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clients get copies of reports and any evidence that we capture, we keep everything incase we get called out again, this was one of our favourite locations and proved how good the results can be with so few investigators, I think we investigated this location four times in total, we could not conclude it succesfully as the owners moved on, I cannot post any of the evidence here for confidentiality reasons.this was an investigation with minimal equipment as we prefer to work that way.



Full investigation number one


Date  2 Nov 2008

Investigators present , eevee V(Founder / investigator / photographer / psychic), Darren V ( trainee investigator) and Michael T(Co Founder /  investigator / history researcher)

Time approx 5pm -11pm

Weather coolish, rain on and off, damp

Equipment used : digital cam, 35mm cam, camcorders, tape evp, digital evp, motion sensors, dowsing rods, thermometer, emf meter, trigger objects


On this investigation we were able to bring more equipment because we had an extra investigator, it was also a lot easier because there were not so many people around., which was really good for us.

We don’t want to bombard the spirits with lots of investigators and lots of equipment at once we feel that may backfire and that they would rather get to know us slowly.

S***** showed us an anomaly that was filmed in  the cellar, it appears to be “ecto mist” which I explained was the next stage up from orbs and is what we believe to be a spirit trying to form as an apparition,

S***** and S****** told us that it had been pretty quiet in the pub activity wise since our first visit.


As we were stood around the main bar when we first arrived, everyone but me heard glasses in a tray in the pool table area moving, im not sure as I did not hear it but it is possible that the glasses were just “settling” where they had been moved earlier in the evening ? or it could have been poltergeist movement.



Firstly I tested the red light anomaly that I had photographed in the garden last time, I thought I had it worked out and that it was from the reflector on the trailer but tests with the same camera on the same settings showed this not to be the case, I even tried different angles, no red anomalies !


We were able to set up more tests such as motion sensors and more trigger objects, motion sensors can be set off by spirits and this happened once while we were there, the motion sensor on the bar in the pool table area went off with no explanation.


There was slight movement with the trigger object on the skittles game and quite significant movement of the trigger object in the pool table area, the glass had moved a lot then moved back again, we cant prove this as there was no camera watching it, so that wouldn’t stand up as evidence, its possible but doubtful that it got knocked, next time we will set up with a camera alongside.

There was no movement of the trigger objects in the cellar. On the video a chair appears to move in front of me when im sitting at the table, I did not see this at the time so that remains unexplained, unfortunately the camera was not set to see the legs of the chair, we were not testing the area at that time.

A draught test round the closed cellar door  with a candle showed that there is a draught so we would assume that the movement last time heard at the cellar door was just a draught.It is not noticeable without the candle,but would be strong enough to make the door creak.



Various vigils were set up in the cellar with people going in one at a time and in pairs.

S***** and M*****reported pressure on the head and seeing orange lights. They asked if the evp recorder had lights on it which it doesn’t, they saw a light above Michael.

When S*****communicated and asked if the spirits were happy there she saw the light grow longer.

Michael picked up on the name Martin while in the cellar and the names Bessie Marie and Albert Hargraves / Hargreaves.

M****** felt so uncomfortable she had to leave.(see infrasound theory)

Myself and Michael also saw lights and I saw a white foggy figure coming towards me in the dark, shortly after this I found my camera strap was unclipped, it is a really stiff clip that takes some effort to undo, this happened twice and luckily S***** managed to catch it on the pubs cctv.

I got a sudden pain in my stomach, almost as if I had been hit, Michael reported feeling the same thing later on.

While me and Michael were in the cellar Darren asked if we had been pushing on the cellar door, we hadn’t, although we were right by it we were not touching it.

A vigil outside the cellar showed a huge change in temperature around the chair in the corner, the temp changed rapidly from 22 to 16 to 14 (in 3 secs) then continued 12.5 to 11 (in 5 secs) this is very unusual and J*”*** remarked that it was colder than the cellar !! at the same time I could smell an old ladies type talc, this came and went, no one around me was wearing any perfume / aftershave that would match. I had felt from the first visit that an old woman was present.

I tested with the dowsing rods and they pointed to the corner with the cold spot, when I asked them to show me where the spirits were they pointed to the corner then the skittle game area.




Digital showed lots of orbs in the garden, most of which were moisture orbs. but there were some very bright ones with movement down by the field which were interesting especially as we were picking up negative energies.

There is a double true orb in the cellar between S*****and M****, it is interesting that it is in the area where the bread baskets are.

