Led to an Elizabeth !

This is a while back now (20th april),but during a spirit box session with the rockstar Chester Bennington on his anniversary,the name Elizabeth came up,I researched and it did not seem to be relevant to him so I thought no more of it The next day we were baby sitting out grandkids at our sons […]

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examples of paranormal reports

THIS IS HOW I WRITE UP OUR INVESTIGATIONS,THESE ARE TWO VERY OLD ONES FROM WAY BACK AND IN ACTUAL FACT I GO INTO EVEN MORE DETAIL THESE DAYS I HAVE DELETED THE LOCATION clients get copies of reports and any evidence that we capture, we keep everything incase we get called out again, this was […]

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halloween contact with my Dad

On the 30th October it was the first anniversary of my Dad dying from lung cancer,We did our usual ancestor altar and some paranormal tests, I did not really expect to get anything (although my Dad did leave an image of his face in my plasma ball not long after he passed, it was recognised […]

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