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Posted in ghost cars and planes, RESIDUAL HAUNTS, warnings on July 30, 2013 by Psychic eevee

On Saturday 27 we had dropped our son back home after his London gig and my husband and I were travelling down a dark country lane in a village near to ours, there is a bit of a dangerous bend in the road, we had our windows wide open due to the heat and it was totally silent because it was just past midnight, we heard this really loud horn noise, it was so loud it made us jump and we both yelled “wtf is that” there were no cars around and no houses, the sound was right next to my side of the car, I realised that it sounded like one of those very first cars and it was honking to warn us of the bend, it seemed to me like a residual g
haunting i.e sounds from the past being played back.Maybe someone died on that bend and wanted us to slow down !! it is a real shame that we did not see a ghost car

this photo from an advert that is being played a lot lately is kind of like the car I mean (the one on the left)