An orb on Michaels back during the cellar vigil is more than likely dust but we remain open minded as other activity was happening at the time.

By the tree in the garden, Michael said he saw someone and I took a photo of him standing next to the tree, there is a very large orb next to him. Unsure as it was pretty damp outside but its interesting that it appeared at the very time he felt someone around.


The 35mm photos from the previous visit

A possible ecto mist in the bedroom, this is near the window so could be some kind of glare but it is in exactly the same area that an orb was caught on digital.

Most photos have come out very dark, strange as a flash was used ,I have never had a problem with that camera and I always use the same developing firm

The 35mm photos from this visit

These show a dark shadow in the cellar in two areas, I do not think this is a camera fault as I am picking up not so nice vibes from the photos !! again some of the photos have come out strangely dark  even though flash was used, I will be using a different camera on the next visit just to make sure.

A possible “transfiguration” of Darren has been caught, this is where a spirit tries to superimpose its face on someone who is living, Darren looked very different during this vigil (outside the cellar) and he was acting strange.



Caught the chair moving in front of table but unfortunately as the legs couldn’t be seen it would not be classed as evidence

During vigil outside cellar a small ecto mist passes by.

There is a flash across the full screen, but this could be a fault with the tape.

In the cellar there is a pinpoint light near the ceiling that flashes on and off, not to do with the equipment in the cellar.

We did not capture anything visual on the video footage in the cellar when the camera was alone in there.


We all watched some footage on the pubs cctv from earlier in the evening, there were a couple of white flashes in the cellar during mine and Michaels vigil, not camera flash, we also watched in fascination at the garden and most of us could see a small boy with dark hair near the fence and tree where the opening to the part of the garden where the caravan is, this was probably what is known as “paredolia” in other words an illusion but it did seem to be making movement that could rule that out.



GET OUT (whisper) in the cellar


KEEPER (when cellar empty)


KEEPER KEEP OUT (when cellar empty)  keeper could symbolize one of our spirit guides, they can also be known as gatekeepers, or maybe there is a game keeper linked to the land.


THANKYOU (whisper) after I say thank you


When Michael says he doesn’t think the spirits can move the trays a male says WHAT, it was only myself and Michael in the cellar


There is a male voice during the vigil outside the cellar, we cant make out what he is saying but it was also caught on video and it certainly wasn’t one of the men present.


Although we didn’t get too many evps on this visit we are not too disappointed, spirits often find it hard to gather the energy to do both evps and other activity such as the huge temperature changes we got.

There were some interesting evps caught in the field (see further on in report)



During the cellar vigil with Michael we heard the door that leads outside from the cellar being played with, like someone was trying to get in, when  S***** showed us the bolts on the cellar door we realized that what we had heard was the inner bolt which no one could have got to from the outside, this was quite significant activity for us to witness / hear

When we were all sitting outside the cellar the music suddenly blasted out and we found it amusing that it was the Fugees “ready or not” considering the words to that song, it seems like there is a spirit with a sense of humour

My emf meter went off and it was switched off in the kit bag by the cellar door, there is no explanation for that, someone would need to go right into the bag and manually switch it on, the bag was in full view.





Before we went to the pub I took a look at the local cemetery and while I was there I was drawn to a particular headstone which turned out to be the headstone for Ken S*****e who owned haunted B*****s farm, and I was not sure if he was alive before this, so it seems the KEN caught on evp last time was him, he probably used to drink in the pub.I did some quick photographic tests in the cemetery, nothing unusual showed up but on the evp a male is saying “SINNER” or “SEE YA” there is also a distraught womans scream, which is quite disturbing as there was certainly no one around.



We decided to check out the field incase it was linked to the land of haunted B******s farm, we felt really uneasy at the field border and it felt very very negative, we are wondering if there is a ley line that runs through the pub land, the field and the pub up the road that is reportedly haunted, this may explain why all locations have activity.

We felt as though someone was watching us from the field and also felt as though someone was standing next to us, we saw what looked like  the field was flooded but on shining a torch we could not see water.

We collected some evp recordings :

There is a male MOANING over Michael talking

A male saying TALK ABOUT IT over Michael talking

When I ask if anyone is there a female says YES I AM

When I ask if this was Kens farm an echo like voice says YES

When I say thanks for your time as we are leaving a male says YOUR LEAVING , not in a threatening manner, more like he was puzzled


We aim to spend more time in the field on the next visit because we were surprised to get so many evps in such a short space of time



Michael has found out lots and lots of history on R****** after spending many hours in the records office and library, we will not put too much here as we will be doing a separate history report at the end of the investigation but what we think is important now is that there are many many listed Thomas’ for the area and the pub, we will be calling out all of their names with surnames on the next investigation to see if we get a reaction.

