband took them home that evening without me and later I phoned my grand daughter to thank her for the beautiful mug that had been sent home for me,a belated birthday present,with our special saying on it

“Don’t forget to tell your dream doll your wishes” I reminded her

“Do I have to take her out of the bag ?”

“No you don’t have to” I said

“But she doesn’t have ears” she replied, not much gets past her

“That’s OK,she can still hear you”

“Alright then, love you” she said and I could almost hear here brain whirring,like she was thinking of the possibility of telepathy !!

Weirdest dream about E.A.Poe

Posted in birds, coincidences, dreams and premonitions, past lives on December 27, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday I think it was, i had an afternoon sleep,that’s when I have my strangest dreams,

I was in an old Victorian derelict mansion and found some old items (probably because I had been watching “salvage hunters” that morning)

I found a glass case with a plaster bust of Edgar Allen Poe in it and stuffed Raven, i asked how much it was but didn’t have enough money,then I woke up,

I scrolled through my Facebook feed and this  was the second thing I saw

Note how I dreamt of a glass case and in this picture they are behind a glass frame /window !

I am not really an E.A.Poe fan but my husband did come up as him once during one of those silly Facebook past life tests and his power animal is the crow,so I don’t really know why I had that dream ?

The recurring bridge dream

Posted in bridges, dreams and premonitions on December 23, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Since I can remember I have been having a dream about a really scary bridge, i am always trying to drive a car over it and cannot work out how to drive (in real life I’m not allowed to drive due to my medical issues and although I’ve never passed a test I can do the basics) my dream alternates between there being a port at the bottom of the bridge or an airport.

Well yesterday I was looking at something totally unrelated on the internet and SAW THE BRIDGE !!!

It was on an advert on a paranormal page I was reading so I checked it out

Don’t know if its a port as such but you can see water at the bottom

I have no idea why I would be dreaming of a bridge in Japan ? And didn’t even know where it was til yesterday but its date of construction does fit in with when I first started seeing it,of course I may of seen it on the news when it was built but I have an almost eidetic memory so I would be likely to remember that.

This then reminded me of a coach trip I took with my son,we were living in London at the time but had gone on holiday to Yarmouth with my grandparents, it was when I first met my husband, the holiday was a failure as there was a really bad storm,my son was scared (he was about 5 then) so we decided to go home early,we could only find a ticket on the long way round coach that took us goddess knows where, a two hour journey took about four,

I remember going over a bridge and really getting the creeps at the scenery below,it bothered me for years but I had no idea where it was….until yesterday, we have been dealing with some cases in Suffolk and I have been saying how creepy the whole county of Suffolk is ,then “Ipswich” jumped out at me (the Ipswich prostitute murders about ten years ago had been my first real amazing hit on a murder case)

So I googled “Ipswich bridge and docks” and yes,its the right place

Bridges figure a lot in my dreams and have been premonitions that have come true (logged in this blog somewhere)

I can only guess, as I haven’t had a struggling to get over a bridge dream for a few years that bridges symbolise the afterlife /psychic ability,

These struggling bridge dreams were mostly happening when I first started developing my abilities,just wondering why there always seems to be a ship port ? But that may be because one of my husbands past lives was as a fisherman, curious !?

Here is one of my bridge premonitions

click here

The car fire (remote viewing)

Posted in dreams and premonitions, remote viewing on July 26, 2016 by Psychic eevee


Omg Beardie did his hero bit again when he was taking nate to a gig they saw a car on serious fire,he screeched to a halt,ran down the road and was yelling “get back” cos the lads were trying to rescue their music equipment from the car (typical musicians !!) Beardie had to tell them to get away as it could explode.get this,a little girl of  about 7 was stood there watching with no adults,she was nothing to do with them,he had to yell at her about six times before she got the hint and left the scene,Beardie had blocked the road off with our car ,the tyres on the car exploded but luckily the car didn’t as it was a diesel rather than petrol,fire brigade got there in ten minutes, it’s outrageous ,they just had that car supposedly fixed !! Nate still played his gig ,I’m waiting to see his video footage of the car fire #alwaysbeardieorbeardieandmeareatthesceneofthingslikethat

I did not get to see the video yet as i am not on my sons Facebook ,
Yesterday I had an after noon sleep and could SEE what happened ,as in the location

It was like watching it through a CCTV camera that was high up

I showed my hubby by drawing a map
He said I had it all correct ,down to the exact type of car that pulled up next to him (I saw a dark grey large square fronted vehicle pull up next to hubbies car,he said was a dark grey Cherokee jeep) ,where my son was standing to film it and even had bushes in the right place
I even “saw” the exact arm movements my hubby had made.
The only thing I had wrong was the pub that I saw on the opposite side of the road
And I saw lots of helium balloons that hubby said he did not see,however,they could of been in the pub garden or something to do with the little girl

Will be interesting to see the footage finally



I finally have an actual photo of the fire

This was after other vehicles had been evacuated