Cat and Crow

This was funny 🙂 This morning an ornamental crow arrived for hubby, this was my familiar cat Goddess Freya’s reaction to it “I am watching you” “Now I am going to eat you for lunch” It is now on top of my “spooky shelves” and has been named Edgar after Edgar Allen Poe of course […]

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More rockstar presents,other links, Cornell,migraines, cat messages

The day I took my grand daughter to the park we went to the shop and went crazy on one of those 20p vending machines that had necklaces in it. I got these a genie lamp and a sphinx An ankh I laughed to myself and said “thanks David” because look at this : A […]

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Loss at xmas :(

On Xmas eve we lost our beloved cat Jasper, he was 13 and it was shocking for many reasons because all our cats are indoor cats since a one year old got out and got killed on the road,our cats do not mind being inside at all,so anyway he can’t have had anything happen to […]

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The Lilith coincidence

This morning I picked a card for my Monday one card readings that I do on Facebook for my friends,I used a pack at random and it is a pack that I have not used for about five years, I got this card Hubby saw me pick the card,he said “that reminds me,did you hear […]

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Lights in the fairy forest

The fairy forest we made is so magical now, I bought some solar fairy lights and weaved them through the trees, I wish these photos were better ,I will do some more with my proper camera soon. I chose bright white to make it look like “will o the wisps” and also I thought coloured […]

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