We got a ROSE or ROSA on the last visit, there was a cottage next to the pub called Rose Cottage.

First noted as a pub in 1777 ( 7 can be classed as an occult number)

There was an Emma Cooper (both names were caught on evp on the last visit)

The Moravian church (used to be in R*****) was interested in saving “heathens” which means they were interested in saving people who worshipped idols and this could mean that there was some occult activity in the area, not sure yet being researched further.

There was a cottage in front of the ****** (where the car park is) it burnt down in 1980

There was a hardware shop owned by Gi******s next to the ******s.

701 people died between 1602 and 1812 from illness, mainly small pox but one recorded as dying from being “rotten”

there used to be 22 farms in the area, at one time B*******s was owned by the same person along with ******s when that was a farm house.

Airfield is reported as haunted by a dark figure that was also seen at B******s (we will be investigating this)

Ken S*****e was so bothered by the hauntings at B******s farm that he called out a medium to do an excorcism.

The story on the gargoyle was that people were disturbed that it looked like a pelican !! (it does, I have seen it)

We have found that there was a flood, which would explain why the field looked flooded to us and wasn’t.


WE THINK THE FOLLOWING POINT IS OF GREAT INTEREST, all  auctions and sales of the ****** have been on Wednesdays, this may be why activity is common on Wednesdays, the spirits may be worried that the pub will be sold again, we think this is a good sign, it shows they must like the current occupants !



We noticed that there is a stream down the side of the pub leading right the way down the side of the field out the back, the stream probably stretches under the road towards the church, water sources are well known for acting as some sort of magnet for paranormal activity.

The ley line theory: these are cracks in the earth that hold high magnetic fields, these attract paranormal activity or can cause activity that appears to be paranormal, including poltergeist like activity. magnetic fields can cause infrasound which some people are sensitive to and can cause the feeling of being watched ,fear, sickness, headaches  etc, there may well be a ley line stretching between the church,***********, the other haunted pub, the field and **************farm !

This may be causing both activity that appears to be paranormal and also attracting real paranormal activity (confusing I know )

Most religious sites and haunted locations have been recorded to be situated on or near to ley lines.

I am very sensitive to infrasound and was picking up waves of it in the cellar and also hearing the humming I get and the vibrating, on this visit I wore my WNG earpiece which I have for my tinnitus, it plays white noise and white noise is attractive to spirits and can be used in evp experiments, I didn’t notice an increase in any voices though on this occasion


I was talking to Michael on the phone last week getting the latest history research and I said that I felt there may be a minor flood soon in  the pub, the next day he phoned to tell me that he had spoken to S********** the next day and she said the pub cellar had flooded, we worked out that it was probably the exact time we were discussing it on the phone.


When I was out shopping I saw a lorry with the reference number JAS 10 painted on the back, I saw the lorry again later that day ten miles away, Michael told me the next day that he had found research saying there was a man called JAS in 1810 linked to the pub, probably a coincidence but quite strange.


I said that I felt there was probably a fire in the past ,Michael found out about the cottage in front of the pub that had burnt down






I am more than certain that these things are happening in the pub because S**** is open to the spirit world, and could open up even more, this was confirmed to me when he said he had tinnitus and had felt vibrating, I have both these things and it is common among mediums. I feel that both S****** and M***** may suddenly find themselves opening up too.




LOCATION ****************

Date : 16 – 17 Nov 2008 time : approx 8pm-4am

Investigators present :eevee V, Darren V and Michael T



Before we arrived at the ****we went to investigate some other reportedly haunted R**** locations, some of which had links to the pub. We took a good look around the village and stopped off at k**** road, the site of the old Baptist church and the wartime bunker, this area reportedly has seen a phantom horse and we were really surprised to capture a photo of what appears to be a face in the mist, normally we would put this down to illusion but this face is so clear and very large, what is interesting is that some people see it as the face of a horse ! this is the same field that backs on to the pub and where we felt uncomfortable on the previous visit,

We then stopped off at the cemetery and managed to contact what we think is Ken S***** on evp, he also showed an orb above his grave. Captured on evp was a male saying BETTY when asking the name of Kens wife (we are trying to find out if this is accurate) a male saying IT’S A SCIENCE (we laughed at this because that is usually what skeptics say ISNT involved in paranormal investigating) We are particularly interested in Ken s**** due to the fact he was a believer in the paranormal having lived in a haunted farm and we are sure it was him saying KEN on the evp on another visit, its highly possible he used to drink in the *****

On the footpath / allotments at the side of the church a very strange mist has been captured rising out of the ground, to this is doesn’t look environmental but more like ecto mist, a spirit trying to form.

