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Ancestor dream coincided with TV programme !

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, dreams and premonitions, heritage, witches on September 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Hubby and I were watching a paranormal programme,just as I was telling him this dream :

“We were investigating an ancient pub and the owners said they had found old bits of paper inside the walls,one had a name on and it was the same as my maiden name,I told them how strange that was because my maiden name is not common,the owner then told me they found out the woman whose name was written on the paper was once a witch who lived in Stornoway in the outer Hebrides and said her name was Aileen,its very likely this was an ancestor dream and one of my ancestors was actually a witch in Stornoway ! would explain why I was drawn to studying what I do”

At the EXACT same time I was telling him this they pulled a shoe out of a wall on the programme and mentioned a witch who was supposedly haunting a whole town ,shoes hidden in walls were charms against witchcraft.

in fact ,it was the EXACT same time almost word for word because he told me to rewind the programme so I could hear exactly what they said.

From my psychic log

Screenshots I took today “ghosts of shepherds town” which luckily I had saved on the “sky” box
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My Sinead O Conor prediction

Posted in dreams and premonitions on August 9, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Two days ago I saw on the internet a really distressing video that the singer Sinead O  Conor had posted,it is 12 minutes long and is her crying and breaking down and talking about mental illness and saying she has no help

I suddenly remembered that I had dreamt about her months ago and didn’t know why as I am not a fan of hers,although I do love her cover of the prince song “nothing compares to you”,I am only used to contact from rock stars from the other side,so I was baffled by this dream.

Here is my log

I obviously really hope not but is it possible her behaviour is caused by a brain tumor she doesn’t know she has ? If its not then obviously mental illness is in the brain and my dream may have crossed wires.Or sinead may see her mental illness as a ” cancer” eating at her brain.

But note it states AUGUST

also MOON

It seems and I am not certain but she has self harm scars on her arms ,so she could also hit her head on walls causing black eyes if she is a self harmer.

moon is feminine, in the video she talks a lot about being a woman ! In fact it seems to be her main issue

It is coming out of full moon at the moment,and was full moon when I viewed the video

Whatever is wrong with her,it is a very distressing video,and I really hope she gets the help she needs,be it mentally,physically or both

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Hubby had a dream visit from my Dad (mushrooms !)

Posted in dreams and premonitions, spirit contact on July 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Hubby told me he had a dream about my dad and it seems like it was a contact dream,hubby is opening up more and more and it was at “psychic time” …the afternoon, that is when I get my contact dreams because that is when my sleep cycle is lucid,and it seems to be hubbies psychic time too.

The dream sounds ridiculous:

Hubby was in the kitchen frying mushrooms,my dads spirit materialised in front of him and started turning the boiling hot mushrooms with his bare hands, hubby looked at him and said ” are you crazy,that’s hot” and that was the end of the dream because my dad faded away.

Hubby was a bit shocked when I told him that my dad probably would do something as silly as put his hands in a hot pan ,because I do the same !

To me the fact mushrooms appear in the dream symbolises the GROWTH of hubbies psychic ability,and the fact my dad came through was because he was also psychic.

Also it is interesting that many cultures use “magic” mushrooms to reach hallucinogenic dreamlike states ,I have never tried them and would be too scared too.Plus I don’t really need any help !

Another useless fact is that I was amazed when I first met one of my baby sisters (I didn’t know my family all of my life) and discovered that just like me ,she loved eating raw mushrooms…not exactly common for a 10 year old (she was approx at the time)

To dream of whales

Posted in animals, dreams and premonitions on March 5, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My husband has been dreaming of flying whales a lot lately which he finds a bit freaky,but on looking it up it all makes sense !

It was a bit freaky to see two pictures of flying whales on Facebook the same day though

Not a very nice subject but this is how his dreams look

I have lucid dreams and have been having them for years,I only get them in the afternoons,he hates to have afternoon sleeps but since we’ve both been unwell with scarlet fever he has had no choice and his dreams have been lucid.

He never used to be psychic at all,although he investigates with me and is a believer he had not witnessed much for himself,since the whale dreams all that has changed !

Here it mentions spirituality and intuition, his is most certainly more open, we are having a lot more telepathic moments.

Cosmic consciousness, he is suddenly really into this and is known to try a spot of “cosmic ordering”this mentions knowing that what is seen is not always the truth, TRUTH jumps out, well we are both ” truthers” community: we are members of a “community action group” that stands for peoples RIGHTS,the only thing that doesn’t fit him is the business thing as he cannot work due to being my full time carer and the creativity,he doesn’t have the patience for that, i am the creative one.

Its interesting how the whales fly in his dreams,is this because his intuition is suddenly “taking off” ,feels out of reach to him and he doesn’t feel grounded ? Time to show him how to ground himself methinks.

Seems like he now has the whale as a spirit animal alongside the crow,I think its fascinating also because his mum who passed away about 8 years ago collected ornamental dolphins and whales.

Peruvian dream doll

Posted in crystals, dolls, dreams and premonitions, indigo kids on February 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Yesterday the grandkids were here,my grand daughter insisted on following me up to my bedroom while I had a rest,her brother stayed downstairs with their geedee,she found my Peruvian dream doll and was very interested

So I said she could have my smaller one

With my dream doll

With the small one I gave to her

I gave her a pouch I had made and a labradorite crystal and showed her how you can see the “northern lights” in the crystal, i put lavender oil on the bag for peaceful sleep and told her to tell the doll her worries and wishes,and that it would take away bad dreams,she decided to call it tiger lily.she has been talking a lot about her great Gran lately who died when she was barely a toddler,I know why ,but cannot say at the moment 🙂 so maybe she will see the doll as a personification of her gg and feel like she is watching over her.

My husband took them home that evening without me and later I phoned my grand daughter to thank her for the beautiful mug that had been sent home for me,a belated birthday present,with our special saying on it

“Don’t forget to tell your dream doll your wishes” I reminded her

“Do I have to take her out of the bag ?”

“No you don’t have to” I said

“But she doesn’t have ears” she replied, not much gets past her

“That’s OK,she can still hear you”

“Alright then, love you” she said and I could almost hear here brain whirring,like she was thinking of the possibility of telepathy !!