The haunted school was the last of our visits and we have to say we all felt very uncomfortable there, many orbs were captured and mists, in particular a very bright gold orb.

Evp’s at the school were quite negative in nature with us being told to GET OUT etc, I felt straight away that the location felt like a prisoner of war camp, research later showed that there were indeed a lot of prisoners of war who worked on the farms in the area after WW2.



We explained to S**** and S**** that the reason there is probably activity on Wednesdays is because history research showed that the auctions to do with the pub were always on Wednesdays, maybe the spirits are showing that they don’t want S****and S**** to leave.

We explained that we didn’t think the word LEAVE that has been found on a few occasions is anything to do with the spirits wanting S*** and S*** to go but more likely the spirits are saying they don’t like the furniture moved, Michael even found an old landlord with the surname EVEIL which when you look at it backwards could be read as similar to LEAVE



We have to say that this visit was our favourite so far, it was really nice to be there when the pub was shut, it was a lot easier for our tests and we thought that the place would be more active after midnight and we were proved right.

We took a good look at the writing under the pool table and we all agree that it says I AM TOM  and NATHAN (my sons name and he has not investigated here), tests were carried out to see how easy it is to tip the pool table, both Michael and Darren are pretty strong and they found it almost impossible to even lift one side more than an inch off the floor.

We also tried to recreate the bread tray video and it was not impossible to do but the results were no where near as “fluid” as the ones seen on the pubs video, we still cant say for certain what was happening on the original video but our aim is to catch the same thing on our tapes, hopefully, this will back up the  pubs video and help them prove that what they have is indeed paranormal. We do not expect to catch this ourselves straight away but we do think that the more visits we do the more likely it is to happen.

On this visit the cellar did not feel as though someone in spirit was in there which would explain why we did not capture anything but we certainly felt that the bar areas and games area near the skittles were active, a lot of the time we felt watched, not anyone negative but someone in spirit who was curious as to what we were doing.

In the seating area near the cellar we all felt someone present and a few scratches appeared on Michaels arms, outside the pub my phone was playing up, it totally reset itself and I have never had that happen before.

S**** showed us a video he had accidentally taken on his phone, he thinks it was the night the bread trays moved, both myself and Darren could see a bare arm on the floor next to a barrel, this didn’t seem to be anyone human, the cellar seemed to be empty, when we tried to view it again we couldn’t find it.

I was sitting outside and my chair was pushed as if someone was trying to tip me out, this was witnessed by Michael.

Round the main bar long after the customers had gone I could smell marijuana or sweet cigar smoke and a strong aftershave that wafted past, I checked the air freshener etc and they were not at all alike.



We carried out some very interesting tests with the pub cctv, we watched orbs around Michael when he was on his own so I decided to go downstairs and jump around to see if more orbs appeared, this would be the case if they were dust orbs but no amount of jumping around made more orbs appear, when Michael and I did a mini séance lots of orbs were seen heading in our direction and mainly originating in the same area, this also would not be the case with dust, at one point an orb is seen almost circling my leg.

During the séance we asked the spirits to make themselves known to the people watching upstairs (the pub cctv does not have audio) so it was amazing that S***** reported being prodded in the leg at the exact same time.

Michael and I heard movement by the toilet door.

When we started asking about the prisoners of war we were hearing noises around us and my face was touched, orbs appeared at the same time sort of rushing past the side of my face. we were hearing noises out near the pool table.

S**** discovered that the light switch above the pool table was sort of caught up near the ceiling, he said this has happened before, I saw Michael turn that light off and I know it wasn’t like that.

We had originally planned to hold a séance with all of us but when discussing it I got the vision of an old blind lady who had been accused of witchcraft in the past and she didn’t approve, this shook me up quite a bit and I knew that if we were all involved it may backfire, the name I got for this woman was Violet Crabbe,

Michael could not find any one listed locally of that name but did find someone recorded in London ,so im wondering if she was linked hundreds of years ago to either myself, Darren, S**** or S****. We do think that a proper séance should be held sometime but it was not the right time to do it on this investigation.

Michael and Darren went to do ten minutes of tests at the field, they both reported it feeling negative and the camera strap was unclipped again, the one and only time it happened on this investigation.

Toys were laid out by S***** and we did some tests such as leaving a message on the chalk board,no response to these but we will be trying again.


The film of the cellar when it was empty shows only one strange thing ,the camera jumps and it was on a flat surface, as in the whole camera, not just the tape inside.

The video of the pool room when it was empty shows nothing unusual visually but there are some noises like someone saying “ppssssttt” a woman gasping, the sound of moving furniture, does not seem to be coming from upstairs but sound does carry in strange ways having said that though it sounds like very heavy furniture,not light chairs like we were using upstairs, there is a strange clicking noise and what sounds like a male saying GET BACK


During the séance while Michael and I present

A woman sort of SIGHING when Michael says he has one more question

When I ask which Thomas is there a voice says COOPER,there is a Thomas Cooper linked in the history

GET UP is whispered loudly, this is interesting as we were sitting on the floor

Someone copying me saying ZIP UP then a loud female HUMMING

As we are leaving the room some one says WE ARE GHOSTS

After the séance when we were all upstairs








BESSIE TRAINS YOU (this could be in reference to a witch ? )


DAN (this is my granddads name and he is in spirit or it could be linked to pub) could also be DAMN


DOOM (this made us laugh especially as S**** had told us a story about a man on a bike saying something about doom)

EMMA (my real name)whispered as I am entering the room


On digital nothing much unusual was captured in the pub, we did get some very unusual photos on our ghost walk round the village and also at the field at the bottom of the pub grounds, some very unusual mists that are rising from the ground…awaiting Michaels digital photos

My 35mm photos show a very strange light and shadow anomaly in the main bar, it is almost covering the whole photo going by our previous fingers in front of lenses tests,this does not appear to be a finger !!, there is also a red / brown mist in front of the skittle game, this is to be checked because it could be some effect from the flash bouncing off the wood of the chair, Michaels 35mm photos show a very strange ecto mist down by the field that almost looks like half a mans face with a pencil moustache


S**** mentioned the fact that his eyes water when talking about spirits, this is a very common sign of opening up, both myself and my son started off with this, I am still convinced that S**** is meant to be a medium and that is the reason the pub is so active, to encourage him to learn more !!

We would like to bring more investigators but we are also thinking that we are getting pretty good results with just the three of us, it seems that the spirits are getting used to us and we would not want to put them off by bringing lots of new people.



Mary Ann ,the spirit who trusted

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Many years ago when my paranormal group was big we started investigating a cemetery with the grave of a woman who met a tragic end at the hands of her husband.

On the first few visits we got angry evps of a man that we assumed was her nasty husband,but no sign of the woman,

I then realised that we had male investigators with us ! And tried an experiment that really paid off ,I decided to only investigate there with one other woman,it worked,we managed to get Marys trust up over time,it started with evps from her then we were amazed to capture her full bodied apparition !! What was great about that was I caught it on 35mm still film,there by being able to prove she was there and was part of the negative (we won an award for that photo,I am not putting it here though as it is going in my book) we did some historical research and discovered the apparition was wearing exactly the right clothes for the period !

Her husband did not show again,we let him know he was a coward and that not all women are scared of him…good riddance
I had not been back to the cemetery for seven years but went back last month to take some daytime photos for this blog (I was not investigating) I feel its best to leave Mary in peace now.
You should be able to click on the photos to read the story of her murder, in the 30 odd years I have been photographing cemeteries I have never seen a detailed headstone like this before.

Paranormal case (ref CA) spirit voice magnet !!!

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Oh my gosh NEVER in all my years have I had so many evps at one location !!
I’m not even through all the recordings yet but from one of them I have ELEVEN pages of mostly full sentences gathered in only FOUR minutes ,that’s impossible

A lot of them are for me,my dad came through clear as day but lots and lots seem relevant to your case
One made me shiver,got the name “Caroline” well she’s the murdered woman whose parents lived in your road and she haunted my old house ,hope she is not going to follow me again
Anyway lots of other names also came up
It would take me all day to type it all up and as I said ,I haven’t gone through all the recordings and have not even started on the videos yet !
But don’t worry,it doesn’t mean all these people haunt your house they were probably drawn to me from all over the place and probably the cemetery.
When I have gone through everything we will all meet up and I will play them all to you,will take a long time though,will also give you copies on disc

Some of the names so far,don’t know if you recognise any :
Ben (but I know who that is)
Richard (I know who that is)
Holly (think that is relevant to me)
Jackson (our neighbour who died was Fred Jackson)
Mark or Mort
May (think that’s previous tenant of my house)
Terry (mentioned by two different voices)
Myson (I had an ex with that surname)
My name,both versions ..Emma and eevee
Various accents.. American,Scottish (my grandad ?) Cockney (definitely my dad)
It really is bizarre

It does not mean all these people mentioned are passed on,could be spirits wanting to talk to living people with these names

Evps verified by Darren ,a few we heard totally different things which is normal,so would be interesting to see what you guys can hear

Footnote : I have always specialised in evp contact but in the over 30 years of doing this no have never had so many in one night and so many full sentences,I wish I could post them or write exactly what they say but it goes against my confidentiality policy !!
Its always the “quiet” investigations where seemingly not much happens that I get great evps

halloween contact with my Dad

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On the 30th October it was the first anniversary of my Dad dying from lung cancer,We did our usual ancestor altar and some paranormal tests, I did not really expect to get anything (although my Dad did leave an image of his face in my plasma ball not long after he passed, it was recognised by more than one family member and we ruled paredoila out)

When going through the evp recordings from halloween, some where a “ghost box” was used and some without I was shocked firstly to hear a very clear “miaow” from our cat Lili Beth (all our other cats were shut upstairs at the time of the tests, and the miaow we captured was right next to the microphone)

but even better than that, quite clearly you could hear my Dad say “look at me” and then “listen” this clearly was him as the voice had a cockney accent and the slight whistle my Dad had at times,.it was exactly the sort of thing he used to say all the time when he wanted attention “look at me, listen”

as well as that he says my Aunt Sharons name when i ask does he have a message for any of the relatives, Sharon always felt that just before he passed he was trying to say something to her !

he also said my son “Nathans” name and when I asked if what i suspected had been going on behind the scenes he answered “yes”

he also said my name, we often discussed the paranormal when he was alive.

we also recorded his cough that he had quite badly in the last year

the recordings are what investigators would label “class A” which is the clearest class, I would like to put the recordings on here but out of respect to the family i do not feel it is right, however five or six people listened to them and said straightaway that they were my Dad.

I feel he has a lot more to say and he did used to joke that when he was gone he would talk all over my recordings.

Some people would find this sort of thing disturbing but to myself and a few other relatives we have all found it a comfort




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regarding previous blog
on the pub we are currently investigating well it gets stranger and stranger,the episode i had before the first visit that happened in my house with my gargoyle being thrown in front of me we have found out links with a story about the church gargoyle in the area of the pubon the evp we had got a voice saying KEN,later research showed that a man named Ken owned a very very haunted farm nearby, i said that i didnt know if this Ken was alive or dead so wasnt sure if it was him on the evp
on the second investigation i went to the local graveyard to check out the gargoyles and was immediately drawn across the graveyard to a particular headstone,when i saw the front of it,it was indeed the very same KEN

the day before the second investigation i saw a lorry with a reference number on it JAS 10,i laughed because someone had written in the dirt above it ALL THAT….(ie all that jazz ha ha) later on that day about 8 miles away i saw the lorry again,a few days later our history researcher said that there was a man named JAS linked to the pub in 1810…how strange !!

this saturday night i was talking on the phone to our history researcher and i said that i felt that the pub we were investigating would have a flood soon,the next day he phoned me to tell me that at roughly the same time we were discussing this,the pub flooded !!! he later found out that it had previously flooded in 1708

there are so many more strange coincedences with this case but i wont be blogging it on my paranormal blog until the case is complete

reddylaugh wrote on Nov 11, ’08
Cool – thanks for the update!

bhaynes24053 wrote on Nov 11, ’08, edited on Nov 11, ’08
Very interesting Emma, sounds like you have found a hot spot that is for sure.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Nov 11, ’08

Cool – thanks for the update!

glad you enjoyed it : )

readingsbyeevee wrote on Nov 11, ’08

Very interesting Emma, sounds like you have found a hot spot that is for sure.

its on of our best investigations EVER and michael is doing such a brilliant job with the history side of it ..i dont have the patience for that LOL i cant wait to blog it all but i have to be careful not to identify the owners xxxx